0Sure, here are the explanations and examples for the given phrases

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0Sure, here are the explanations and examples for the given phrases:

  1. Compliment smb on: to express admiration or approval of someone for something they have done or for a quality they possess. Example:

  • I complimented my friend on her amazing presentation skills.

  • The manager complimented his team on their hard work.

  • She complimented him on his new haircut.

  1. Comply with: to act in accordance with a rule, request, or demand. Example:

  • The employees were required to comply with the company's dress code.

  • The driver had to comply with traffic laws to avoid getting a ticket.

  • He didn't comply with the teacher's instructions, which resulted in a poor grade.

  1. Conceal smth from smb: to hide or keep something secret from someone. Example:

  • He concealed the truth from his parents about his poor grades.

  • The company tried to conceal information about their faulty product.

  • She concealed her emotions from her friends.

  1. Concentrate on: to focus one's attention or efforts on a particular task or activity. Example:

  • He needed to concentrate on studying for his final exam.

  • The coach told the players to concentrate on their footwork.

  • She found it hard to concentrate on her work with all the noise in the room.

  1. Confidence in smb: the belief or trust in someone's abilities or character. Example:

  • The CEO had confidence in his team to meet the project deadline.

  • He lacked confidence in his friend's driving skills.

  • She gained confidence in herself after receiving positive feedback from her boss.

  1. Confusion over: a state of uncertainty or misunderstanding about something. Example:

  • There was confusion over the location of the meeting.

  • The students had confusion over the exam format.

  • There was confusion over the new policy changes in the company.

  1. Congratulate smb on smth: to express joy or praise for someone's achievement or success. Example:

  • I congratulated my friend on her acceptance to the university.

  • The team congratulated their captain on scoring the winning goal.

  • She congratulated her colleague on receiving a promotion.

  1. Connection between: a link or relationship between two or more things. Example:

  • There is a strong connection between a healthy diet and good physical health.

  • The detective found a connection between the two suspects.

  • She realized the connection between her actions and their impact on the environment.

  1. In connection with: relating to or concerning something. Example:

  • The police are investigating a crime in connection with a robbery.

  • The news report was in connection with the recent election.

  • The lawyer mentioned a legal case in connection with a similar lawsuit.

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