1. Great Britain is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world

world's oldest visitor attraction

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world's oldest visitor attraction, the collection was established in 1652 with a remarkable display of royal armor. Other highlights include the impressive Crown Jewels exhibition, classic Yeoman Warder Tours, the Royal Mint, and exhibits and displays regarding prisoners and executions. All told, the Tower of London covers some 18 acres, so there's a great deal of exploring to do. If you're traveling with children, be sure to check for special events for kids. These include a fun "Knights School" and other immersive programs that provide a fun insight into the castle's history. While most famous for the magnificent 2,000-year-old Roman Baths built around the city's rejuvenating hot springs, it's equally well known for its honey-colored Georgian Townhouses, such as those located on Royal Crescent. One of them, #1 Royal Crescent, is open to the public and offers a fascinating look at life in Bath during the Georgian period. Some 500 of the city's buildings are considered of historical or architectural importance, a fact that has resulted in the entire city being granted World Heritage status. Among the most interesting to visit today are the Holborne Museum with its large collections of artworks, silver, and period furniture; the famous Assembly Rooms, star of countless period dramas on TV and home to the interesting Fashion Museum; and the Jane Austen Centre and its neighbor Mary Shelley's House of Frankenstein, which tell the stories of two of Bath's most famous residents. Bath also makes an ideal location from which to explore some of England's most stunning countryside, including the Avon Valley, the Mendip Hills, the Cotswolds, and countless other fantastic Somerset landmarks. With collections of antiquities that are among the world's finest, a visit to the British Museum is undoubtedly one of the top free things to do in London. This superb museum holds more than 13 million artifacts from Assyria, Babylonia, Egypt, Greece, the Roman Empire, China, and Europe. The most famous ancient artifacts are the 
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