1. What … your neighbours … yesterday? A did/do b did/did c did/- d -/did

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1. What … your neighbours … yesterday?
A) did/do B) did/did C) did/- D) -/did
2. Mr Smith … his car yesterday morning.
A) fix B) fixes C) fixed D) was fix
3. His wife … her lovely flowers.
A) water B) watered C) was water D) did watered
4. Their children … the yard.
A) cleaned B) cleans C) clean D) did cleaned
5. In the evening their boys … to loud music.
A) listened B) was listen C) listen D) listens
6. Their little girl … a little.
A) cry B) was cry C) cryed D) cried
7. Her brother … at her.
A) shout B) was shout C) shouts D) shouted
8. Mrs Smith … in the kitchen last night.
A) work B) works C) was work D) worked
9. She … a delicious apple pie.
A) bake B) bakes C) was bake D) baked
10. She … a nice dinner yesterday.
A) cooks B) cooked C) was cook D) cook
11. She … the dishes and … very tired.
A) wash/looked B) washes/look
C) washed/look D) washed/looked
12. The children … their teeth,
… a little and went to bed.
A) brush/yawned B) brushed/yawned
C) brushed/yawn D) were brush/yawn
13. Their mother … her clothes.
A) change B) changes
C) was change D) changed
14. Her husband … a cigarette and talked to his wife.
A) smoked B) was smoke C) smokes D) smoke
15. The bus … at 9 o’clock yesterday.
A) arrived B) was arrive C) arrives D) arrive
16. They … their friends two days ago.
A) visits B) visit C) was visit D) visited
17. They … a lot last week.
A) danced B) dance
C) dances D) were dance
18. Mr and Mrs Smith … very well last night.
A) rest B) rests C) were rest D) rested
19. … Mr Smith … his car yesterday morning?
A) Was/fix B) Did/fixed
C) Did/fix D) -/fixed
20. Who … the windows yesterday?
A) did break B) did broke
C) broke D) breaked

Write the irregular verbs:
1. begin
2. break-
3. bring
4. buy
5. come
6. drink
7. drive
8. eat
9. fight
10. forgive
11. freeze
12. give
13. hide
14. grow
15. do
16. choose
17. fall
18. hear
19. flee
20. burst

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