19 Post-Stalin Era: Nationalism, Culture, and Foreign Policy

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19 Post-Stalin Era: Nationalism, Culture, and Foreign Policy


A. Main Themes

B. Nationalities: From Fusion to Fission

  • Demography

  • Post-Stalin Policy: Voluntary Fusion

  • Politics: Slavic Center, Non-slavic periphery

  • Economics

  • Cultural issue: language, literature, religion

  • Dissent: minority and Russian nationalism

  • 1980s: Centrifugal forces prevail

Central Asia: Two Worlds

C. Culture

  • Khrushchev: Concessions and Conflict

      • “Thaw”
      • Conflict and consternation
      • Antireligious campaign
  • Brezhnev: Repression and dissent

      • Repression
      • Dissidenty: Dissenters
      • Diversity of dissent

Moscow Youth Festival (1957)

Krokodil Satire: Soviet Hippies (1969)

Boris Pasternak

Elena Bonner and Andrei Sakharov

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Vladimir Vysotskii Bard and Actor

Leaving the Village (1965 Painting)

D. Foreign Policy

  • Principal issues

  • Khrushchev era

  • Brezhnev era

      • Goals and strategy
      • Bloc politics: Czechs, Chinese, and Poles
      • Developing countries
      • Détente
      • Kabul and confrontation

Soviet Tanks in Budapest 1956

Budapest 1956

Mao, Stalin, Khrushchev

Khrushchev-Mao Negotiations 1959

“Good Morning, Africa!”

Prague 1968: Student Confronts Soviet Tank

Prague 1968: Students Exhort Soviet Soldiers to Leave

Afghanistan: Graveyard of Soviet Tanks

Soviet-Afghan War

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