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part of a multi-year initiative to update 
the venue, Bexar County and the facility’s 
management team decided to replace 
the old system to improve intelligibility.
The decision was made to replace the 
sound system entirely. The improved 
sound could be heard and measured with 
an onsite evaluation. It was also the most 
cost-effective solution. An L-ACOUSTICS 
WST constant curvature line source was 
chosen for its high control of directivity 
preventing the spill of acoustic energy 
onto reflective surfaces.
LONDON 2012  
Olympic Stadium, London, UK
Equipment list 
220 V-DOSC
100 KUDO
88 SB28
18 8XT
8 SB18
8 12XT
2 108P, SB18 and 
LA8 for nearfield 
monitoring at the 
rehearsal venue
22 RCF ART322

In the end, the system sounded 
excellent. I had comments from 
countless people, all praising the 
sound quality in the stadium. It was 
a pleasure to be surrounded by such 
talented people as Bobby and the 
whole team from Delta, Norwest 
and Autograph.
San Antonio, Texas, USA
9,800 (basketball), 
11,700 (boxing)
Equipment list
8 x 2 SB18i
6 x LA8
2 x LA4

   I was told that an L-ACOUSTICS solution would sound 
at least ten times better than what we had been using. 
Once the team had performed the installation, I had 
to admit that they were right. The sound is absolutely 

Derrick Howard, Executive Director, Freeman Coliseum
After system commissioning, the 
intelligibility of the hall measured 
(according to the Speech Transmission 
Index value) between 0.70 to 0.82 
per cluster, with an overall value of 
around 0.60, greatly improving the 
overall intelligibility of the system. 
These measurements were identical 
to those predicted by the acoustical 
simulation software.
Vancouver, Canada
Equipment list
6 x 13 dV-DOSC
6 x 2 dV-SUB
2 x 8 SB28
23 x LA8

   The scheduling for the sound 
upgrade was complicated by a  
ten day Janet Jackson tour event. 
We had a very small window to 
install the system, and it went  
like clockwork.

John Riley, Chief Audio Technician, 
Canucks Sports and Entertainment, 
The installation at Rogers Arena needed 
to be set up within an extremely tight 
deadline, just prior to the start of 
Vancouver’s NHL season home opener. 
It also had to be agile enough to cover a 
planned architectural expansion to host 
the forthcoming 2010 Winter Olympics 
ice hockey games.
Soundvision allowed the system 
rigging to be implemented and fully 
documented ahead of time. At the same 
time the system was zoned to provide 
coverage for the new press box seating 
and Olympic expansion zones.
System tuning and alignment using the 
advanced preset library was incredibly 
fast using LA8 controlled amplifiers 
and LA Network Manager software. 
The system (rigging, cabling, amp racks) 
was installed over a three day period. 
System commissioning on day four was 
completed in time for the NHL season 
opener, and the results were dramatic. 
The new system provided a high level 
of impact.
Photo credit: Freeman Coliseum
More details about the London 
project are available online at:
Photo credit: Rogers Arena

Tampa Bay Times Forum
The precise challenge in this venue was 
to engage spectators more closely in 
the action of the games on the ice rink 
at Tampa Bay Times Forum, including 
reproducing the sound of the stick hitting 
the puck. The solution had to overcome 
the difficulty of the relationship between 
the placement of microphones on the 
glass which needs to pick up the sounds 
of the game but not the PA system.
dV-DOSC and ARCS deployment ensured 
accurate coverage from the glass up 
to the top tier seating, and razor sharp 
vertical control to fulfil the design 
objective. ARCS were used under the 
scoreboard to supply high impact sound 
to the players on the ice surface.
DV-SUB was added to the 6 main arrays 
with 2 x 4 SB218 additional subwoofers 
for enhanced low frequency extension 
and impact.
The system was implemented following 
the Soundvision model. It produced 
extremely even coverage and the 
performance upgrade overall was 
dramatic. No delays were required, and 
the system was completely turnkey.

   I pointed out the difference in the pattern 
control between L-ACOUSTICS and other 
manufacturers. Keeping the audio out of the 
broadcast and ice rink mics on the glass was 
essential to achieve gain before feedback.

Charlie Lawson, formerly Director of Audio
Florida, USA
Equipment list
66 x dV-DOSC
12 x dV-SUB
8 x SB218
4 x ARCS
36 x LA48a

   The L-ACOUSTICS system delivers 
outstanding performance in  
terms of intelligibility, SPL  
and coverage.

Yoshiteru Mimura,  
Nagai Stadium
A new PA system was required to 
reproduce music programmes at 
the Nagai Stadium with an extended 
frequency range and a high SPL. 
The consultant had to find a balance 
between preserving the musicality 
of the system and maintaining 
the intelligibility necessary for 
announcements. Echoes created by the 
selected multi-cluster approach had to 
be minimised.
The distributed design was deployed 
with ARCS constant curvature 
enclosures arranged in 
horizontal arrays 
(due to the fact that widely distributed 
vertical arrays tend to generate 
This WST system features a razor sharp 
directivity in the horizontal plane, thus 
creating audience sectors acoustically 
distinct from each other.
At a throw distance of 50m, the ARCS 
system distributed in arrays of 3-4 
enclosures yields a consistent, cost 
effective coverage with early and late 
interferences reduced to minimum. 
The system combines intelligibility, 
musicality and clarity.
Osaka, Japan
Equipment list
2 x 12 dVDOSC
1 x 8 dVSUB
52 x ARCS
19 x MTD 115
Nagai Stadium
Tampa Bay 
Times Forum. 
Photo: Dan Palmer.

 technology is now packaged in two enclosures perfectly arrayable into a constant curvature line source 
with no destructive interference typical of trapezoidal cabinets. Treat yourself to just one pair, first. And as your appetite  
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The influenc
e of high-end technol
ogy or: how it’s mor
fun to go to a game no
w than it ever was bef
irst there were games, played by 
people to test strength, courage 
and ability. As society developed, those 
who were better than the average 
person played games, and were dubbed 
athletes. It was extraordinary to watch 
athletes, whether at the Olympics or at 
a local pitch because of their prowess. 
Eventually games were organised into 
leagues and leagues organised seasons 
(football and rugby in the fall, hockey 
and basketball in the winter, baseball 
and cricket in the summer) and, in order 
for more people to enjoy watching 
athletes, stadiums were invented. 
The first stadiums were rudimentary 
affairs, no seats, barely a decent place 
to view all the action and no place to 
grab a snack. Fast-forward 100 years 
and the landscape has changed entirely. 
Now stadiums and arenas feature fancy 
sit-down restaurants, comfortable seats 
and incredible sightlines so all fans, no 
matter how far up they are sitting, can 
enjoy a decent view of the action. 
Still, even at the beginning of the 
century, live action video in stadiums 
was missing, something that most 
viewers sitting at home in their living 
rooms were getting: instant replays, 
different camera angles, updates from 
games around the league, pretty much 
everything besides what was happening 
right in front of the fan’s eyes. 
Fast-forward another 10 years though 
and all that has changed again as fans 
can now become much more involved in 
the game with multimedia tools.
In 2011, in Slovakia, one of the most 
advanced arenas in the world opened 
to host the IIHF World Championships. 
The HC SLOVAN Bratislava Arena 
featured technology that was the most 
advanced in several directions: biometric 
turnstiles, the world’s first high-def LED 
circular scoreboard, a double-sided LED 
advertising fascia under the roof, and a 
central controlling system that required 
only two people to operate and drive 
fan experience. 
The arena, originally constructed in 
1940 during the Second World War, had 
undergone some minor renovations 
and upgrades during communism, 
but nothing as extensive as the 
reconstruction that started in 2009 
(Fischer Architects, Ingsteel – general 
contractor). The reconstruction was 
ordered because, as Maros Krajci, the 
General Manager of the Kontinental 
Hockey League Club HC SLOVAN 
Bratislava says: “before reconstruction 
the arena held 8,350 visitors including 
VIPs and it wasn’t generating enough 
revenue to be sustainable. The total cost 
Maros Krajci, 
Manager of 

of renovation was some €86 million 
of which €3 million was invested into 
technology – LEDs, access control 
system, IPTVs, wi-fi, scoreboards, 
biometric turnstiles, security, etc.” 
He continues: “Now the arena seats 
10,055 people and is a really nice 
experience for fans. The centrally 
hung scoreboard with the Space 
Ring (double sided fascia) is easily 
viewable from any seat in the house 
and it features HD replays so no one 
misses any action during the game, 
especially on quick goals or penalties. 
For the fan, it’s simply a much better 
in-game experience. 
The arena relied on technology 
solution provider ColosseoEAS for the 
whole venue. In addition to providing 
the scoreboard and controllers, 
ColosseoEAS put in the most advanced 
stadium security system in the world, a 
biometric turnstile that sped up stadium 
entry and reduced vandalism and crime 
to zero during the tournament. 

The biometric turnstiles were 
an integral part of the stadium 
reconstruction,” says Krajci. “We had 
a database of problematic fans with 
their pictures so when such a person 
came into the stadium, his face was 
scanned and if it matched a photo in the 
database, he was denied entrance. This 
kept these people out and let the regular 
fans in. We promoted this through the 
media and the hockey matches in the 
arena became known for really good 
family entertainment.”  
HC SLOVAN Bratislava fans love 
the centre-hung scoreboard.
Access control 
with face 
recognition helps 
management create 
a family-friendly 

In 2012 HC SLOVAN petitioned to join the 
expanding Kontinental Hockey League 
(KHL). Founded in Russia in 2008 with 
24 teams, the league has grown to 
28 teams with 21 being in Russia itself 
and seven abroad. SLOVNAFT Arena 
is one of the most popular venues in 
the league, consistently drawing the 
highest numbers of fans to KHL games, 
averaging third league-wide and seventh 
in all of Europe with an average close to 
10,000 per game.
Krajci explains: “The arena is a fantastic 
place to watch a game. Not only is the 
competition in the KHL intense, but also 
SLOVNAFT Arena is a great place to 
enjoy it. It has the reputation from the 
2011 IIHF World Championships as being 
a place to bring the family because 
of the security, so people know they 
will not only get to see a great game, 
but they’ll be able to spend some real 
quality family time. For SLOVAN, that’s 
very important, because we want to 
continue to grow our fan-base.
Technology in 
What makes the SLOVNAFT Arena such 
a great place to view an event? It starts 
with the technology. From the biometric 
turnstiles, to the IPTV system present 
throughout the arena, to the high-def 
LED scoreboard to the wi-fi intranet; 
at no time will a fan find himself out of 
touch with the action or threatened by 
a hooligan. 
Built with technology from ColosseoEAS, 
the turnstiles all have a small camera 
that scans the face of anyone entering 
the arena and matches the ticket and 
face against a database of known 
hooligans before allowing entrance. 
Furthermore, every fan that enters the 
arena has his face recorded so if he 
causes trouble, he can be easily entered 
into the database to be denied future 
entry. The system works seamlessly 
and quickly. In fact, with the RFID ticket 
scanning system and facial recognition 
happening in milliseconds, queues 
at entrances have been significantly 
reduced compared to the pre-
reconstruction days. This is an important 
consideration when taking one’s family 
to a game because no one likes waiting 
with kids to get into the arena. 
The IPTV system is connected to all the 
screens everywhere throughout the 
arena. Being centrally controlled means 
game operators can serve advertising to 
screens behind concession stands, show 
live action on screens in the corridors 
and broadcast instant replays, KissCam 
and virtual fireworks on the scoreboard, 
Space Ring and advertising fascia. The 
downloadable mobile app allows a fan 
to view replays from multiple camera 
angles, check scores from other games 
around the league, view the main video 
feed being broadcast and check player 
statistics. No longer will the fan at home 
have more information than the fan at 
the stadium. Colosseo’s technology has 
taken care of that deficiency. 
All video is controlled with a 24 channel 
Colosseo Director unit that can be 
preprogrammed with graphics for 
goals, penalties, rosters, timeouts, 
intermission presentations or KissCam, 
vastly reducing the operator’s in-game 
workload. Further preprogramming 
means that only two people are 
required to run the entire arena in-
game presentation, including timing 
and scoring. This is a real benefit to the 
arena operators as it reduces costs and 
increases revenue. 
ColosseoEAS built the technology for 
the SLOVNAFT Arena and were so 
successful with it they have exported 
it to other venues around Europe and 
the USA. They have installed wi-fi and 
video technology to San Francisco’s 
Cow Palace, video technology to the 
Olympic Veledrome in St. Petersburg, 
Russia, Shayba arena in Sochi, Russia for 
Winter Olympic Games 2014, video and 
giant LED screens technology at Albert 
Schultz Halle in Austria. n
The arena has one of the highest  
average attendances in Europe.

+1 855 273 6248
+421 650 405 378 
Game presentation | Sports&Statistics | Security
San Francisco 
Face Recognition Turnstiles
Instant Access Validation
One-step Operation
High Precision Technology
Unique LED Design 
Fully Integrated Solution 
Advanced Show Control System 
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26. 11. 2013   16:22:40

Singapore Sports Hub is developing venues for 
high-level international sport but also for amateur 
sport activity. A recent partnership with OCBC Group 
is a big step towards developing engagement with 
various Singaporean communities.
Sports Hub 
reaches out
ingapore Sports Hub has signed up 
its first sports venue sponsorship 
with OCBC Group. The deal makes OCBC 
the largest sponsorship partner of the 
Hub, with OCBC Bank being named the 
exclusive Premier Founding Partner. 

We are delighted today to welcome 
OCBC Bank on board as our Premier 
Founding Partner,” says Philippe Collin 
Delavaud, CEO, Singapore Sports Hub. 

This is a local Singaporean bank who 
has a long established record of giving 
back to the community, and we are 
proud to have them join us to help 
make this state-of-the-art sports, 
entertainment and lifestyle hub a 
success in the eyes of Singaporeans. 
OCBC’s continuous contribution will 
benefit the entire Singapore Sports 
Hub infrastructure, including helping 
to sustain community facilities 
and programming. The overall 
success of this innovative project 
will rely on both community and 
corporate engagement, together with 
national pride.
One of the OCBC branded facilities and spaces which are part of the Premier Founding 
Partnership deal. This is the first sporting venue sponsorship in Singapore’s history.
Images: Sportshub Ptd Ltd

Commercial works 
both ways

As with other successful companies, 
our CSR programme is one of giving 
back to society,” explains OCBC Bank 
Chairman, Dr Cheong Choong Kong. 

Our involvement with the Singapore 
Sports Hub is part of this programme, 
but it would be disingenuous of me to 
claim that CSR is the sole motivator. We 
cannot deny the immense commercial 
value of the naming rights and the 
prominent presence of OCBC in the 
iconic Sports Hub. When events of 
international standing are held at and 
televised from the Sports Hub, as they 
inevitably will be, the name of OCBC 
will be visible. This should keep our 
shareholders happy.
OCBC Bank and its private banking 
subsidiary, Bank of Singapore, will 
have naming rights to the OCBC Arena, 
OCBC Aquatic Centre, OCBC Lounge 
(National Stadium Club Lounge at 
the North Wing), Bank of Singapore 
Lounge (National Stadium Club Lounge 
at the South Wing) and OCBC Premier 
(L-R) Adrian Staiti, SVP, Global Partnerships, WSG; Andrew Georgiou, CEO, WSG; 
Samuel Tsien, Group CEO, OCBC Bank; Dr Cheong Choong Kong, Group Chairman, 
OCBC Bank; Philippe Collin Delavaud, CEO, SportsHub Pte Ltd; Mark Collins, Managing 
Director, Sports Hub; Toh Boon Yi, Chief, Strategic Development & Marketing Group, 
Singapore Sports Council.
Suite (VIP Lounge at Singapore 
Indoor Stadium).
Bank of Singapore is part of the OCBC 
Bank’s 15-year agreement and an in-
principle agreement for a significant 
partnership has also been reached with 
OCBC Bank’s insurance subsidiary, Great 
Eastern Holdings.

Our sponsorship money will be 
primarily channelled to fund activities   
Singapore’s Sports Hub will encourage 
sports among the country’s population.
Another OCBC branded facility.

that the community can participate 
in, activities that are typically not 
commercially viable for operators 
to organise, adds Choong Kong. 

This our partner has readily agreed 
to. Our money will help our partner 
put together a variety of grassroots 
activities and events that could range 
from learn-to-play programmes and 
clinics for communities to try out new 
sports, to a simple game of football or 
basketball for neighbourhood children.

I am pleased that the OCBC Group 
has the opportunity to support one of 
the most iconic projects in Singapore, 
the Singapore Sports Hub, with OCBC 
Bank being recognised as the Premier 
Founding Partner,” says OCBC Bank 
Group CEO, Samuel Tsien. “It is not 
the brick and mortar of what will be 
the OCBC Arena or the OCBC Aquatic 
Centre or any of our other named 
facilities that excites me. Instead, I am 
most excited about what the funding 
from the OCBC Group can do for the 
Singapore community: Helping the 
Singapore Sports Hub put together a 
broad spectrum of grassroots activities 
as well as international events that could 
appeal to our citizens and international 
visitors alike. 

I am excited that OCBC can play a 
small part in reinforcing social cohesion: 
Strengthening the Singapore community 
that we want to give back to. On the 
personal front, I am looking forward to 
being part of the Kallang Wave, which 
is a unique experience at sports events 
and concerts in Singapore. And I would 
like to see the Kallang Wave come to life 
not just at the new National Stadium, 
but also at the OCBC Arena and the 
OCBC Aquatic Centre.
OCBC Group companies are already 
involved in community sport activities. 

We launched our unique Live Great 
Programme in May 2012 to help our 
customers live healthier, better and 
longer,” explains Great Eastern Holdings’ 
Group Chief Executive Officer, Chris Wei. 

Our Programme centres on actively 
helping our customers live a healthy 
lifestyle. Its wide-ranging activities 
and benefits, tips and information have 
gained tremendous traction. The world-
class Singapore Sports Hub will add 
an exhilarating new dimension to our 
Live Great offerings and is an excellent 
platform for us to further promote the 
important message of active, healthy 
living to all Singaporeans from every 
walk of life. I am excited by the great 
synergy between OCBC Group and the 
Sports Hub and I am confident that the 
community will benefit immensely from 
this strategic partnership.
This is the first Founding Partnership to 
be officially announced by the Singapore 
Sports Hub, which was facilitated 
by World Sport Group – Singapore 
Sports Hub’s exclusive Commercial 
Rights partner. n
The national stadium’s scale is demonstrated by this 
comparison with Sydney Opera House.
The OCBC branded lounge.

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