75 Years of Particle Accelerators

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75 Years of Particle Accelerators

  • Andrew M. Sessler

  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Berkeley, CA 94720

  • Accelerators started with some theoretical work in the early 1920s, with the first accelerator producing nuclear reaction in 1931. Thus it is exactly 75 years of history we shall be reviewing.


Table of Contents

I. Electrostatic Accelerators

I.1 Voltage Multiplying Columns

I.3 Tandems

II. Cyclotrons

Major Nuclear Advances of the 1930s (My opinion)

Celebrating our 75 th Anniversary E.O.Lawrence in 1930

The First Cyclotron

The Original Rad Lab

II.1 Lawrence and the Early Cyclotrons

The 60 Inch Cyclotron

II.2 Transverse Focusing and Phase Focusing

II.3 Calutrons


III. Linear Accelerators

III.1 Proton and Heavy Ion Linacs

III.2 Induction Linacs

III.3 Electron Linacs

IV. Betatrons

V. Synchrotrons

V.1 First Synchrotrons

V.2 Strong Focusing


VI.1 Early Colliders

VI.2 Proton – Antiproton Colliders

VI.3 The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the Heavy-Ion Collider (RHIC)

VII. Synchrotron Radiation Sources

VII.1 Synchrotron X-Ray Sources

VII.2 Linear Coherent Light Source and the European Union X-Ray Free Electron Laser

VIII. Cancer Therapy Machines

IX.The Future

1. The International Linear Collider (ILC)

2. Spallation Neutron Sources

3. Rare Isotope Accelerator and FAIR

4. Neutrino Super Beams, Neutrino Factories, and Muon Colliders

5. Accelerators for Heavy Ion Fusion

6. Proton Drivers for Power Reactors

7. Lasers and Plasmas

X. Concluding Remarks Accelerator Milestones

X. Concluding Remarks Accelerator Milestones (Cont)

X. Conclusion

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