A practicalities and experiences of being non-native english teachers in korea by sardor akramov. A student of

part for them to improve is English writing skills. One of the 10

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A Practicalities and experiences OF being NON 2-version

part for them to improve is English writing skills. One of the 10 
Korean students, Linda, said,
“Accidently, the native English speaker looked over my English 
essay, and she said to me that my essay had many grammatical 
errors. Moreover, some of the sentences did not make sense at 
all. After I heard these comments, I realized that English writing is 
not easy.” Another student, Daniel, discovered that it was very 
difficult for him to precisely choose a word, idiom, and phrase 
depending on each situation while he wrote an essay.
Because of the lack of English vocabulary, he felt that he could not 
write a good essay.
Furthermore, Betty mentioned that she generally started writing 
the essay in Korean first before she wrote the essay in English, so 
sometimes it was very difficult for her to write the English essay 
because of translating the words from Korean English.Eleven out 

of 30 Korean students said that it was the third most difficult for 
them to learn English listening skills 
Data Analysis 
Through the interview process, the researcher found 30 Korean 
students’ answers for 16 interview questions. The 16 interview 
questions were individually answered by 30 Korean students.
After examining the Korean students’ answers for the interview
questions, the researcher found a particular commonality for each 
question and 37summarized the Korean students’ answers of the 
interview questions in the section of Chapter Four . Reviewing the 
answers of the interview questions, the researcher discovered the 
answers of the six research questions. 
Chapter Four 
Analysis and Results 
In the interview process with 30 Korean students, the researcher 
interviewed 16 male Korean students and 14 female Korean 
students. Particularly, there were 9 male
Korean students and 8 female Korean students who were in 
Kearney over six months, and 7 male Korean students and 6 
female Korean students arrived in Kearney in Fall
2013. Moreover, there were 8 Korean students who want to 
graduate from UNK, and 22
Korean students were attending UNK for a short period of time as 
exchange students or visiting students. Table 2 shows the 
students’ majors and year of schools. 
Table 2 
Thirty Korean Students’ General Information 
Interviewee’ s Name Gender Year of School Major 
* Mary Female Freshman English Education 
** James Male Freshman Business Administration 
* Patricia Female Junior English Literature 
* Linda Female Junior English Literature 
** John Male Freshman Aviation 

** Barbara Female Freshman Biology 
* Robert Male Senior English Literature 
* Michael Male Senior Information & Communication Tech 
* Elizabeth Female Junior Information Society 
Table 2 continues 
Interviewee’s Name Gender Year of School Major 
* William Male Senior Electronic Engineering 
* Jennifer Female Senior Advanced Material Engineering 
* David Male Junior Business Administration 
** Richard Male Sophomore Psychology 
* Charles Male Junior Sport Administration 
* Maria Female Junior International Economics & Law 
* Joseph Male Senior Economics 
* Thomas Male Senior Economics 
* Christopher Male Senior Information & Communication Tech 
* Daniel Male Senior Food Industrial Management 
** Susan Female Sophomore Business Administration 
* Margaret Female Junior Industrial Management Engineering 
* Paul Male Junior Electronic Engineering 
* Dorothy Female Senior English Education 
** Lisa Female Freshman Music Performance 
* Nancy Female Senior Korean Literature 
* Karen Female Senior English Literature 
* Betty Female Junior English Literature 
* Mark Male Senior Business Administration 
** Donald Male Sophomore Mechanical Engineering 
** George Male Senior Business Administration 
Note: All names are pseudonyms. 
*Designates students matriculating in a South Korean university 

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