Apartment Home Type 90% Refundable Entrance Deposit Range Monthly Service Package Range

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Highland Springs Pricing Guidelines

*As per the Residence and Care Agreement.

**Costs vary depending on the size and style of the home you select. Second person fee = $775.

Apartment Home Type

90% Refundable  

Entrance Deposit Range

Monthly Service  

Package Range**

  Large one bedroom, one or one and a half bath



   Extra large one bedroom, one or one and a half bath  

with den or sunroom



  Large two bedroom, one or one and a half bath



  Large two bedroom, two bath



  Luxury two bedroom, two bath with sunroom and/or den



The 90% Refundable Entrance Deposit*

This one-time entrance deposit secures your apartment home for as long as you live at  

Highland Springs. It can also be accessed to cover qualified continuing care expenses if your  

health needs ever change. This deposit is 90% refundable to you or your heirs if you ever leave 

Highland Springs for any reason.

Monthly Service Package

Each month, residents pay a single fee that covers almost all regular living expenses, including 

utilities, property taxes, cable TV, and select meals. This fee stays the same all year long, keeping 

your costs predictable and economical. A more complete listing of what is included in the Monthly 

Service Package can be found on the reverse side of this page.

North Dallas  





Example Pricing

This price chart is for reference only. A wide variety of floor plans are available, with specific pricing 

determined by size, style, location, and special apartment features like balconies and patios. Contact 

us to discuss current pricing and availability.






  Flexible meal plan options

•  Gracious dining at Chisholm’s Restaurant

•  Casual dining at Cotton Belt Café or the 

Bistro Market

All Utilities & Maintenance Included:

(except telephone and Internet)

•  Cable television/satellite

• Electric

•  Water and sewer

•  Heating and air-conditioning (individual 

controls in every apartment)

•  Trash and recycling removal

•  Appliance maintenance and repair

•  Apartment maintenance and repair

Property Taxes:

•  No more property taxes to worry about


  Complimentary scheduled transportation to 

local shopping and conveniences

Campus Services:

  Professional landscaping and lawn care

•  Concierge/front desk service

•  Climate-controlled, weatherproof enclosed 

walkways connect all buildings

•  Life Cycle Renovation Program—regularly 

scheduled renovations in all buildings 

including: carpeting, wallpaper and paint, 

light fixtures, window treatments,  

furniture, and artwork

Campus Security:

•  Friendly security staff on duty 24 hours 

a day, 7 days a week (employed by 

Highland Springs, meeting Erickson Living



standards—security officers are also 

emergency response certified)

•  Gated community with around-the-clock  

monitored entrance

•  State-of-the-art emergency response system 

in all apartments

Clubhouse Leisure Facilities:

•  Aquatics center with indoor heated  

swimming pool and whirlpool spa

•  Fitness center

•  Billiards and game room

•  Gardening areas and greenhouse

•  Creative arts studio

•  Putting green

•  Walking trails

•  Computer lab and classroom

•  Meeting rooms for clubs and activities

•  Woodwork and hobby shop

• Library

Access to Campus Medical Services:

•  On-site medical center with full-time personal 

physicians solely dedicated to residents’ care

•  Prescription delivery to your apartment

•  Visiting specialists

Access to Clubhouse Conveniences:

•  Convenience store and gift shop

•  Hair salon, spa, and barbershop

•  Catering room

Look at all that’s included in the

Highland Springs Monthly Service Package...

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