Armi is a technology initiative to: armi is a technology initiative to

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ARMI is a technology initiative to:

  • ARMI is a technology initiative to:

  • Automate state agency rule submittals

  • Streamline the publishing processes of the Montana Administrative Register and Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) publications, and

  • Enhance online publications and services

  • Operation costs exceed current revenues.

  • Growing online customer base with new needs.

  • Declining number of print subscribers.

  • State agency customers wanted online tools.

  • Lack of confidence in online version of ARM.

  • Complex program and slow process to update online ARM.

  • State agencies duplicating web services.

  • Inventory seven years out of date and costly to update.

  • No centralized rules database.

Secured top management commitment

  • Secured top management commitment

  • Brought together the stakeholders: our staff, agency users, and customers from the “real world”

  • Stakeholders defined about 140 requirements

  • Issued Request for Proposal to build system

  • Awarded contract to CommerNet, Inc.

More timely updating of ARM

    • More timely updating of ARM
    • State-of-the-art searching options
    • To see versions of a rule in the past
    • The ability to track rule changes
    • The ability to navigate easily within ARM

Simpler submittal process

  • Simpler submittal process

  • Online tools

    • Standardized templates
    • Instructions
  • Single authoritative database for rules

  • Maintain print version

Streamline publishing processes

  • Streamline publishing processes

  • Increase public access to administrative rules

  • Encourage public participation in rulemaking process

  • Gain administrative efficiencies

    • Reduce in-house inventory with print-on- demand
    • Ability to archive digitally

A “one stop” web portal

Conversion challenges

  • Conversion challenges

    • Loss of tabs, leader dots, double spaces
    • Tables
    • Images
    • Source data
  • Quality assurance process

  • Flexible

Fast, versatile searching

  • Fast, versatile searching

  • Presentation by rule with versioning

  • Direct links to Montana Code Annotated and other rules within rule text

  • Personal eBook

  • eNotification service

  • Online comments

  • ADA Compliant

Agencies follow the Montana Administrative Procedure Act

  • Agencies follow the Montana Administrative Procedure Act

  • A speedy rulemaking process

  • Electronic submission of files

Montana Administrative Register

  • Montana Administrative Register

    • Published twice a month
    • 115 hard copy subscribers
    • Prior to May 2008, online PDF of the Register
  • Administrative Rules of Montana

    • 29 three-ring binders for 20 state agencies
    • Total of about 18,000 pages and updated quarterly
    • 440 hard copy subscribers to full set or extra title
    • Maintain inventory of 25 full sets
    • Prior to May 2008, online presentation was page-based to replicate the hard copy EXACTLY.

Modify department info

  • Modify department info

  • Manage interested party list

  • View/Edit agency users list

Updating rules

  • Updating rules

  • Modify Chapter, Subchapter, and Rule Titles

  • Biennial Review Report

  • View Returned Filings

Start a rule cycle

  • Start a rule cycle

  • Notices in progress

  • View returned filings

  • Review and reply to comments

  • Multiple Check Out Rule Report

Start a rule cycle

  • Start a rule cycle

Notice is submitted to SOS

  • Notice is submitted to SOS

Web-based interface

Cliff Li, CEO of CommerNet, Inc.

  • Cliff Li, CEO of CommerNet, Inc.

Did our homework at the start and listened to customers

  • Did our homework at the start and listened to customers

  • Claimed ownership with centralized database

  • Improved online presentation with links and versioning

  • Better online tools for public users: searching, alerts

  • Simplified process for agencies with online templates

  • Confirmed quality of the database

Documenting new work processes

    • Documenting new work processes
    • Requires new skills, such as HTML
    • Online publishing requires more staff effort
    • Keeping database current and maintaining integrity of data
    • New system will require ongoing training and support for state agencies
    • Print process is still a work in progress

Contact information:

  • Contact information:

  • Website:

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