Austrian real-jazz-Rock bands

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jive music

Erlaaer Str. 76/7 A-1230 Vienna Austria





The Best Of Vinyl & Live


Jive Music

Releasedate: 2006 


Funkjazz, Latinjazz Fusion JM-2056-2 

Distr. AT:

Distr. D: 

Distr. Benelux:

You could call Ostinato one of the rare 

Austrian REAL-Jazz-Rock bands!

They played in many different formations, 

always featuring some of the best musicians 

of Austria!

March 2006 Tommy Böröcz and Rens New-

land – the two heads of Ostinato in the 80s 

and 90s - decided to resurrect this legendary 

Latin-Funk-Fusion Band, to bring out a „Best 

Of“ CD and of course to make concerts again.

1974 Ostinato was founded by Tommy Böröcz 

und Claudius Jelinek.

1975 they were given the opportunity to make 

a tour through Argentine, Uruguay und Brasil!

1981 it was time for refreshing and Tommy 

Böröcz asked Rens Newland to join the band.

The first album „Ostinato“ was released (1983)

1985 the next album „Slowwalker“ was 

recorded, on which now also Rens Newland 

brought around half of the compositions and 


Also „Having Fun“ with Gina Charles (later 

called Gina Charito) was released.

1991 „Pump Up The Horns“ came out. 

On this CD also the new possibilities of 

sequencer und synthesizer were exploited.

1995 the most jazzy Album followed: „Modern 

Line Event“, released by BMG.


1 Ordinary And Blue, Too

2 Latin Train

3 Bahia Da Itacoatiara

4 Sabor Del Sol

5 Point Out

6 On A Cold Summerday

7 Chili Con Carne

8 Que Vida, Me Querida

9 Slow Walker

10 Bouncin’ On The Beat

11 Four Pictures

12 Dutch Drive

13 Musical Prostitution

14 Inspiration

T o m m y   B ö r ö c z   &   R e n s   N e w l a n d


O s t i n a t o

“The Best Of Vinyl & Live

trumpet: Bumi Fian, Andreas Haderer, 

Niki Friesenbichler

alto sax: Wolfgang Puschnig, Klaus Dickbauer

Thomas Huber

tenor & soprano sax: Harry Sokal, Martin Fuss, 

Christian Maurer

piano, keyboards: Robert Schönherr, 

Harry Gansberger, Rudi Mille

bass: Heinz Jäger, Albert Kreuzer, Robert Riegler

percussion: Andy Steirer, Raphael Hidalgo

percussion on Sabor Del Sol

drums, comp., arr.: Tommy Böröcz

guitars, comp., arr.: Rens Newland

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