Backround Now I would like to tell you about a history period that was really fascinating for me

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Backround Amir temur period

Backround Now I would like to tell you about a history period that was really fascinating for me. As we know that without history there is no future,honestly, so I am really passionate about history I have read many things about it ,however what I find the most interesting about it was the period of Amir Temur who is an our ancestor had lived in the middle ages specifically from 1336 to 1405.
As of this descendant I can say that in his time there was not any person who suffered from poverty well… I actually have read about it from the book called 7th grade history of Uzbekistan.That said at that time it was was glorious, plus Temurlang has lost the battle just once to this opponent other than that he never lost. In that period people were not only able to develop their physical skills but also they could nurture their mental abilities.According to fact that a variety of subjects tought in schools and madrasas which was the universities at that period.
one of the reasons why it was interesting because the European countries were afraid of our country when Amir Temur won the battle against Boyazid who was the concurer of turks whom exactly were endangering to invade Europe at that time. In other words he practically saved Europe from turks at that period. And I suppose that can be worth mentiontioning . In addion to this, people lived happily without ups and downs because there was not any mysterious people who want to invade our country , and no poverty people did not die from starving . as a matter of fact humans in the period of Amir Temur keep in touch with different kind of counrties like China , Mangol and Turks so economy were also developed . regardless of legends and myth Amir TEmur was a cruel king but in fact he was one the most generous kings ever we aware of the words he said for example he said Power is in fairness.
and he was the person who does what he says . Once he if you wanna know our power look at our skyscrapers and in his period the sightseeing buildings and skyscrapers definitely build.

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