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Databank: copyright Ron Holloway 
Stand: 01 August 2003 
Russian, CIS, New States Film Directors 
The seven divisions (some with sub-divisions) inside the Databank are the following: 
Baltic Directors
Caucasus Directors
Middle Asian Directors 
Russian Directors: Moscow 
Russian Directors: Others Than Moscow and St Petersburg 
Russian Directors: St. Petersburg 
Ukrainian Directors 
Note: eventually the Moscow – Russian – St. Petersburg Directors may have to be listed 
altogether under “Russian Directors”. 

 Databank: copyright Ron Holloway 
Stand: 01 August 2003
Russian, CIS, New States Film Directors 
Ex-Soviet Union: 3,101
Moscow (1104) 
St. Petersburg (416) 
Russia Elsewhere (220) 
Baltic Republics (409) 
Caucasian Republics (357) 
Middle Asian Republics (274)
ESTONIA (134) 
Ansip, Karol, b. 
(selected) Iron Rose Blossoms (d) (2001), No Man’s Land (d) (2003).. 
Arro, Andres, b. 
(selected) The Lost Twin (d) (2001), with Aivo Spitsonok. 
Baskin, Roman, b. 1954 
(selected) Veranda (s) (1988), Peace Street (f) (1991), The Tsar’s Madman (f) 
Brambat, Peeter, b. 
(selected) Estonian Functional Architecture (d) (1993), The Artist Lembit Sarapuu 
(d) (2002), The Mutiny of Deities (d) (2002). 
Brouvere, Ilona, b. 
(selected) Duo (d) (1992) 

Davidjants, Kristina, b. 
(selected) Intimate Town (d) (2003).. 
Drui, Heini, b. 
(selected) Teacher in Siberia (d) (2001). 
Ellmann, Aile, b. 
(selected) Who’s Who in Estonia I (d) (1994). 
Ernits, Heiki, b. 1953 
(selected) Column (a) 1989), Ärasoit (a) (1991), Jaagup and Death (a) (1994), The 
Story of Oleviste Church (a) (1995), with Leo Lätti, Legend of Tallinn (a) (1995), 
with Leo Lätti, Tom & Fluffy (a,series) (1997), with Leo Lätti and Janno Pöldma, 
Lotte, or Lotte the Detective (a) (2000), with Janno Pöldma, Ladybird’s Christmas 
(a,f) (2001), with Janno Pöldma, Concert for a Carrot Pie (a) (2002), with Janno 
Pöldma, Andrus Kivirähk, Lotte and Judo (a) (2004), with Janno Pöldma. 
Girlin, Jelena, b. 
(selected) GUF - A Cathedral of Unborn Souls (a) (2001). 
Heidmets, Rao, b. 1956 
(selected) The Dove Lady (p) (1983), Nuril (p) (1985), The Giraffe (p) (1986), 
Serenade (p) (1987), Papa Carlo’s Theater (p) (1988), Noblesse Oblige (p) (1989), 
Dwarf Tree (p) (1991), Living Room (a) (1994), Dear Mister Moon (f) (1998), Force 
Majeure (f) (2000), The Grass Bird (s) (2000), Instinct (a) (2003). 
Heino, Pars, b. 1925 
(selected) The Little Motor Roller (p) (1963), Cameraman Kyps in the Land of 
Mushrooms (p) (1964), New Adventures of Cameraman Kyps (p) (1965), Jak and the 
Robot (p) (1965), Cameraman Kyps on an Inhabited Island (p) (1966), The Sly Ants 
and the Devil (p) (1967), Cameraman Kyps in the Stone Kingdom (p) (1968), The 
War of Birds and Trees (p) (1969), Oh, That’s the Way You Look! (p) (1969), Mart 
and His Bread (p) (1971), The Snow Mill (p) (1971), The Nail (p) (1972), That’s It, 
Master (p) (1972),The Balls (p) (1973), The Underwater Friends (p) (1974), The Tale 
of His Majesty (p) (1974), Spring Song (p) (1975), The Unlucky Smithy (p) (1976), A 
Lump of Clay (p) (1977), Charomora (p) (1977). 
Herzog, Peeter, b. 
(selected) I Love You (s) (1997), Me, Myself and I (f) (Estonia/Denmark, 1998), with 
Jaak Kilmi and Rainer Sarnet, Florian’s Exercises (s) in omnibus film Happy 
Landing (f) (1999), with Jaak Kilmi and Rainer Sarnet. 
Hummel, Priit, b. 
(selected) Who’s Who in Estonia II (d) (1994) 
Iho, Arvo, b. 1949 

(selected) Nest of the Winds (f) (1979), Ideal Landscape (d) (1980), The Multifaced 
Öun (d) (1984), Games for School Children (f) (1984), with Leida Lajus, Disturber of 
the Peace (d) (1986), Birdwatcher (f) (1987), Songs of Milarepa (d) (1988), 
Christmas Pictures 1988 (d) (1989), Milarepa’s Songs (d) (1989), Sireniki’s 
Chronicle (d) (1990), Crow-Mapuche Connections (d) (1991), Only for Crazy 
People, or A Nurse, or Sister of Mercy (f) (1992), Children of the Empire (d) (1993), 
The Heart of the Bear (f) (Estonia/Russia/Germany/Czech Republic, 2002), Children 
of the Singing Revolution (d) (2003), with Margus Jöemägi. 
Illi, Esa, b. 
(selected) Brothers (f) (Estonia/Finland, 2003). 
Ilves, Leo, b. 
(selected) The Place (d) (1985), Father Dracula, the Estonian Version (d) (1993). 
Jaakson, Alvar, b. 
(selected) Squeaky Discovers the World (a) (1993), with Nele Tihalmäe. 
Jancis, Kaspar, b. 1975 
(selected) Flight of the Little White Helicopter (a) (1996?), Romance (a) (1999), 
Weitzenberg Street (a) (2002), Frank and Wendy (a) (2002), with Priit Pärn, Priit 
Tender, Ülo Pikkov. 
Jöemägi, Margus, b. 
(selected) Children of the Singing Revolution (d) (2003), with Arvo Iho. 
Jöerand, Raimo, b. 
(selected) Not Flammable (d) (2001), Double Life (s) (2003). 
Kangur, Indrek, b. 
(selected) Who’s Who in Estonia III (d) (1994), His Majesty’s Warship (d) (2001), 
Estonian Prison (d) (2003). 
Karassov Orgussar, Vladimir Georg, b. 
(selected) The Outlaws (s) (1971). 
Kask, M. b. 
(selected) The White Land Enderbey (d) (1969), with Andres Sööt, Hääriik (d) 
(1970), with Andres Sööt. 
Kask, Tonis, b. 
(selected) Old Man Wants Home (f) (1989). 
Keedus, Sulev, b. 1957 
(selected) Beyond the Forest (d) (1981), Swan Lumen (d) (1982), Luigeluum (d) 
(1983), Vöronian (d) (1983), Biographies at the Bolshoi Theater (d) (1985), October 

in Kaunispea Harbor (d) (1986), Peaceful Sky, or Fearful Haven (d) (1987), The 
Only Sunday (f) (1990), Pharaoh’s Children (d) (1991), In Paradisum (d) (1993), 
Georgica (f) (1998), Somnambulant, or The Night Walkers (f) (Estonia/Finland, 
2002), Nostalgia Called Titan (d) (2003), Broken Sleep (f) (2003). 
Kepp, Vallo, b. 
(selected) Landscapes of Uku Masing II (d) (2002). 
Kiisk, Kaljo, b. 1925 
(selected) Days of June (f) (1957), Unruly Times (f) (1959), Dangerous Times (f) 
(1961), Drifting Ice (f) (1962), Tracks, or Trails (f) (1963, banned), I Was 18 (f) 
(1965), The Midday Ferry (f) (1967), Madness (f) (1968, banned), Windy Coast (f) 
(1971), Down to Earth (f) (1972), Landing (f) (1973), The Red Violin (f) (1974), Ask 
the Dead the Price of Death (f) (1978), Forest Violets (f) (1980), The Adventurer (f) 
(1983), After One Hundred Years in May (f) (1986), Regina (f) (1989), The Prompter 
(f) (1993). 
Kilmi, Jaak, b. 1973 
(selected) Ellinor from the Suburb (s) (1993), Ta-Ram, Ta-Ram (s,v) (1995), Came to 
Visit (a) (1998), Me, Myself and I (f) (Estonia/Denmark, 1998), with Peeter Herzog 
and Rainer Sarnet, Star-Ride (s) in omnibus film Happy Landing (f) (1999), with 
Peeter Herzog and Rainer Sarnet, The Human Camera (s,v) (1999), Simulacrum City 
(d) (2000), with Andres MaimikBig Sister(d) (2000), with Andres Maimik, Dwarf 
Disco (d) (2001), with Andres Maimik, Beauty of the Fatherland (d) (2001), with 
Andres Maimik, Revolution of Pigs (f) (2004), with Rene Reinumägi. 
Kivastik, Mart, b. 
(selected) Father (s) (1998). 
Kivi, Kalju, b. 
(selected) Humachinoid (a) (1995), Yesterday’s Engine (a) (2000), with Mikk Rand. 
Kivirähk, Andrus, b. 
(Selected) Concert for a Carrot Pie (a) (2002), with Heiki Ernits, Janno Pöldma. 
Klava, Dainis, b. 
(selected) Home of the Sun (d) (2002). 
Kolberg, Jaan, b. 
(selected) The Lost Way (f) (1989), Creditors, (f) (1991), Jüri Rumm, or The Ballad 
of the Noble Rogue (f) (1994). 
Kotov, Rein, b. 
(selected) Russian Metal and the US$-Kiss (d) (1993), with Artur Talvik, Call-Girl’s 
Christmas (d) (1994), with Artur Talvik, Visitors, or Visitors from the Sky (d) (2002), 
with Piret Tibbo. 

Kromanov, Grigory, 1926-1984 
(selected) The New Devil from the Depths of Hell (f) (1964), with Jüri Müür, Our 
Arthur (d) (1968), with Mati Pöldre, The Last Relic (f) (1968), Brilliants for the 
Dictatorship of the Proletariat (f) (1976), The Dead Mountaineer Hotel (f) (1979). 
Kruusement, Arvo, b. 
(selected) Spring (f) (1969). 
Kuik, Valentin, b. 
(selected) Loo Vastu (d) (1975), Reigi Opetaja (d) (1977), Hind (d) (1978), 
Kalakaitse Inspector (d) (1979), Regatt (d) (1979), Tallinn ’80 (d) (1980), Teaduse 
Ohver (d) (1981), Lurich (d) (19843), Vennaskond (d) (1984), Keskea Roomud (d) 
(1986), Swonum (d) (1988), Doctor Stockmann (d) (1989), Perekonnaqpildid (d) 
(1989), Teade Parlamendile, or Voices of a Dying Out Nation (d) (1989), Battlefields 
of Love (f) (1992), The Flight (d) (1995), Protocol (d) (1996), The Beloved’s Smile 
(f,v) (1997), An Affair of Honor (f) (1999), And There Is Hellfire in Your Hands (f) 
(2000), Time of the Knights (f) (2001). 
Kulles, Lina, b. 
(selected) A World Like a Pattern (s,d) (1996). 
Kümmel, Toomas, b. 
(selected) The Kids from the Refugee Camp (d) (2001), with Andrus Prikk. 
Kurg, Eda, b. 
(selected) Who’s Knocking at My Door? (a series, 11 parts) (1993), with Liia Sakkos, 
Riho Luuse, Anu Nukki, Rait Tiidus, Mari-Liis Moonvald, Nele Tihalmäe, Rainer 
Sarnet, Tönu Paldra and Elo Pölendik. 
Kütt, Mati, b. 1947 
(selected) Monument (a) (1981), Animated Self-Portraits (a) (1988), Labyrinth (a) 
(1989), The Smoked Sprott Bathing in the Sun (a) (1992), Little Lilly (a) (1995), 
Underground (a) (1997), Buttons Odyssey (a) (2002). 
Laas, Mait, b. 1970 
(selected) And It Bloomed (a) (1993), Somebody Else (p) (1997), with Hardi Volmer, 
Daylight (a) (1998), The Way to Nirvana (a) (2000), The Lightship Kulis (a) (2001), 
Miriam’s Christmas Gnome (a) (2002), with Leelo Tungal, Miriam (a) (2004). 
Lajus, Leida, b. 1923 
(selected) From Evening to Morning (s) (1962), Ukuaru (f) (1973), The Landlord of 
Korboja (f) (1979), Games for School Children (f) (1984), with Arvo Iho, Stolen 
Meeting (f) (1988). 
Lätti, Leo, b. 

(selected) Legend of Tallinn (a) (1995), with Heiki Ernits, The Story of Oleviste 
Church (a) (1995), with Heiki Ernits, Tom & Fluffy (a,series) (1997), with Heiki 
Ernits and Janno Pöldma. 
Lehto, Pekka, b. 
(selected) W.O.I.T.K.A. Bros (f) (Estonia/Sweden/Finland, 2002). 
Lepik, Tonis, b. 
(selected) Discarded Souls (d) (1998). 
Libnik, Rein, b. 1952 
(selected) Three Lamps (s) (1986), Film Director Sergei Yutkevich (d) (1987), The 
Comeback of Hocha Nasreddin (f) (1989), The Silhouette in the Window across the 
Way (f) (1993), Playing Zombie, or Life after Battles (f) (1993). 
Liiv, Urmas E., b. 1967 
(selected) Fragments from Afar (d) (1993), One Day (d) (1993), Säid - Sobe (d) 
(1995), Falling in Love (d) (1996), Dog’s Death (d) (1998), Mimicry (d) (1999), The 
Outcast (d) (2002), Arnold (d) (2002), Tomb of the Sun (d) (2003). 
Lillak, Margit, b. 
(selected) Jack the Nose and Jane the Thumb (a) (2001), Bushman Pete (a) (2001). 
Lintorp, Hannes, b. 1958 
(selected) The Palace (d) (1982), with Renita Lintorp, Youth (d) (1984), with Renita 
Lintorp, The Abyss (d) (1987), with Renita Lintorp, A Hero for Our Time (d) (1988), 
with Renita Lintorp, Cogito, Ergo Sum (d) (1989), with Renita Lintorp, The Master 
(s) (1989), with Renita Lintorp, For Shura (d) (1991), with Renita Lintorp, The 
Punishment (d) (1992), with Renita Lintorp, Circle (d) (1993), with Renita Lintorp, 
Estonian Life (d) (1995), with Renita Lintorp, Too Tired to Hate (f) 
(Estonia/Finland,1995), with Renita Lintorp, Swamp, or Illusion of Safety (f) (1996), 
with Renita Lintorp, Palangi (d) (1999), with Renita Lintorp, Through the Darkness, 
or The Penitence (d) (2002), with Renita Lintorp. 
Lintorp, Renita, b. 1955 
(selected) Palace (d) (1982), with Hannes LintorpYouth (d) (1984), with Hannes 
Lintorp, The Abyss (d) (1987), with Hannes LintorpA Hero for Our Time (d) (1988), 
with Hannes Lintorp, Cogito, Ergo Sum (d) (1989), with Hannes Lintorp, Master (s) 
(1989), with Hannes Lintorp, For Shura (d) (1991), with Hannes Lintorp, The 
Punishment (d) (1992), with Hannes Lintorp, Circle (d) (1993), with Hannes Lintorp, 
Estonian Life (d) (1995), with Hannes Lintorp, Too Tired to Hate (f) 
(Estonia/Finland,1995), with Hannes Lintorp, Swamp, or Illusion of Safety (f) (1998), 
with Hannes Lintorp, Palangi (d) (1999), with Hannes Lintorp, Through the 
Darkness, or The Penitence (d) (2002), with Hannes Lintorp. 
Luts, Theodor, b. 

(selected) The Island of Roshnou (d) (1931). 
Luup, Andri, b. 
(selected) Ferdinand (s) (2002). 
Luuse, Riho, b. 
(selected) Who’s Knocking at My Door? (a series, 11 parts) (1993), with Liia Sakkos, 
Anu Nukki, Rait Tiidus, Eda Kurg, Mari-Liis Moonvald, Nele Tihalmäe, Rainer 
Sarnet, Tönu Paldra and Elo Pölendik. 
Maimik, Andres, b. 1970 
(selected) Mahtra 140 (d) (199?), Blood Oxygen (d) (199?), Big Sister (d) (199?), 
Dwarf’s Disco (d) (199?), Simulacrum City (d) (2000), with Jaak Kilmi, Big Sister(d) 
(2000), with Jaak Kilmi, Dwarf Disco (d) (2001), with Jaak Kilmi, Beauty of the 
Fatherland (d) (2001), with Jaak Kilmi, The Power of Unemployment (d) (2003). 
Maran, Rein, b. 
(selected) The Common Adder (d) (1978) An Island for Garden Dormice (d) (1993), 
Washing Day: An ABC of Birds (d) (2002). 
Märksa, Konstantin, b. 
(selected) The Island of Osmus (d) (1937). 
Mirme, Olle, b. 
(selected) Film Freaks (s) (Estonia/Denmark, 2001). 
Moonvald, Mari-Liis, b. 
(selected) Who’s Knocking at My Door? (a series, 11 parts) (1993), with Liia Sakkos, 
Riho Luuse, Anu Nukki, Rait Tiidus, Eda Kurg, Nele Tihalmäe, Rainer Sarnet, Tönu 
Paldra and Elo Pölendik. 
Müür, Jüri, b. 
(selected) The Village Lads (f) (1962), The New Devil From the Depths of Hell (f) 
(1964), with Grigory Kromanov, The Echo (d) (1969), The Ploughman’s Fatigue (d) 
(1982), with Enn Säde. 
Narud, Lisbeth, b. 
(selected) Soul of the Whale (a) (Estonia/Norway, 2002).  
Neuland, Olav, b. 1949 
(selected) Kuidas Portre - Terrida Erelit (d) (1976), with Enn Säde, Nest in the Wind 
(f) (1979), Corrida (f) (1982), Hitler & Stalin 1939 (d) (1989) 
Niglas, Liivo, b. 
(selected) The Brigade (d) (2001), Yuri Vella’s Little World (d) (2002). 

Nüganen, Elmo, b. 
(selected) Names in Marble, or Names Engraved on Marble (f) (Estonia/Finland, 
Nukki, Aanu, b. 
(selected) Who’s Knocking at My Door? (a series, 11 parts) (1993), with Liia Sakkos, 
Riho Luuse, Rait Tiidus, Eda Kurg, Mari-Liis Moonvald, Nele Tihalmäe, Rainer 
Sarnet, Tönu Paldra and Elo Pölendik. 
Oja, Edvard, b. 
(selected) Freedom or Death (d) (1995), with Artur Talvik. 
Öunapuu, Ervin, b. 
(selected) Aaria (s,v) (1997), The Moon (s) in omnibus film Three Stories about … 
(f) (1999), with Askolds Saulitis, Peeter Simm, Agent Blueneck (f) (2000). 
Pabut, Talvi, b.  
(selected) Runaways (f) (1993). 
Pakk, Rein, b. 
(selected) The Missionary (s) (1993), Dominoes (f) (1996). 
Paldra, Tönu, b. 
(selected) Who’s Knocking at My Door? (a series, 11 parts) (1993), with Liia Sakkos, 
Riho Luuse, Anu Nukki, Rait Tiidus, Eda Kurg, Mari-Liis Moonvald, Nele Tihalmäe, 
Rainer Sarnet and Elo Pölendik. 
Pääsuke, Johannes, b. 
(selected) Utochkin Flying in Tartu (d) (1912), A Stroll through the Setu Countryside 
(d) (1912). 
Pärn, Priit, b. 1946 
(selected) Is the World Round? (a) (1977), Green Bear, or And He Does Tricks (a) 
(1979), Exercises for an Independent Life (a) (1980), The Triangle (a) (1982), 
TellTale, or Time Out (a) (1984), Luncheon on the Grass (a) (1987), Switch Off the 
Lights (a) (1988), Hotel E (a) (Estonia/Finland/UK, 1992), 1895 (a) (1995), with 
Janno Pöldma, Deliss (a) (1995), Absolute Pärn (a) (1996), Free Action (a) (1996), 
Night of the Carrots (a) (1998), Frank and Wendy (a) (2002), with Priit Tender, Ülo 
Pikkov, Kaspar Jancis, Karl and Marilyn (a) (Estonia/Finland, 2003). 
Päts, Voldemar, b. 
(selected) The Adventures of Puppy Juku (a) (2001). 
Pedmanson, Peepp, b. 
(selected) Kele (a) (1989?), A Donkey in the Music Scale (a) (1993), Just Married (a) 

Pettai, Rando, b. 
(selected) Old and Bold, or Made in Estonia (f) (2002). 
Piestrak, Marek, b. 
(selected) The Charm of Snake Valley (f) (USSR/Poland, 1987), Devil’s Teardrop, or 
Teardrop of Evil (f) (1995). 
Pihlak, Julia, b. 
(selected)The Penguin Parade (p) (2002), with Riho Unt. 
Piller, Meelis, b. 
(selected) Zero (d) (2002), The Philosopher (d) (2002). 
Pikkov, Ülo, b. 1976 
(selected) Cappucino (a) (1996), Rumba (p) (1996), Bermuda (a) (1998), The 
Headless Horseman (a) (2000), The Year of the Monkey (a) (2002), Frank and Wendy 
(a) (2002), with Priit Pärn, Priit Tender, Kaspar Jancis. 
Pöldma, Janno, b.  
(selected) Brothers and Sisters (a) (1991), Otto’s Life (a) (1992), Birthday (a) (1994), 
1895 (a) (Estonia/Finland/UK, 1995), with Priit Pärn, Tom & Fluffy (a,series) (1997), 
with Leo Lätti and Heiki Ernits, On the Possibility of Love (a) 1999), Ladybirds’ 
Christmas (a,f) (2001), with Heiki Ernits, Lotte the Detective (a) (2001), with Heiki 
Ernits, Concert for a Carrot Pie (a) (2002), with Heiki Ernits, Andrus Kivirähk, Lotte 
and Judo (a) (2004), with Heiki Ernits. 

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