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Bolotov, Vadim, b. 
(selected) Long Short Farewell (s) (2001). 
Bonch-Tomashevsky, M., b. 
(selected) The Thief (f) (1916), Great Days of the Russian Revolution (d) (1917), with 
Vyacheslav Viskovsky, Peace to the Cottage, War to the Palace (d) (1919), The Red 
Carrot (f) (1919). 
Bondarchuk, Natalya, b. 1950 
(selected) Lord, Hear My Prayer (f) (1991). 
Bondarchuk, Sergei, 1920-1995 
(selected) Destiny of a Man (f) (1959), War and Peace (f) (1964-67), Waterloo (f) 
(Italy/USSR, 1970), They Fought for Their Motherland (f) (1974), The Steppe (f) 
(1977), Red Bells (f) (1981-82), Boris Godunov (f) (1986), And Gently Flows the Don 
(f) (1993, uncompleted). 
Bondarev, Oleg, b. 1939 
(selected) Stepmother (f) (1972), Youth with Us (f) (1978), Wild Hop (f) (1985), 
Svetik (f) (1989), Your Entree, Girls! (f) (1992). 
Bordsilovskaya, V., b. 
(selected) The Proud Little Ship (a) (1966).  
Boretsky, Oleg, b. 
(selected) The Day Before … (f) (Russia/Netherlands, 1991), with Alexander 
Borisov, A., b. 
(selected) tear Apart, Soul (d) (2000). 

Borisov, Andrei, b. 
(selected) Exotics (s) (1991-96). 
Borisova, Natalya, b. 
(selected) Trois vers libres (s) (Russia/Germany, 1995), Enjoy! (s) (Russia/Germany, 
1998), The End (s) (2000). 
Borodyansky, Alexander, b. 1944 
(selected) Dreams (f) (1993), with Karen Shakhnazarov, The Cheque (f) (2000), with 
Boris Giller. 
Borschevsky, D., b. 
(selected) Moscow Saga (f) (2001) 
Bosenko, Sergei, b. 1967 
(selected) Last Look (d) (1993), Alternative Soldier (d) (1994), Waizenborn in 
Moscow (d) (1995), Term Paper (d) (1996), All the Best, Kostik, All the Best! (d) 
(2000), Chechnya Gambit, or August (d) (2001). 
Bossulayev, A., b. 
(selected) Native Fields (f) (1944), with B. Babochkin.  
Boyko, Alexander, b. 
(selected) Russian Style (f) (1991), with Alexander Prosyanov. 
Bozhich, Tatyana, b.  
(selected) Provincials (s, d) (1996). 
Bragin, Vladimir, b. 
(selected) Lyumy (f) (1991). 
Brazhinsky, Mikhail, b. 
(selected) Black Ice (f) (2003). 
Brik, Lily, b. 
(selected) The Glass Eye (s) (1928). 
Brumberg, Valentina, b. 1899 
(selected) You Give a Good Lavkom (a) (1927), with Zinaida Brumberg, Nilolai 
Khodatayev, The Samoyedsky Youth (a) (1928), with Zinaida Brumberg, Nilolai and 
O. Khodatayev, Spring Delivery (a) (1930), with Zinaida Brumberg, Nilolai 
Khodatayev, The Car Driver (a) (1931), with Zinaida Brumberg, Nilolai Khodatayev, 
Locomotive, Hurry Along (a) (1932), with Zinaida Brumberg, Nikolai Khodatayev
Happy Life (a) (1932), The Tale of Tsar Duranda (a) (1934), with Zinaida Brumberg, 
Ivan Ivanov-Vano, The Dragon Fly and the Ant (a) (1935), with Zinaida Brumberg, 
Ivan Ivanov-Vano, The Hare As Tailor (a) (1937), with Zinaida Brumberg, Little Red 

Riding Hood (a) (1937), with Zinaida Brumberg, Ivashko and Baba-Yaga (a) (1938), 
with Zinaida Brumberg, Puss in Boots (a) (1938), with Zinaida Brumberg, Journal 
for Political Satire Nr. 2 (a) (1941), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Tale of Tsar Sultan 
(a) (1943), with Zinaida Brumberg, Sinbad the Sailor (a) (1944), with Zinaida 
Brumberg, The Lost Message (a) (1945), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Tale of the 
Soldiers (a) (1948), with Zinaida Brumberg, Fedya Saizev (a) (1948), with Zinaida 
Brumberg, The Little Miracle Bell (a) (1949), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Girl in the 
Circus (a) (1950), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Night before Christmas (a) (1951), 
with Zinaida Brumberg, Trip to the Moon (a) (1953), with Zinaida Brumberg, The 
Island of Errors (a) (1955), with Zinaida Brumberg, Styopa the Sailor (a) (1955), 
with Zinaida Brumberg, The Rescue Crew (a) (1956), with Zinaida Brumberg, The 
Fulfilled Wish (a) (1957), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Secret of the Faraway Island 
(a) (1958), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Birthday (a) (1959), with Zinaida Brumberg, 
I Drew the Little Man (a) (1960), with Zinaida Brumberg, Great Troubles (a) (1961), 
with Zinaida Brumberg, Three Fat Men (a) (1963), with Zinaida Brumberg, The 
Brave Little Tailor (a) (1964), with Zinaida Brumberg, An Hour until the Meeting (a) 
(1965), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Evil Stepmother (a) (1966), with Zinaida 
Brumberg, The Little Time Machine (a) (1967), with Zinaida Brumberg, Puss in 
Boots (a) (1968), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Moody Princess (a) (1969), with 
Zinaida Brumberg, The Ghost of Canterville (a) (1970), with Zinaida Brumberg, Fire 
(a) (1971), with Zinaida Brumberg, The Magic Wand (a) (1972), with Zinaida 
Brumberg, Big New Troubles (a) (1973), with Zinaida Brumberg, From Bora to 
Sossenka (a) (1975), with Zinaida Brumberg.  
Brumberg, Zinaida, b. 1900 
(selected) You Give a Good Lavkom (a) (1927), with Valentina Brumberg, Nikolai 
Khodatayev, The Samoyedsky Youth (a) (1928), with Valentina Brumberg, Nilolai 
and O. Khodatayev, Spring Delivery (a) (1930), with Valentina Brumberg, Nilolai 
Khodatayev, The Car Driver (a) (1931), with Valentina Brumberg, Nilolai 
Khodatayev, The Flea (a) (1931), Locomotive, Hurry Along (a) (1932), with 
Valentina Brumberg, Nikolai Khodatayev, The Tale of Tsar Duranda (a) (1934), with 
Valentina Brumberg, Ivan Ivanov-Vano, The Dragon Fly and the Ant (a) (1935), with 
Valentina Brumberg, Ivan Ivanov-Vano, The Hare As Tailor (a) (1937), with 
Valentina Brumberg, Little Red Riding Hood (a) (1937), with Valentina Brumberg, 
Ivashko and Baba-Yaga (a) (1938), with Valentina Brumberg, Puss in Boots (a) 
(1938), with Valentina Brumberg, Journal for Political Satire Nr. 2 (a) (1941), with 
Valentina Brumberg, The Tale of Tsar Sultan (a) (1943), with Valentina Brumberg, 
Sinbad the Sailor (a) (1944), with Valentina Brumberg, The Lost Message (a) (1945), 
with Valentina Brumberg, The Tale of the Soldiers (a) (1948), with Valentina 
Brumberg, Fedya Saizev (a) (1948), with Valentina Brumberg, The Little Miracle 
Bell (a) (1949), with Valentina Brumberg, The Girl in the Circus (a) (1950), with 
Valentina Brumberg, The Night before Christmas (a) (1951), with Valentina 
Brumberg, Trip to the Moon (a) (1953), with Valentina Brumberg, The Island of 
Errors (a) (1955), with Valentina Brumberg, Styopa the Sailor (a) (1955), with 
Valentina Brumberg, The Rescue Crew (a) (1956), with Valentina Brumberg, The 
Fulfilled Wish (a) (1957), with Valentina Brumberg, The Secret of the Faraway 

Island (a) (1958), with Valentina Brumberg, The Birthday (a) (1959), with Valentina 
Brumberg, I Drew the Little Man (a) (1960), with Valentina Brumberg, Great 
Troubles (a) (1961), with Valentina Brumberg, Three Fat Men (a) (1963), with 
Valentina Brumberg, The Brave Little Tailor (a) (1964), with Valentina Brumberg, 
An Hour until the Meeting (a) (1965), with Valentina Brumberg, The Evil Stepmother 
(a) (1966), with Valentina Brumberg, The Little Time Machine (a) (1967), with 
Valentina Brumberg, Puss in Boots (a) (1968), with Valentina Brumberg, The Moody 
Princess (a) (1969), with Valentina Brumberg, The Ghost of Canterville (a) (1970), 
with Valentina Brumberg, Fire (a) (1971), with Valentina Brumberg, The Magic 
Wand (a) (1972), with Valentina Brumberg, Big New Troubles (a) (1973), with 
Valentina Brumberg, From Bora to Sossenka (a) (1975), with Valentina Brumberg.  
Bruneyev, Boris, b. 
(selected) Way of Glory (f) (1947), with Anatoly Rybakov and Mikhail Shvejcer.  
Budilovich, V., b. 
(selected) The Road to Victory (d) (1933), with A. Pevsner. 
Bugayev, V., b. 
(selected) Story of the Green Square (d) (1953), with Marina Tavrog, Y. Kusis, A. 
Ushakov, K. Burkovsky. 
Bulando, Sergei, b. 
(selected) My Friend Is a Fan (d) (2001). 
Bulgakova, Anna, b. 
(selected) Mark-Shrut (d) (2001). 
Buneyev, Boris, b. 1921 
(selected) On the Steppe (f) (1951), For the Power of the Soviets (f) (1958), Ten 
Thousand Boys (f) (1961), with I. Okada, The Old House (f) (1969), The Little Farm 
in the Steppe (f) (1970), The Last Meeting (f) (1974), Duck Village, A Tale (f) (1976), 
Above All Else (f) (1987). 
Burduli, M., b. 
(selected) Flowers from the Netherlands (s) (2000). 
Burkovsky, K., b. 
(selected) Story of the Green Square (d) (1953), with Marina Tavrog, V. Bugayev, Y. 
Kusis, A. Ushakov. 
Burlayev, Nikolai, b. 1946 
(selected) Lermontov (f) (1986). 
Bushkin, Alexander, 1896-1929 

(selected) W.C. (a) 1924), Soviet Toy (a) 1924), Humoresque (a) 1924), The Second 
International in the Trap (a) 1924), German Business and Little Business (a) 1924), 
The Story of a Disappointment (a) 1924), That’s What We’re Dreaming About (a) 
1924), Incident in Tokyo (a) (1924), The Secret Ring, or The Fatal Secret (a) 1924), 
MacDonald’s Career (a) 1925), Damian’s Delirium (a) 1925), What Workers and 
Peasants in the USSR Must Know (a) 1928). 
Bushmelev, Boris, b. 1937 
(selected) Sufferings of Young Gerkulesov (s) (1972), Zudov, Are You Fired! (f) 
(1983), Our American Borya (f) (1992). 
Buslov, Peter, b. 
(selected) The Hard Work of Old Moyras (s) (2000). 
Bykov, Rolan, 1929-1998 
(selected) Seven Nursemaids and No Baby (f) (1962), The Lost Summer (f) (1963), 
with Nikita Orlov, Dr. Aibolit , ’66 (f) (1966), Take Care of the Turtle (f) (1970), The 
Telegram (f) (1973), A Car, a Violin and the Dog “Ink-Spot” (f,tv) (1977), The Nose 
(f,tv) (1977), The Wedding Present (f) (1982), with Rezo Esadze and Alexander 
Igishev, Weirdo (f) (1983). 
Chaikovsky, Boris, b. 
(selected) A Living Corpse (s) (1911), with Konstantin Kuznetsov, Ward No. 6 (s) 
(1912), Runaway (f) (1919), with Alexander Anoshchenko. 
Chargonin, Alexander, b. 
(selected) Sonka the Golden Hand (f,serial) (1914), with Vladimir Kasyanov and 
Yury Yurevsky, In the Whirlwind of Revolution (f) (1922). 
Charyeva, Maral, b. 
(selected) A Man in a Desert (a) (2000). 
Cherbotarev (Chebotaryov), Vladimir, b. 1921 
(selected) The Amphibious Man (f) (1961), with A. Kazansky, How Should I Call You 
Now? (f) (1965), Wild Honey (f) (1966), Collapse (f) (1968), The Price of Fast 
Seconds (f) (1971), Maria’s Diamonds (f) (1975), The Right of First Signature (f) 
(1978), A Shot in the Back (f) (1980), A Ring from Amsterdam (f) (1981), Alarming 
Flight, or A Critical Flight (f) (1983), Battalions Are Asking for Fire (f,tv) (1985), 
with A. Bogolyubov, Unknown Pages from the Life of a Secret Agent (f) (1990), Why 
Does an Honest Man Need an Alibi? (f) (1993). 
Cherenkov, Yury, b. 
(selected) The Grand Migration (a) (Russia/France, 1995). 
Cherkasova, Miliana, b. 
(selected) The Golden Mist (f) (1993). 

Cherkasova, Oksana, b. 
(selected) Kuth and Mice (a) (1986), Wingless Gosling (a) (1988), An Affair of the 
Past (a) (1990), The Cookoo’s Nephew (a) (1993), Nyura’s Bath (a) (1995), Meetings 
with Pushkin, or Yours, Pushkin (a) (1999). 
Cherkes, Daniil, 1899-19?? 
(selected) Senka the African (a) (1927), with Ivan Ivanov-Vano and Yury Merkulov, 
Münchhausen’s Adventures (a) (1929), Agitki on May First (a) (1929), The Bookshelf 
(a) (1929), Cooperation on the Rails (a) (1930). 
Chernyshova, O., b. 
(selected) To Live Or (s) (2000). 
Chevazhevsky, Y., b. 
(selected) Cellular TV (a) (1999), Invite-Cola (a) (1999). 
Chibisova, Anna, b. 
(selected) Grandfather (s) (2002). 
Chikov, Valery. b. 
(selected) Red Wagon Train (f) (1989), Russian Roulette (f) (1990), About the 
Businessman Phoma (f) (1993), Don’t Pull My Legs (f) (1997). 
Chivikova, Tatyana, b. 
(selected) A Strict Sensory Deprivation (s) (1979), He (s) (1980), Waves, Waves, 
Waves (s) (1982), Just Light (s) (1986), Moskovskaya (s) (1988), The Fruits of 
Desire, or Catching Lizards on Mount Ararat (s) (1988), But They Didn’t Understand 
What He Said (s) (1989), Perlimplin (f) (1991). 
Chubakova, Tatyana, b. 
(selected) Return (d) (1987). 
Chuikova, Maria, b. 
(selected) A Housewife Reading (s) (1999), Peelings (s) (2001), with Nina Kotel, 
Sergei Zagny. 
Chukhrai, Grigory, 1921-2001 
(selected) Nazar Stodolya (f) (1954), with Viktor Ivchenko, The Forty-First (f) 
1956), Ballad of a Soldier (f) (1959), Clear Skies (f) (1961), There Lived an Old Man 
and an Old Woman (f) (1964), Memory (d) (1970), An Untypical Story (1977), Life Is 
Wonderful (f) (USSR/Italy, 1980), I Shall Teach You Daydreaming (f) (1984), with 
Yury Shvyrev. 
Chukhrai, Pavel, b. 1946 

(selected) Freedom to Those Who Are Free (s) (1974), Do Remember Sometimes (f) 
(1978), People in the Ocean (f) (1980), Canary Cage (f) (1983), Zina-Zinulya (f) 
(1985), Remember Me As I Am (f) (1988), The Key (f) (Russia/France, 1992), The 
Thief (f) (Russia/France, 1996), Children from the Abyss (d) (Russia/USA, 2001). 
Chulyukin, Yury, b. 
(selected) The Incorrigibles (f) (1959), The Girls (f) (1962). 
Churikov, N., b. 
(selected) “… plus Electrification …” (d) (1960), The Magic Flame (d) (1962). 
Churyukanov, Y., b. 
(selected) King’s Return (d) (2000). 
Chutko, V., b. 
(selected) The Reserve Side of the Earth (d) (2000), with S. Karandashov. 
Chuvailova, Marina, b. 
(selected) My Fair Lady (d) (2000). 
Curcumiya, Roman, b. 
(selected) Waiter with a Golden Tray (f) (1992). 
Cyplakova, Elena, b. 
 (selected) Mr. Running Away (s) (1988), The Reed Paradise (f) (1991), I Place My 
Trust in You (f) (Russia/Byelorussia, 1992). 
Danelia, Nikolai, 1959-1985 
(selected) Hey, Semyonov! (s) (1985). 
Danelia-Yurkova, Galina, b. 
(selected) The Frenchman (f) (1990), Creature of God, or Cherchez la Femme (f) 
Danilevich, Vladimir, b. 
(selected) Meeting in the Fall (a) (1993), with Ekaterina Mikhailova. 
Danilov, Lev, b. 
(selected) The Disciplinarians (d) (1990). 
Degtyaryov, Vladimir, 1916-1974 
(selected) The Brave Tank Gun (a) (1953), The Voracious Beard (p) (1954), The 
Stubborn Dough (p) (1955), The Ugly Duckling (p) (1956), The Magic Spring (p) 
(1956), The Tale of Snow White (p) (1957), The Warm-Hearted Beauty (p) (1958), 
We’re Going with the Sun (p) (1958), A Soldier Returns Home (p) (1959), Too Much 
Good (p) (1959), The End of Darkness (p) (1960), Who’s the Strongest? (p) (1961), 

Who Said “Miau”? (p) (1962), Our Pencil (p) (1963), The Tale of the Old Cedar (p) 
(1963), Who’s Driving to the Exhibition? (p) (1964), The Warm-Hearted Nikitich (p) 
(1965), When Will I Grow Up? (p) (1966), Timoschkin’s Christmas Tree (p) (1966), 
The Little Locomotive from Romashkov (p) (1967), The Kid That Counted to Ten (p) 
(1968), Snow White (p) (1969), The Sunflower Seed (p) (1969), A Sweet Tale (p) 
(1970), How the Ass Sought His Happiness (p) (1971), A New Year’s Tale (p) (1972), 
The Magic Lamp (p) (1973), Guests by the Dwarfs (p) (1975).  
Demert, V., b. 
(selected) The Double (f) (1916). 
Demin, Alexei, b. 
(selected) The Fifth Leg (a) (1992), Attraction (a) (1995), The Father (a) (1998), Cats 
in the Rain (a) (2001). 
Derevyansky, Semyon, b. 
(selected) Mordva Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (d) (1951), with Josif 
Detkina, Tatyana (Tanya), b. 
(selected) Bats (s) (1995), with Alexander Nikolayev, Desert (s) (2000), To Sit in the 
Wardrobe (s) (2001). 
Didenko, Tatyana, b. 
(selected) Silence 9 (s) (1992-96). 
Dikkert, G., b. 
(selected) Clouds (d) (2000), with E. Ovsharova, Two Equators (d) (2001), with E. 
Dineyev, Mikhail, b. 
(selected) Zero-Zero of the Whole (s) (2002). 
Dobrov, Alexei, b. 
(selected) Camouflage (s) (1997), with Daniil Lebedev, Valery Patkonen, Mute (s) 
(1998), with Daniil Lebedev. 
Dobrov, V., b. 
(selected) Butterfly’s Flight (s) (2000). 
Dobrovolsky, Andrei, b. 1950 
(selected) Our Battalion Commander (f) (1985), The Ford (f) (1988), with G. 
Dultsev, Sphinx (f) (1990), Presence (f) (1992). 
Docenko, Viktor, b. 
(selected) Destroy at Thirty! (f) (Russia/Syria, 1992). 

Dolin, Boris, b. 1903 
(selected) Law of the Great Love (d) (1944), Looking at Wild Animals (d) (1947), 
Story of a Ring (d) (1948), Man on the Trail (d) (1951), Defended by Birds (d) 
(1953), The Mischievous Robber (d) (1956), The Faithful Heart (d) (1958), The 
Surprising Hunt (d) (1960), The Blind Bird (d) (1962), More Amazing Than a Fairy 
Tale (d) (1963), A Wonderful Story (d) (1966). 
Doller, Mikhail, b. 
(selected) Hey, Yablocko (f) (1926, banned), with Leonid Obolensky, Minin and 
Pozharsky (f) (1939), with Vsevolod Pudovkin, Suvorov, or General Suvorov (f) 
(1941), with Vsevolod Pudovkin, Women of the Air Force - Feast at Zhirmunka (s) in 
omnibus film Fighting Film Album (f) (1941), with Vsevolod Pudovkin.  
Dolmatovskaya, Galina, b. 
(selected) Come to Trekhprudny Lane (d) (1992), The Matchmaker (1993), Flying 
Far Away (1995), Cinema Address: Krasnogorsk (1996), Ivan Mosjoukine, or The 
Carnival Child (d) (1999), The Watch (d) (2001), The Woman on the Mausoleum (d) 
Dombrovsky, K., b. 
(selected) Mankind and the Atom (d) (1965). 
Dostal, Nikolai, b. 1946 
(selected) Forecast for a Cold Snap and Snow (s) (1982), A Man with an Accordion 
(f) (1985), Shura and Prosvirnyak (f) (1988), I’m All Right (f) (1989), The Heaven 
Cloud (f) (1991), Little Giant, Big Sex (f) (1992), Little Devil, or Petty Devil (f) 
(1995), Citizen Chief (tv serial) (2001). 

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