Being a second year international transfer student from Pakistan, better equips me with

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Being a second year international transfer 

student from Pakistan, better equips me with 

understanding and relating to issues/concerns 

of the international student community at SOAS. 

I think it’s fundamental that the international 

officer should have ‘walked in the same shoes’ 

as those he/she is representing, as this is the 

only way to provide effective representation.

Furthermore, in the past throughout my 

academic life I have demonstrated that I’m 

confident, posses the natural ability to lead and 

to give a voice to the unrepresented through 

being in positions in which I was required to do 

so. So, it’s vital that an officer has delivered in 

the past and I will continue delivering. 

Despite being in such an amazing city, there are times where we need emotional 

support. A mixture of being home sick, work load and adjusting to a new place can be 

extremely difficult especially when you’re from another country. Therefore, I hope to liaise 

with more students who need that support and encourage students to make use of 

emotional help. At times it may feel like you are alone, however this shouldn't be the 


We’re stronger and better with diversity. With SOAS being a melting pot for different 

cultures, ethnicities & races, this should be celebrated and embraced in and around 

SOAS. Therefore, international students should feel more welcome into joining socials

societies and events. This way we learn from each other and  accept one another. 

Therefore, I aim to make sure events are catering for everyone i.e. Christmas dinner but 

with a dish from each country. 

Despite a variety of societies that cater for different groups and interests, I strongly 

believe in hosting more targeted events at specific groups. For example some 

international students do not drink, due to this many miss out on some form of nightlife. 

Therefore, I would host alcohol free nights as some people just want to enjoy the music 

and surroundings.  

Some international students do not know how to fully express their concerns or believe 

their is no efficient way to do so. Therefore, I aim to be more pro-active in identifying and 

rectifying problems. Why should students have to come to us, when we can go to them? 

Therefore, I intend on holding drop-in sessions as well as going around on campus and 

discussing with students face to face.



wHY ME? 

What do i plan on doing?

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