Biosolids a piece of the Sustainability Pie

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Sustainability Trifecta

Kent Madison

What is Trifecta?????????

  • 1. North America bet on first 3 in race: a bet, especially on a horserace, that involves selecting the competitors that will come in the first three places in the correct order

  • 2. set of three: a series or set of three things, factors, or influences

  • a trifecta of political losers

What are the three things that have made Biosolids a piece of the Sustainability Pie at Madison Farms ?

First Location, Location, Location


Carbon sequestered in range grass

Total carbon sequestered

O2 release on Madison Farms


Canola for Biodiesel Production and Increased Wheat Production

Biosolids to Biodiesel


Pump and manifold

Branding to a Specific Consumer

  • Providing a stable priced carbon neutral fuel.

  • Growing canola on fields fertilized by biosolids

  • Crushing that canola into oil and producing biodiesel to fuel the trucks that deliver the biosolids to the farm.

  • Supplying raw oil to SeQuential to produce biodiesel for the city fleets.

Other renewable systems

Land application of reuse water

The Biosolids Trifecta Provides Food, Fuel and Fiber While Still Providing for Nature

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