Bradenton Beach Scenic Highway Corridor Management Plan

Public Meetings and Opportunities for Public Input

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Public Meetings and Opportunities for Public Input 
Community Participation Survey 
To begin collecting comments and information from the public regarding the Bradenton Beach 
Scenic Highway, a participation survey that was distributed as part of the newsletter announcing the 
upcoming public workshop.  The following questions were included on the survey: 
In what ways do you feel the scenic highway designation will affect you or your business?  
How do you believe safety improvements would affect you or your business? 

Community Participation Program 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 36 
What kind of improvements along the Bradenton Beach Scenic Highway would you like to see?  
(check the following) 
Information Kiosks 
Improvements to Historic Areas 
Increase Access to Natural Areas 
Pedestrian Walkways 
Signage Improvements 
More Recreational Opportunities 
Better Parking Facilities 
Enhanced Landscaping 
Bicycle Facilities 
Please list any other improvements 
Public Workshop 
A public workshop was held to disseminate information and collect feedback on the concerns, needs 
and priorities of residents regarding the potential improvements, maintenance and management of 
the scenic highway corridor.  The meeting included presentations as well as group exercises to 
collect information. 
The workshop was held on April 3, 2000, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the Bradenton Beach City Hall.  
The workshop team included planning consultants, the Corridor Advocacy Group and Florida 
Department of Transportation staff.  Approximately 32 people attended the evening workshop.  The 
following list includes those participants that signed in. 
Name Business/Group 
Geni Mohr 
Sandpiper Mobile 
Bette Kissick 
Jim Kissick 
Marcel and Marge Voz 
Mary Ellen Mavrer 
Pat Wilson 
Dawn Baker 
City of Bradenton Beach 
Bernetta Kays 
City of Bradenton Beach 
Greg Fagan 
Parks & Recreation 
George E. Mendez 
Judy Giovanelli 
Sand Pebble 
Susan King 
John Chappie 
City of Bradenton Beach 
Bobby Crawford 
Paul Roat 
The Islander 
Bev Rodojisies 
Marge Malin 
Bob Malin 
Jake Radojcsics 

Community Participation Program 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 37 
Kathy Aumiller 
Greg Watkins 
Kim Warren 
Chuck Lovell 
Emily Ann Smith 
Fawn Ker 
Connie Drescher 
Russell Moore 
Susan Kehne 
Harry Brown 
Bryan Williams 
Henry Drescher 
Nathan Silva 
Glatting Jackson 
Gary Warner  
Glatting Jackson 
Kerri Cahill 
Glatting Jackson 
Jay Hood 
Glatting Jackson 
Karen Campblin 
Glatting Jackson 
Public Workshop Agenda
1. Presentation 
“What is the Florida Scenic Highway Program” 
2. Work 
Ranking Improvement Categories 
Existing Conditions Comments 
Visual Preference Survey 
Master Planning/Character Sketches 
3. Wrap-Up 
Public Workshop Summary 
The meeting was convened by Chairperson John Chappie.  It began with a presentation that covered 
the following issues: 
What is the Florida Scenic Highway Program? 
What are the benefits for the community for designating Gulf Drive as a Florida Scenic Highway? 
What are some of the improvements that may be initiated with the grant funding? 
What is the planning process for the Scenic Highway Program? 
Who will develop the Corridor Management Plan? 
Who is in the Corridor Advocacy Group? 
How can I have input into the Scenic Highway planning process? 
Area residents and business owners were then given the opportunity to ask the consulting team and 
attending CAG representatives questions concerning the Scenic Highway Designation and how it 

Community Participation Program 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 38 
will affect their community.  Attendees were assured the designation will assist the City when 
applying for and qualifying for grant funds or other funding opportunities to accomplish planned 
improvements while preserving the “Old Florida” style found throughout the City.   
The second half of the meeting allowed meeting attendees to visit four workstations and provide a 
variety of input regarding needs and preferences for improvements along the corridor.  The 
workstations included an area for existing conditions comments, ranking improvement categories, 
visual preference survey, and character sketches.   
The existing conditions station had several boards of pictures that depicted the existing conditions of 
the corridor including signage, landscaping, pedestrian facilities, natural areas and general 
architectural style.  A comment form was provided at this station to collect information on the 
public’s views towards the proposed scenic highway designation and ideas for improvements based 
on the corridor’s existing conditions.  The comment form also allowed participants to add additional 
names to the scenic highway mailing list. 
The following list summarizes the information collected on the comment form:   
•  Crosswalks should be # 1 priority and then bike/walking trail. 
•  Important to keep the “Old Florida” look in some auxiliary building. 
•  We are the only island city with a downtown.  This needs to be preserved as the quaint historic 
area it is.  Remember, lots of other “new” communities are trying to emulate what we have (i.e. 
•  Less signs – more consistency among them. 
•  Landscape and repair the bus stops – we are the only city that owns our own bus benches we 
can do what we want. 
•  Bikes – Longboat key bike paths on road shoulders in good (4’). 
•  Bikes – along beach from LBK to 3
 Street, a combined 8’-10’ pedestrian and bike path could 
be good.  Saw one like this on Sarpan – very effective. 
•  Sidewalks with curbs when feasible would be safe and effective. 
•  Many current sidewalks are under water with any rain. 
•  Architecture – don’t want the place to look “Key Westy” with too much “fru fru’. 
•  Signs need to be fewer, smaller and consistent. 
•  Since Gulf Drive is so narrow in spots, you can put the bike/walking path in the sand on the 
•  Pedestrian/bicycle friendly roads are necessary particularly since the traffic is going to increase 
and is likely to increase even more because of this project. 
•  Emily Smith has done a beautiful job tying architectural styles together.  Maybe we should use 
her bench design for the bus stops. 
•  Raise pedestrian crosswalks (once we have them). 
•  Gridlock must continue to receive real expert attention. 
•  We have too many signs. When the bike lanes come and the scenic highway designation comes 
that will be two more signs. 

Community Participation Program 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 39 
The station for ranking improvements categories allowed participants to pick their top three 
priorities regarding improvements for the corridor.  The improvements were grouped into the 
following categories: 
•  More Educational Opportunities (informational kiosks, nature/historic museum, historic 
•  More Recreational Opportunities (additional boat ramps, improve groins for fishing) 
•  Cultural Facilities (performing arts pavilion) 
•  Better Parking Facilities (one way parking at Cortez Beach, parallel parking on Gulf Drive, 
redesign street ends for parking) 
•  Drainage Improvements (curb and gutter) 
•  Natural Resource Management (replace Australian Pines with native shade trees, dune 
restoration, water quality monitoring) 
•  Streetscape Improvements (site furniture, consistent signage and lighting, specialty paving, 
•  Traffic safety Improvements (signals, sidewalks, bicycle lanes/paths, crosswalks, curbs) 
Based on the input received at the workshop, the top five improvement categories included: 
1.  Traffic Safety Improvements 
2. Streetscape 
3. Drainage 
4.  Natural Resource Management 
5. Cultural 
It is important to note that the improvement category board was left at City Hall after the public 
workshop for additional review by the public.  The input received after the public workshop 
generally supported the results from the public workshop.  However, the cultural facilities category 
received a substantial amount of additional votes, ranking it as the third priority for improvements.  
The visual preference survey consisted of three boards of pictures grouped into the improvement 
categories listed above.  The pictures included shots from Bradenton Beach, surrounding areas and 
other parts of Florida.  Participants were asked to choose the one photo from each category that they 
preferred.  The following photos are the pictures that received the greatest number of votes in each 
Signing Identification 

Community Participation Program 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 40 
Street Lighting 
Site Furnishings 
Architectural Style 
Civic Facilities 
Road Edge 
Natural Areas 

Community Participation Program 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 41 
The character sketches station allowed participants to work with a landscape architect and provide 
design and style ideas for some of the recommended improvements along the corridor.  Discussions 
focused on ideas for site furnishings, civic facilities, architectural style and signing.   
The information collected at the workstations and from the survey was summarized and reviewed by 
the Corridor Advocacy Group and local officials.  The information was then used to develop the 
concepts and recommended improvements illustrated on the Conceptual Master Plan.  In addition to 
identifying improvements and developing ideas for the Conceptual Master Plan, the CAG considered 
the requirements for marketing and promotion of the Scenic Highway. 
Marketing and Promotion 
One of the first steps in the marketing and promotion of the scenic highway is to build awareness, 
including activities that stir interest in an area’s history, culture, and/or natural resources.  Members 
of the Corridor Advocacy Group discussed opportunities and techniques to promote awareness of the 
scenic highway.  The following is a list of characteristics that were developed to guide the 
promotional activities: 
•  Scenic vistas 
•  Environmental ecosystems and their function 
•  Native wildlife  
•  Historic architecture depicting the “Old Florida Charm” 
•  Local businesses and amenities 
•  Recreation opportunities directly along the corridor 
•  Pedestrian friendly atmosphere 
To promote the Bradenton Beach Scenic Highway and emphasize the characteristics listed above, 
the following techniques were suggested: 
•  Printed brochure that includes a map and points of interest along the scenic highway. 
•  Videotape promoting the Scenic Highway that could be distributed to the library and schools. 
•  Internet/Web Page promoting the Scenic Highway and recreation opportunities and local 
amenities available to visitors. 
•  Visitor Center (housed within the proposed environmental education/historic museum) that 
would provide information for the scenic highway as well as the entire City.  Materials available 
would include information on the history and natural resources of the area, as well as recreation 
opportunities and other local amenities for visitors. 
•  Festivals and Special Events – printed materials provided at booths that can be displayed.  Also, 
a special event held in the City that commemorates the scenic highway and highlights the 
resources of the area. 
The CAG has agreed that the printed brochure is the most effective technique in promoting 
awareness of the Scenic Highway and should be undertaken as soon as possible. 

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 42
Conceptual Master Plan 
As a result of the opportunities and constraints analysis, implementation of the community 
participation program and the extensive input and guidance from the Citizens Advisory Group, a 
Conceptual Master Plan for the Bradenton Beach Scenic Highway has been developed.  The Master 
Plan identifies improvements for the corridor, provides examples of design styles for the 
improvements, and identifies potential locations for the improvements.  The sketches and 
photographs contained in this section are conceptual in nature and not intended for design 
The improvements identified in the Conceptual Master Plan are based on the goals established for 
the Gulf Drive Scenic Highway.  All future improvements and implementation efforts should be 
conducted in a manner consistent with these goals: 
Goal 1 – Bradenton Beach will be aesthetically enhanced and more pedestrian friendly. 
Goal 2 – The natural, cultural and historic resources along the Bradenton Beach Scenic Highway 
will be preserved and enhanced. 
Goal 3 – Educate visitors and residents regarding the unique resources of the corridor. 
Goal 4 – The programs and improvements related to the Scenic Highway will be community driven. 
Goal 5- A balanced economic development program shall be maintained for the corridor. 
To better understand the intent of the proposed improvements, the corridor has been separated into 
three sections.  The three sections are based on the character differences of the corridor as a result of 
variations in land uses.  The corridor sections from north to south include: 
North Section – North City limit to 17
 Street North 
Central Section – 17
 Street North to 13
 Street South 
South Section – 13
 Street South to South City Limit 

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 43
North Section  
From the City of Holmes Beach and Bradenton Beach boundaries to 17
 Street North, the corridor is 
predominately characterized by residential units on both sides of the roadway.  The units are a 
mixture of modern condominiums and hotels with beach bungalows, providing a diverse variety of 
permanent and temporary housing for residents and visitors.  The units to the west side of the 
corridor are relatively low in height, with interspersed open space, so the view to the Gulf is 
moderately visible.  Some commercial development, including a convenience store and restaurants, 
are interspersed between the residential units throughout this section.  Some development is 
occurring in this area, and the architectural style of the new buildings is consistent with the “Old 
Florida” style already existing along the corridor.   
Improvements recommended for this section is highlighted on the following section of the 
Conceptual Master Plan and should be consistent with the desired “Old Florida” style.  In order to 
achieve a uniform and scenic corridor, landscaping with native plants and a continuous pedestrian 
and bicycle system is proposed for the entire length of the corridor.  A further description of all the 
proposed improvements for the entire corridor is included at the end of this section. 
Since this section of the corridor provides a linkage between Holmes Beach and Bradenton Beach, 
an enhanced gateway should be constructed at the terminus of the northern city limits.  An 
information kiosk should be strategically located along the this section to provide information 
Conceptual Typical Section  

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 44
regarding the area’s history, community events or educational information of the area’s fragile 
ecosystem.  It is highly suggested that this facility should be a simple information display. 
The northern corridor is one of the areas most in need of more pedestrian facilities.  An additional 
bicycle route, which would connect to the existing secondary bicycle route, is also proposed.  This 
route would connect to Herb Dolan Park and travel a portion of the bayside of the Island.  Enhancing 
existing street ends in this section would prove beneficial to increase pedestrian/bicycle safety.  
Enhancement efforts could include adding shelters; shade trees and trash/recycle drop off bins.

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 45
Insert North Section Conceptual Master Plan 

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 46
 Central Section  
From 17
 Street North to 13
 Street South, the corridor is predominately residential and commercial 
on the eastern side of the roadway, with large open spaces to the west.  The extensive amount of 
open space to the west preserves the incredible gulf views for travelers along the scenic highway.  
This portion of the corridor has an extensive amount of private beach access, serving the rental 
housing adjacent on the eastern edge of the roadway.  Private beach facilities, such as shelters, dune 
walkovers, tables and chairs and rental recreational equipment are available for visitors. 
In addition to residential land uses, Bradenton Beach’s popular downtown business district, the 
Historic Bridge Street Area, is located within the corridor.  This area is formed by Gulf Drive, 
Bridge Street, 1
 Street North and 3
 Street South and is comprised of many local shops and 
restaurants, along with the restored Bridge Street Pier and Clock tower. 
The majority of the commercial activities are locally operated and the style of the buildings is 
reminiscent of the “Old Florida” charm that defines the corridor.  A new addition to this portion of 
the corridor includes The Villages, a mixed-use development with shopping and residential uses.  It 
will be located on the eastern side of the roadway, on the north side of Bridge Street.  The new 
shopping complex will be pedestrian oriented, with local shops and cafes enhancing the existing 
Conceptual Typical Section  

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 47
commercial activities occurring on Bridge Street.  Also along this portion of the corridor are the 
majority of public facilities for the City including City Hall, the Tingley library, and the fire station.   
As identified on the following Conceptual Master Plan section, the major improvements for this 
portion of the corridor includes the following recommendations.  Noting that this section of the 
corridor is a popular recreational and commercial area, it is highly recommended that pedestrian 
safety systems be implemented.  These safety improvements could include the installation of a 
pedestrian crosswalk located at the Cortez Road/Gulf Drive intersection.  Additionally, to further 
reduce pedestrian/automobile conflicts and improve parking opportunities, especially around Cortez 
Beach, a comprehensive parking study should be conducted.   
Another enhanced gateway at the intersection of Cortez Road and Gulf Drive should be erected to 
announce to travelers that they are about to enter a unique and historic area.  To enhance the safety 
and enjoyment for beachgoers lifeguard stations and playground areas should be strategically added 
at various location points along Cortez Beach.  Additionally, in conjunction with the beach 
restoration project an initiative to enhance the existing groins and the construction of additional dune 
walkovers should be implemented for beach preservation and recreational opportunities. 
Also proposed for this section is the construction of an information kiosk. However, since facility is 
centrally located it should be designed as a visitor center and will provide information about the 
area’s recreational opportunities, community events, brochures, maps, an audio/video tour of the 
corridor and historic information. 
Landscaping, sidewalks, and bicycle lanes are proposed for the entire length of the corridor.  A 
further description of all the proposed improvements for the entire corridor is included at the end of 
this section. 
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