Bradenton Beach Scenic Highway Corridor Management Plan

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Corridor Management Plan 
Page 48
Insert Central Section Conceptual Master Plan 

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 49
South Section 
In the most southern portion of the corridor, from 13
 Street South to the bridge to Longboat Key, 
the majority of the land on both sides of the roadway is in public ownership.  Cortez Beach and 
Coquina Beach are on the gulf side of the corridor, while Leffis Key is on the bay side.  This portion 
of the corridor is most scenic with respect to viewing the natural resources of the area.  In addition, 
this portion of the corridor provides the majority of the City’s recreation opportunities for both 
residents and visitors.   
Travelers along the scenic highway can easily explore the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay.  
Coquina Beach and Cortez Beach provide parking, restrooms, picnic tables and other public 
amenities for beachgoers.  On the bay side, visitors can explore the National Estuary and associated 
wildlife and marine vegetation by walking along the Coquina Baywalk at Leffis Key.  Parking, a 
boardwalk through the mangroves and salt marsh, and interpretive signage are available to visitors.  
In addition a boat ramp and picnicking facilities are available on the eastern side of the roadway, 
providing recreational access to the Bay. 
The gulf side of this portion of the corridor is heavily vegetated with exotic plant species including 
Brazilian pepper (schinus tere), punk tree (Melaleuca leucodendron) and most notably, Austrialian 
pine (Casuarina spp.).  These species have encroached on the native flora of the beach system.  
These species lack valuable erosion-controlling root systems, prevent the undergrowth of native 
Conceptual Typical Section  

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 50
vegetation and are easily disturbed during storm events.  However, these plants provide shade and 
some aesthetic value in the recreation areas.  
Most of the improvements for the southern section of the corridor focus on enhancing the recreation 
and environmental education opportunities available to residents and visitors.  Major improvements 
include the addition of an environmental education center, open-air performing arts pavilion, and an 
information kiosk.  An enhanced gateway is also proposed at the southern terminus of the City 
limits.  As previously noted, revegetation of the beach is recommended to enhance dune restoration, 
protect against storm damage, increase wildlife habitat and improve overall aesthetics. The bicycle 
facilities proposed for this portion of the corridor will travel along both the gulf side and bay-front of 
the city.  This proposed route would provide not only an aesthetically pleasing experience but also 
an educational journey for residents and visitors to enjoy.  A further description of all the proposed 
improvements for the entire corridor follows. 

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 51
Insert South Section Conceptual Master Plan 

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 52
Corridor Improvement Descriptions 
The following is a list of proposed improvements for the entire scenic highway corridor.  The 
sketches are intended to illustrate the general character and location of the improvements and are not 
intended for design purposes.   
There is significant pedestrian and bicycle activity along the corridor, so the lack of pedestrian and 
bicycle facilities is a safety concern.  During the peak tourist seasons, there is an almost continuous 
flow of pedestrian activity across the roadway, with residents and visitors walking and riding to and 
from the beach, restaurants, hotels, and shops.  The Department of Transportation has no record of a 
fatal traffic incident reported along the Scenic Highway during the four-year period from 1995-1998.  
However, conflicts with motorists and pedestrians have been observed in the past, so appropriate 
facilities for pedestrian activity are a high priority for City officials. 
Crosswalks at major intersections should have a coastal theme so they enhance the character of the 
corridor.  The City, State or both could fund the crosswalks, which would require minimal resources.  
Additionally, grant opportunities could be sought to assist with the development and maintenance of 
the crosswalks. 
Conceptual Crosswalk Improvements 
Conceptual Crosswalk Improvements  

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 53
Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements 
In addition to crosswalks, other pedestrian and bicycle improvements are recommended for the 
scenic highway to improve public safety and provide additional recreational opportunities.  A 
separated walkway and on-street bike lane are recommended for the entire length of the corridor.  
The bike path and walkway would be separated by landscaping, ropes, bollards and street lighting.  
The placement of the facilities and the type and amount of landscaping will be dependent on land 
uses adjacent to the corridor as well as available right of way.  State and federal grant opportunities 
could be sought to assist with funding the improvements. 
Conceptual Bicycle and Pedestrian Treatments 
Conceptual Bicycle and Pedestrian Treatments 

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 54
The City of Bradenton Beach is a special place with a unique story to tell. The purpose of the 
gateway is to announce to both residents and visitors that they have arrived in a historic and scenic 
place that is well preserved by its past and current inhabitants.  The gateways should be developed at 
the terminus of Cortez Road at Gulf Drive and the north and south boundaries of the City on Gulf 
Drive.  The gateways would be designed in a style that resembles the “Old Florida” character of the 
area.  A variety of grants, donations and fundraising opportunities could be investigated to assist 
with funding the gateway improvements. 
The character sketch demonstrates the potential design of the gateways.  The latticework found in 
the construction of the 13
 street boardwalk area should be duplicated for the gateway features.  In 
addition, coquina stone, which exists naturally throughout the Bradenton Beach area, is incorporated 
into the design.  The appearance of the coquina stone may vary with an influence from the 
surrounding landscape.  For example, the southern city limits area is more natural due to the public 
lands on both sides of the corridor.  The coquina stone base should remain as natural as possible to 
have a more rough/“natural” appearance.  In contrast, the northern city limits are developed with 
residential and commercial uses.  The stone should take on a more finished appearance in response 
to the more developed surroundings.   A grand cluster of “S” curved palms should be strategically 
planted to help frame the view into the Bradenton Beach City Limits.  
Conceptual Gateway Feature  

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 55
Improved Beach Access 
Several beach access points at street ends currently exist along the corridor.  These areas are used 
consistently by residents and tourists, especially during peak use periods when the public beach 
parks are filled.  To improve access to the beach and provide a more aesthetic feature along the 
corridor, some improvements to the street ends are recommended.  Organized parking, shelters, 
swings/benches and landscaping are proposed for these areas.  The style of the shelters should be 
consistent with the other proposed improvements. 
Conceptual Street and Beach Access  
Conceptual Street and Beach Access  

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 56
The scenic highway designation helps the City of Bradenton Beach redefine its identity based on its 
past history and future vision.  The public facilities and natural resources are a critical link in 
defining the City.  A Citywide sign and graphics program will provide directional assistance to 
residents and visitors for key public facilities, while strengthening and reinforcing a consistent 
identity.  In addition, the signage program will convey the relaxed, casual charm of this seaside 
community.  The elegant curves of the existing Bradenton Beach bench, were incorporated into the 
proposed design for the signage program.  A consistent font style is also recommended to further 
identify the City as a unique seaside community. 
Conceptual Wayfinding Designs

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 57
Corridor Landscaping 
As stated in the City’s Comprehensive Plan, “ landscaping would create an aesthetic quality which 
would render a more appealing view and offer aesthetic relief to residents and visitors. 
Beautification projects also help attract new customers, increasing the need for public/private 
partnerships.”  To create a warm, friendly and appealing place for all corridor travelers, whether 
pedestrians, bicyclists or motorists, corridor landscaping that helps define the character of the City is 
needed along the entire length of the scenic highway.  State and federal grants could be collected 
over time to help fund portions of the landscaping project.  In addition, the City’s regulations could 
require commercial land uses along the corridor to provide the landscaping improvements.  
Landscaping materials would include palm trees, canopy trees, ornamental trees, and ground cover 
and shrubs.  Palm trees would help develop a rhythm and theming along the corridor.  Canopy trees 
would be used for shade and enclose pedestrian areas.  Ornamental trees would be used for color and 
accent.  The ground cover and shrubs would provide a low maintenance, native landscape palette. 
Conceptual Landscaping Plan  

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 58
Bus Stop Shelter 
Bus stop shelters are recommended to increase use of alternative transportation and improve the 
aesthetic appearance of bus stops along the corridor.  The shelters should provide a sitting place for 
riders to safely and comfortably wait for transportation.  The shelters should include trash 
receptacles and newspaper bins.  The shelters should be developed with the same “Old Florida” style 
that identifies the other public facilities along the corridor.   
Conceptual Bus Shelters 

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 59
Lifeguard Towers 
To continue to provide visual symbols that help define the City’s sense of place, lifeguard stands 
designed according to the corridor’s architectural theme are recommended along the public beaches. 
The stands would supplement the wayfinding program by providing another visual icon for location 
identification, as well as serve their intended purpose as a public beach amenity.   
Conceptual Lifeguard Towers 

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 60
Open Air Performing Arts Center 
Another amenity that would enhance the corridor would be an open-air performing arts center that 
serves as the focal point for cultural performing activities as well as a significant gathering point for 
the community.  The performing arts center could house traveling performances as well as cater to 
local artists and performers.  The facility could be developed with assistance from grant programs 
and fundraising events.  The facility would be located along Coquina Beach in the existing parking 
area and be managed by the City of Bradenton Beach. 
Conceptual Open Air Performing Arts Center 

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 61
Environmental Education Center 
To interpret the corridor’s natural, historic and scenic resources, provide information on corridor 
highlights and generally describe the purpose of a scenic highway, a central location for information 
dissemination is needed along the corridor.  The environmental education center would provide a 
visitor center that houses exhibits, printed materials, and space for presentations that could serve 
visitors as well as residents.  Possible location of the environmental education center includes Leffis 
Key, north of the existing Baywalk; however, the exact location of the facility has not yet been 
determined. Funding from natural resource and environmental education grant programs should be 
sought for the construction of the facility.   
Conceptual Environmental Education Center 

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 62
Comprehensive Parking Study 
To better manage visitors and residents accessing the public beaches, Bridge Street and other 
commercial locations along the corridor, a comprehensive parking study is needed for the City.  The 
study would inventory existing parking opportunities, determine supply and demand for residential 
and commercial parking, project parking needs for future developments, and analyze conflicts for 
both existing and future parking areas.  The study would include strategies and recommendations for 
parking supply and layout.  The character sketch illustrates a potential configuration for parking, 
driving lanes and pedestrian facilities along Coquina Beach.   
Currently, portions of the scenic corridor become inundated with water during rainy seasons and the 
parking study should examine drainage issues identified in the 1996 drainage study to determine  
appropriate improvement concepts. 
Conceptual Parking Plan 

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 63
Improve Beach Groins 
In an effort to stabilize the beach and protect private and 
public infrastructure, the construction of seawalls, 
revetments and groins have been the primary response by 
local agencies.  The State Road Department built the 20 
semi-permeable groins on Coquina Beach in 1959.  The 
groins were 90 feet in length and were intended to protect 
the roadway infrastructure of State Road 789.  The groins 
are now subject to the dynamic coastal system of the Gulf 
of Mexico, resulting in severe damage to their stability.  It 
is recommended that the groins be improved to maintain 
their ability to protect the beach system.  In addition, some 
improvements could be made that would enhance the 
ability of the groins to serve as recreational amenities along 
the public beach.  These groins potentially could serve as 
fishing piers and wildlife observation points. 
The groins should be redeveloped in conjunction with the 
beach renourishment program that is being implemented by 
Manatee County.  The three semi-permeable groins would 
enhance the effectiveness of the renourishment efforts by 
assisting with protection of the newly developed dune line. 
Revegetation of Public Beaches 
The gulf side of this portion of the corridor is heavily vegetated with exotic plant species including 
Brazilian pepper (schinus tere), punk tree (Melaleuca leucodendron) and most notably, Austrialian 
pine (Casuarina spp.).  These species have encroached on the native flora of the beach system.  
These species lack valuable erosion-controlling root systems, prevent the undergrowth of native 
vegetation and are easily disturbed during storm events.  However, these plants provide shade and 
some aesthetic value in the recreation areas.  Gradual replacement of the exotic species with native 
vegetation would greatly enhance the protection of the dune system, provision of native coastal 
wildlife habitat and visual beauty.  Native vegetation would include sea oats, railroad vine, sea 
rocket and sea grapes. 
The dune revegetation efforts should be coordinated with the existing plans for Manatee County’s 
beach renourishment program.  A beach restoration project is proposed for 3.9 miles of beach from 
 Street South in Bradenton Beach to 77
 Street North in Holmes Beach.  The project will involve 
the addition of 1.5 million cubic yards of sand borrowed from an offshore sandbar that will create 
106 feet of dry width beach and a 50-foot wide berm at an elevation of 6.0+ msl.  Additional dune 
walkovers should be constructed for beach access after dune restoration begins to prevent 
unintentional human impacts.  A restored dune line will assist in beach stabilization, increasing 
recreational opportunities, preservation of native coastal habitats, protection of private property and 
the scenic highway infrastructure. 
Existing Beach Groins 

Conceptual Master Plan 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 64
Undergrounding of Utilities 
To further improve the aesthetic quality of corridor and protect the scenic vistas that are one of the 
corridor’s most prized resources, the overhead utility lines should be buried.  This improvement 
should be implemented in conjunction with the pedestrian and bicycle improvements to minimize 
the amount of disturbance to the local community and reduce any duplication of development work.  
The undergrounding of the utility lines should be coordinated with the local power agency and the 
City of Bradenton Beach. 
Information Kiosk/Visitor Center 
The information kiosk/visitor center will serve as a welcoming/information center for visitors and 
residents.  These facilities will provide the means to disseminate information about the area and the 
Scenic Corridor.  Maps, brochures, or announcements would be readily available to the public, and 
could be used by either private or public entities.  Funding for the facilities could be sought by 
private partnerships, donations, or education grant programs. 
Enforce Road Speed Limits 
Due to the pedestrian oriented nature of the City, the posted road speed along the corridor should be 
strictly monitored and enforced to improve public safety.  Enforcing the posted road speed in 
conjunction with the proposed pedestrian and bicycle facilities would allow motorists greater 
opportunity to be aware of pedestrians using the corridor.  Slowing motorists will increase reaction 
times and provide a calmer environment for pedestrians and bicyclists. 
The primary objective of the Conceptual Master Plan (CMP) was to provide alternative 
improvement concepts for various issues noted as a result of the opportunities and constraints 
analysis, while protecting the bountiful resources of Bradenton Beach.  The breathtaking views that 
can be seen while traversing SR 789, coupled with the historic and cultural resources of the area 
provide an exciting journey for residents and visitors.  

Funding & Promotion 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 65  
After developing the vision and goals for the Bradenton Beach Scenic Highway, it was 
important for the Citizen Advisory Group, local officials and City residents to consider 
how the improvements and maintenance strategies would be implemented.  Numerous 
opportunities exist for developing partnerships and raising funds through grant programs.  
In addition, promotion of the corridor as a scenic highway is an important element of the 
The following partners were identified to help fund and/or promote the Bradenton Beach 
Scenic Highway: 
•  City of Bradenton Beach  
•  Businesses and Residents of Bradenton Beach 
•  Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce 
•  Anna Maria Historical Society 
•  Manatee County 
•  Manatee Chamber of Commerce 
•  Sarasota/Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization 
•  City of Longboat Key 
•  City of Anna Maria 
•  City of Holmes Beach 
•  Florida Game and Fresh Water Commission 
•  Florida Department of Transportation 
•  Florida Department of Environmental Protection 
•  Florida Department of State – Bureau of Historic Preservation 
•  Southwest Florida Water Management District 
•  Keep Florida Beautiful, Inc. 
•  Coastal Conservation Association of Florida 
•  Florida Cooperative Extension Service 
•  Range Science Program 
•  Social and Fraternal Organizations 
•  Recreational Clubs 
•  United State Fish and Wildlife Service 
•  Environmental Protection Agency 
A Partnership Agreement will be drafted by the Corridor Management Entity.  The 
Corridor Management Entity will pursue active partnerships and will lead all efforts in 
relation to monitoring and implementing work tasks for the scenic highway corridor. 
The improvements planned for the scenic highway will need to be funded through a 
variety of means.  The City of Bradenton Beach, Manatee County and the 
Sarasota/Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization will play a role in providing 
funding through their associated general budgets.  However, the most successful 
implementation of the Action Plan will result from combining a variety of funding 
strategies that strive to leverage funding from different sources to fund specific elements 

Funding & Promotion 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 66  
of a project. Funding opportunities for improvements and maintenance for the corridor 
could include some or all of the following: 
Pay as You Go 
•  Property Taxes 
•  Income Taxes 
•  Sales and Use Tax 
•  Real Estate Transfer Tax 
•  Special Assessments Districts 
•  Business Improvement District 
•  Benefit Assessment District 
•  User Charges 
•  Reserves 
•  Mitigation Financing 
•  Negotiated Exactions or Impact Fees (hookups, systems development or capital fees) 
•  Grants 
•  Public-Private Ventures 
•  Donations 
•  Sponsorships 
•  Volunteering/In-kind Services 
•  General Obligation Bonds -- Limited or Unlimited Tax 
•  Revenue Bonds (or "rate-supported" bonds) 
•  Taxable Bonds 
•  Tax Increment Financing Bonds 
•  Lease Purchase and Certificates 
•  Revolving Loans 
Bond Banks
Local, state and federal grants and programs that may be investigated include the 
American Greenways DuPont Awards Program 
The Conservation Fund 
Artificial Fishing Reef Program 
Department of Environmental Protection 
Beach Erosion Control Program 
Department of Environmental Protection 
Conservation and Recreation Lands Acquisition 
Department of Environmental Protection 
Derelict Vessel Removal Grant Program 
Department of Environmental Protection 
Ecotourism/Heritage Tourism 
Department of Environmental Protection 
Florida Advisory Council on Environmental Educ.  Department of Environmental Protection 
Florida Coastal Management Grants Program 
Department of Community Affairs 
Florida Communities Trust Program 
Department of Community Affairs 
Florida Greenways and Trails Program 
Department of Environmental Protection 
Florida Recreation Development Assistance Prgm.  Department of Environmental Protection 
Highway Beautification Grants Program 
Department of Transportation 
Historic Preservation Trust Fund 
Department of Environmental 

Funding & Promotion 
Corridor Management Plan 
Page 67  
Institutional Conservation Program 
Department of Community Affairs 
Land and Water Conservation Fund Program 
Department of Environmental Protection 
Marine Resources Grants Program 
Department of Environmental Protection 
National Recreational Trails Funding Program 
Department of Environmental Protection 
Nongame Wildlife Contracts Program 
Game and Freshwater Fish Commission 
Science Museum Program 
Department of State 
Transportation Equity Act - 21st Century (TEA-21) Department of Transportation 
Water Management District 
Water Management Districts 
Other programs that are coordinated through non-profit groups might include Keep 
Florida Beautiful, Inc., Adopt-A-Shore, Great Florida Cleanup, and Environmental Public 
Service Awards. 
Partnership opportunities and creative fundraising activities are abundant and varied 
within the City of Bradenton Beach, where community involvement and support is 
overwhelming.  Though there are numerous partnership opportunities, the following are a 
few examples: 
•  Local businesses fund landscaping in front of their buildings. 
•  Local businesses donate landscaping materials (i.e. plants, bollards, ropes, site 
furniture, etc.) – signage on site furniture could advertise the contributing business. 
•  The Citizen Advisory Group and the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce create 
the corridor brochure that highlights the corridor’s resources and advertises local 
businesses that contribute to the brochure development or other corridor 
•  The Library sponsors an environmental/historic resource fair with educational booths, 
a “walk-a-thon,” community barbecue or cook-off to raise awareness for the corridor’s 
resources and proposed improvements.  Local businesses could donate food and 
drinks and/or prizes.  This type of community event would raise awareness and 
support for the scenic highway, as well as raise funding for improvements (walk-a-
thon, poster raffle, cook-off, etc.) and promote local businesses. 

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