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Source Water Assessment Public Summary 


Catasauqua Municipal Water Works 

PWSID 3390044 


November 2004 



The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) Northeast (NE) Office has 

completed its Source Water Assessment of the Catasauqua Municipal Water Works system, Lehigh 

County, PA as of November 2004.  The report is based on data from water supplier, database research 

and field observations made by the NE DEP Office.  At this time, no written public comment was 

received to aid in identifying potential pollution sources. 


The source water assessment only evaluates the raw water before delivery to the customer.  The source 

water assessment does not evaluate any treatment techniques.  At the time of drafting this report the 

water supplier studied had been providing water that meets PA DEP drinking water standards. 


This report provides the public water supplier and the community with scientific and technical 

information to start a voluntary source water protection program.  Source water is the water that supplies 

a groundwater well, spring or surface water body.  A source water program is a proactive managerial 

approach to identify and minimize existing and potential threats to a drinking water source(s) of supply. 


The source water assessment area at this time is approximately a 0.75-mile radius circle with its center 

located between Locust Street, North Catasauqua Borough and Walnut Street, Catasauqua Borough near 

Catasauqua Creek.  This 0.75-mile radius circle area contains potential pollution source activities that 

may threaten the drinking water supply.  The assessment area circle encompasses a large eastern portion 

of North Catasauqua Borough, Northampton County, southern section of Northampton Borough, 

Northampton County, southern section of Allen Township, Northampton County, northern section of 

Catasauqua Borough, Lehigh County and northwestern section of Hanover Township, Lehigh County.  

The 0.75-mile radius circle is not considered a rigorous geological delineation but an acceptable source 

water delineation area according to PA DEP standards when there is not enough data and/or time 

available to delineate a source water area. 


The source water assessment was conducted by evaluating 63 potential pollution activities inside the 

area stated above in August 2002.   


The assessment found 53 individual potential pollution point activities inside the source water area.  The 

activities are categorized below with associated total category quantity and greatest percentage of 

activities in the category. 




Greatest Percentage 

Agricultural 0 


Commercial 37 


repair shop, Repair shop 

Industrial 7 



Miscellaneous 5 Aboveground 



Residential 4 



Total 53 



The above 53 potential pollution point activities are also ranked as greatest to lowest threats to the water 

supply.  The threat values are broken down into 6 levels from A as highest to F as lowest and are listed 





Total Percentage 

A 46 87 

B 3 5.5 

C 0 0 

D 4 7.5 

E 0 0 

F 0 0 

Totals 53  100 


The assessment also found 10 potential pollution non-point activities inside the source water area.  

These non-point activities are scattered throughout the area and have a quantity value of thousands of 

individual sources.  The study ranked the 10 non-point potential pollution activities in the source water 

area from A as highest to F as lowest and also listed the activity quantity and percentage below: 





A 9 90 

B 1 10 

C 0 0 

D 0 0 

E 0 0 

F 0 0 

Total 10  100 


In conclusion, the DEP recommends that the water supplier, because of all the high potential threats 

identified near the water supply, adopt a source water protection plan.  The highest risk or threat of 

potential pollution to the water system by activity quantity is the following: 


Individual Point Source Activities: 


Auto repair shops, Cemeteries, Funeral homes, Gas service stations and Repair shops. 


Non-Point Source Activities: 


Fuel oil storage tanks, household cleaning supplies, highway spills, highway salt applications, 

lawn care supplies, on-lot sewage disposal, sewer pipelines, swimming pools, wells (abandoned 

or active) and boreholes (abandoned or active). 


Grant money is available from PA DEP to reduce the cost of implementing a source water protection 



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