Cincinnati Market Fast Facts

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  • ICSC 2013 Ohio/West Virginia Idea Exchange
  • August 2013
  • Presented By: John A. Thompson
  • Sr. Vice President, The Everest Group, Inc
  • 9912 Carver Road, Suite 100, Cincinnati, OH 45242
  • Cincinnati


  • Market Fast Facts
  • Cincinnati Population
  • The Greater Cincinnati metro market including northern Kentucky, SE Indiana and Dayton will have a population of 3.5 million by 2015.
  • The Cincinnati MSA is larger than either Columbus or Cleveland and has more $100K households than either.
  • Cincinnati is home to nine Fortune 500 companies and over 360 Fortune 500 companies have operation in the Cincinnati MSA.
  • Major Employers - General Electric, Kroger (now acquiring Harris Teeter for $4.5B and growing fast), Duke Energy, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, University of Cincinnati, American Financial, Western & Southern Life Insurance.
  • Regional Draws - New Horsehoe Casino, MLB - Cincinnati Reds, NFL - Bengals, University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Miami University, Cincinnati Zoo, Newport Aquarium.

Campus Development

  • Knowledge is Good

The Banks - Downtown

  • Mixed use urban riverfront development
  • Just opened – The Yard House, The Wine Guy Bistro, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Tin Roof Restaurant
  • Planned 200,000 SF office at 180 Walnut
  • 300 luxury apartment units, with 300 more just announced
  • Cincinnati Downtown – GROWING!

Hyde Park, OH

Rookwood Exchange

Oakley, OH

Center of Cincinnati - Oakley

  • Mixed use movie theater, residential, retail development
  • Anchored by Meijer, Target, Sam’s, PetsMart and
  • LA Fitness
  • CineMark 14 screen theatre now open.
  • Kroger SuperCenter planned
  • 302 residential apartments

Kenwood, OH

  • Kenwood
  • The Kenwood Collection
  • Retail and office development at Kenwood Towne Center
  • Greater Cincinnati’s TOP retail and office market
  • Looking for high end luxury retailers and new-to-market retailers to join Crate & Barrel

Liberty Township, OH

Liberty Center

  • Lifestyle development in the fast growing West Chester, Ohio market.
  • Planned 1.1M SF first phase with Dillard’s, Cobb Theatres 16 screen.
  • 85,000 SF office
  • 220 apartments

Northgate, OH

  • Northgate

Northgate Mall

Campus Development

U Square at the Loop

Short Vine

  • Mixed use – student apartments over 1st floor retail
  • Two projects completed
  • - Views on Vine 104 units
      • - Vine Street Flats – 32 units
  • First floor retail available.

University Station - Xavier

  • Phase 1 to include Campus Book Store
  • 180 student apartments.
  • Planned 50,000 SF office
  • Seeking retail, restaurants

Norse Pointe - NKU

  • Front door gateway to the Campus.
  • Seeking hotel, movie theatre, retail and restaurants
  • May include some student housing and offices.
  • Seeking development partner. For more info - Jeff Strunk NKU 859-572-6448

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