City of High Springs Traffic Study Barry Plath, urs

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City of High Springs Traffic Study

Barry Plath, URS

Thank you!

  • Thanks to all who participated in the survey.

  • Thanks to city hall for supporting this effort.

  • Your feedback has helped guide the direction of the study.

Traffic Survey (Meeting #1)

  • 1) Conflicts at the intersection of Main Street and US 27.

  • 2) Diverting truck traffic around the downtown area.

  • 3) Future extension of Palm Avenue to US 441.

  • 4) Widen CR 236 from US 441 to I-75.

  • 5) Conflicts at the intersection of Main Street and US 441.

  • 6) Improve sidewalks and bicycle facilities throughout the city.

  • 7) Intersection improvements at Main Street and Poe Springs Rd.

  • 8) Traffic signal at NW 9th Street intersection with US 27.

  • 9) Traffic signal at NW 9th Street and US 441.

  • 10) Traffic calming measures on NW 9th Street.

  • 11) Speed reductions through downtown.

  • (please refer to handout provided)

Main Street & US 27

MUTCD Warrant Analysis

  • MUTCD - Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices

    • Adopted by the Department in compliance with Chapter 316.0745 of the Florida Statutes. The MUTCD is the basic guide for traffic signals.

MUTCD Warrant Analysis

  • “A traffic control signal should not be installed unless an engineering study indicates that installing a traffic control signal will improve the overall safety ond/or operation of the intersection.” -From the MUTCD

  • “Warrants should be viewed as guidelines, not as absolute values. Satisfaction of a warrant is not a guarantee that the device is needed. Because these are minimum requirements, satisfaction of a warrant is not necessarily justification or a mandate for a traffic signal.” - Florida MUTS (Manual on Uniform Traffic Studies)

  • “Engineering judgement should be exercised in making the final determination.” - Florida MUTS

Survey Responses

  • A noteworthy item from the survey:


Thank you again!

  • Comment cards available.

  • The Department would like your input regarding alternate truck routes, downtown intersection modifications and other related traffic concerns.

  • Please come to the November meeting for final recommendations.

Contact Information

  • Doreen Joyner-Howard

  • FDOT District 2

  • 2250 Irene Street

  • Jacksonville, FL 32236

  • (904) 360-5681 or (800) 207-8236

  • email:


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