City of Markesan Clerk/Treasurer and Part-Time Deputy Clerk/Treasurer

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City of Markesan 

Clerk/Treasurer and 

Part-Time Deputy Clerk/Treasurer 



The City of Markesan in Green Lake County is looking to hire a Clerk/Treasurer and a 

part-time Deputy Clerk/Treasurer.   


Some of the duties and responsibilities of the Clerk/Treasurer will include, but are not 

limited to, planning, organizing, coordinating, and performing functions related to 

accounting, budgeting, debt administration, payroll, purchasing, billing, records 

management, property tax administration, collection, elections, cash flow analysis

general ledger review and analysis, preparation of monthly financial statements and 

related analysis, insurance management, and resolutions. 


The Deputy will work under the supervision of the City Clerk/Treasurer. This position 

performs a variety of responsibilities including but not limited to: assistance in elections, 

licensing and permits, accounting and clerical functions in accordance with the State 

Statutes and City Ordinances. 


Qualifications: Minimum of Associates Degree in Accounting, public administration or 

related field and three to five or more years of experience 


Wages and Benefits: Depends on qualifications 


Application forms and job descriptions are available at the Markesan City Hall, 150 

South Bridge Street, Markesan WI 53946, Phone 920-398-3031.   


Applications and resumes are due by May 29, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. to City of Markesan

Attn: Clerk/Treasurer, 150 South Bridge Street, Markesan WI 53946 


City of Markesan is an equal opportunity employer. 






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