Diabetes You think you know but you have no idea

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  • You think you know but you have no idea..

What is Diabetes?

Type 1

What are the symptoms of Diabetes?

  • Diabetes is a silent disease. You can have it for years and not know it.

  • Symptoms:

    • Being very thirsty
    • Urinating often
    • Losing weight
    • Blurred vision

What part of the body does Diabetes effect?

Who’s at risk of getting it?

  • African Americans

  • Hispanics

    • 2 million (10.2%) of all Hispanics have Diabetes.

Why is it such a problem?

  • Diabetes is the 5th deadliest disease

  • It has NO CURE!!!

  • Deaths in heart disease in women with diabetes increased 23% in the last 30 years

  • Every year, over 190,000 Americans die of diabetes and its complications

  • Treatment costs more money than AIDS and cancer combined!

What can I do to help?

  • Diabetes Sunday

  • American Diabetes Alert

  • Kiss and Pig

  • Donations

  • Spread the word!

Who do I contact for more information?


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