EE762 assignment testbenches treat student design as a black box Must know what you are testing

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Lecture 6 - Writing Tests

Floating Point Multiplier

The Assignment

The Assignment (2)

Floating Point Standard

Other Specifications

  • Inputs are in IEEE 754 Single Precision

  • Results are in IEEE 754 Single Precision Format

  • Unit can latch A and B inputs from parallel busses

  • Must be able to handle both numerical values and special cases

    • NaNs, ±inif,
    • ±zero,
    • ±normalized numbers, ±denormalized numbers

What to Check

  • How to test the floating point multiplier for both timing of inputs and outputs and functional operation?

  • Assume you have no knowledge of how design is going to be implemented

The Test Vectors

The Inputs – Example 1

The Inputs – Example 2

Applying Inputs to Design

The File I/O Declarations

File I/O

  • And then must also do the declarations for File I/O

  • Note that the file I/O here uses the 1987 version of the language

Checking Results

  • Timing is checked when result is expected on bus and again just prior to bus going back to high impedance.

  • Busses are also checked that they go back to a value of high impedance

  • When results do not match what is expected a signal called error goes to ‘1’ for 10 ns

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