Electronics recycling day!!! Saturday, May 6, 2017 9 am till 12 noon Nazareth Intermediate School 355 Tatamy Rd. Nazareth, pa 18064

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Saturday, May 6, 2017  

9 am till 12 noon 

Nazareth Intermediate School  

355 Tatamy Rd. Nazareth, PA 18064 

For the residents of


Bushkill, Forks, Lower Nazareth,  

Moore, Nazareth, Palmer, Plainfield,  

Stockertown, Tatamy, & Upper Nazareth 

Proof of residency required 

All Fees can be paid in cash or by check  

Items that can be recycled with a Fee per each item: 

Please note televisions & monitors must be intact 


CRT Televisions under 20” & CRT Monitors - $20.00  


Fluorescent lamps - $0.25 


CRT Televisions over 21” & CRT Monitors - $40.00 


Specialty lamps - $2.00 


Projection Televisions - $50.00 


Lead Acid batteries – no charge 


LCD Televisions & LCD/ Plasma Monitors

- $10.00



Alkaline batteries - $0.75 a pound 


Photocopiers/Plotters - $20.00 


Printers/ scanners - $5.00 


Multi-functional printers- $20.00 


Media- audio/ visual tapes- $0.50 


Computers/ laptops/ servers- no charge 


Microwaves - $5.00 



 Items that can be recycled for a $1.00 charge per each item are listed below: 


Tape recorders & decks 


DVD Players & VCR’s 


Answering machines & pagers 


Gaming Systems- consoles, handheld, joy sticks 


Calculators & Modems 


Walkman, Stereos & Speakers 


Cameras & slide projectors 


Movie Projectors  


CD Players & Recorders 


Electronic Typewriters 


Radios & Record Players 


Fax machines & Dictation Equipment 


Headphones & microphones 


Power tools 


AERC Recycling Solutions      610-797-7608       



Items that can be recycled for free are listed below:



Fans, floor & desk lamps 


Small kitchen appliances 


Vacuum Cleaners 


Small personal cosmetic appliances 


Small handheld power tools 


Air conditioners & dehumidifiers 


Refrigerators & freezers 


Washers & dryers 


Stoves & dishwashers 


Scrap metals 

Einfalt Recycling & Salvage   610-759-7998  



Northampton County Household Hazardous Waste Event-  

5/20/2017 & 10/14/2017 at Northampton Community College 


ReStore Latex Paint Recycling Event- 10/7/2017 in Tatamy 



These events are posted on our website- 





Recycling Tips- the following list may change at any time.  

Please contact the companies for costs, times and items accepted.   



Batteries- drop off box at Tatamy Municipal Building. Will be taken to the NC 

Household Hazardous Waste Event in May and October.  


Computers, monitors, printers, batteries and related accessories (no TV’s) - 

Staples, free for Rewards members, limit 6 items per day- Easton 610-258-6344  


Printers, laptops, desktops computers (no Monitors), phones, fax machines, 

speakers, GPS, cords, and related accessories- Best Buy, free – Phillipsburg 

location only  908-859-7659 - TV’s - $25.00 CRT 32” & under/ flat screen 50” & 

under; no TV’s in consoles, cabinets, etc. accepted 


Ink cartridges- Staples, in store credit $2.00/each towards purchase for Rewards 

members, or drop off at Wegmans  


Refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washers, dryers, & AC’s (working condition) 

– Habitat for Humanity- Contact Dani at 610-776-7499 for currently accepted 



Refrigerators, freezers, ACs, and dehumidifiers (non-working) - Einfalt, free- in 

Stockertown 610-759-7998 


Electronics, only LCD, LED, & flat screen TVs & monitors, computers, metal 

(scrap, appliances, car batteries, etc.)- Einfalt, free or current scrap prices  


Electronics (including TV’s & monitors)- AERC Recycling in Allentown- 2


 Friday of 

each month 9 am to 3 pm- fees for TV’s & monitors- 610-433-4011   RRS in 

Kutztown- fees for TV’s & monitors- 484-641-5156 - M-Th 9-3 F 9-12 


Rechargeable batteries and CFL bulbs- Lowe’s- 610-991-4000 or Home Depot- 

610-253-1094  free 


Car batteries- Battery retailer, paid or coupon 


Cell phones- Staples, Wegmans, Best Buy, Target 


Plastic bags- Easton locations Walmart, Weis Markets, Giant Food Stores

Wegmans, Redners, Staples, Target- most larger stores 


Eye Glasses and Hearing aids- Lion’s Club collection box- in front of Tatamy 

Municipal Building 

The Earth thanks you for recycling! 

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