Faith 101 Discovering the Faith Lesson One I believe in God the Father Almighty

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Faith 101 Discovering the Faith

  • Lesson One

  • I Believe in God the Father Almighty

  • - But who is He?

Class Outline

Three Things Only God Can Provide

  • Identity

  • Security

  • Meaning

How do you know?

  • Moderns:

    • Is it true?
  • Post-Moderns:

    • Is it true for me?

Natural Knowledge of God

Natural Knowledge of God

  • Tells us there Is a God

  • Tells us that He is Powerful

  • DOESN’T tell us WHO He is

  • DOESN’T tell us if He loves us

Revealed Knowledge of God

  • God Makes Himself Known

      • In His Son Jesus

Revealed Knowledge of God

  • The Revealed knowledge of God makes known to us who God is and that He loves us!

  • We cannot completely know God apart from his revelation to us in the person of Christ working through the Holy Spirit.

Revealed Knowledge of God

Revealed Knowledge of God

How do we study the Bible?

  • Some Lutheran presuppositions:

    • Scripture interprets Scripture
    • Interpret Scripture in Context
    • Literally, but not Literalistically
    • Man has fallen away from God and evil pervades all of human life, including our study of Scripture

God Reveals Himself in His Law

God Reveals Himself in Law and Gospel

  • Law Gospel

  • What we must do What God has done

  • Shows Our Sin Show Our Savior

  • Condemns Forgives

  • Kills Gives Life

  • For Secure Sinners For Alarmed sinners

Who is He?

  • Eternal

  • Unchanging

  • Reliable

  • All powerful

  • Present everywhere

  • Knows all

Who is He? God is Triune

Holy Trinity – Three Persons in One God

Holy Trinity

  • Father is neither begotten nor Proceeding

  • Son is begotten but not proceeding

  • Holy Spirit is not begotten but proceeds from the Father and the Son

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