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Federal Register / Vol. 62, No. 80 / Friday, April 25, 1997 / Notices


The URAA’s amendment of 17 U.S.C. 104A

replaces section 104A under the North American

Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act (Pub. L.

No. 103–182, 107 Stat. 2057, 2115 (1993)). The

Uruguay Round Trade Agreements, Texts of

Agreements, Implementing Bill, Statement of

Administrative Action, and Required Supporting

Statements, H.R. Doc. No. 316, 103d Cong., 2d Sess.

324 (1994). See 60 FR 50414 (Sept. 29, 1995).


Copyright Office

[Docket No. 97–3]

Copyright Restoration of Works in

Accordance With the Uruguay Round

Agreements Act; List Identifying

Copyrights Restored Under the

Uruguay Round Agreements Act for

Which Notices of Intent To Enforce

Restored Copyrights Were Filed in the

Copyright Office


Copyright Office, Library of



Publication of Fourth List of

Notices of Intent to Enforce Copyrights

Restored Under the Uruguay Round

Agreements Act.


The Copyright Office is

publishing its fourth list of restored

copyrights for which it has received and

processed Notices of Intent to Enforce a

copyright restored under the Uruguay

Round Agreements Act. Publication of

the lists creates a record for the public

to identify copyright owners and works

whose copyright has been restored for

which Notices of Intent to Enforce have

been filed with the Copyright Office.


April 25, 1997.



Nanette Petruzzelli, Acting General

Counsel, or Charlotte Douglass,

Principal Legal Advisor to the General

Counsel, Copyright GC/I&R, Post Office

Box 70400, Southwest Station,

Washington, D.C. 20024. Telephone:

(202) 707–8380. Telefax: (202) 707–




I. Background

The Uruguay Round General

Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and the

Uruguay Round Agreements Act

(URAA) (Pub. L. 103–465; 108 Stat.

4809 (1994)) provide for the restoration

of copyright in certain works that were

in the public domain in the United

States. Under section 104A of title 17


of the United States Code as provided

by the URAA, copyright protection was

restored on January 1, 1996, in certain

works by foreign nationals or

domiciliaries of World Trade

Organization (WTO) or Berne countries

that were not protected under the

copyright law for the reasons listed

below in (2). Specifically, for restoration

of copyright, a work must be an original

work of authorship that:

(1) is not in the public domain in its

source country through expiration of

term of protection;

(2) is in the public domain in the

United States due to:

(i) noncompliance with formalities

imposed at any time by United States

copyright law, including failure of

renewal, publishing the work without a

proper notice, or failure to comply with

any manufacturing requirements;

(ii) lack of subject matter protection in

the case of sound recordings fixed

before February 15, 1972; or

(iii) lack of national eligibility (e.g.,

the work is from a country with which

the United States did not have copyright

relations at the time of the work’s

publication); and

(3) has at least one author (or in the

case of sound recordings, rightholder)

who was, at the time the work was

created, a national or domiciliary of an

eligible country. If the work was

published, it must have been first

published in an eligible country and not

published in the United States within

30 days of first publication. See 17

U.S.C. 104A(h)(6). A work meeting these

requirements is protected ‘‘for the

remainder of the term of copyright that

the work would have otherwise been

granted in the United States if the work

never entered the public domain in the

United States.’’ 17 U.S.C. 104A(a)(1)(B).

Although the copyright owner may

immediately enforce the restored

copyright against individuals who

infringe his or her rights on or after the

effective date of restoration, the

copyright owner’s right to enforce the

restored copyright is delayed against

reliance parties. Typically, a reliance

party is one who was already using the

work before December 8, 1994, the date

the URAA was enacted. See 17 U.S.C.

104A(h)(4). Before a copyright owner

can enforce a restored copyright against

a reliance party, the copyright owner

must file a Notice of Intent (NIE) with

the Copyright Office or serve an NIE on

such a party.

An NIE may be filed in the Copyright

Office within two years of the date of

restoration of copyright. Alternatively,

an NIE may be served on an individual

reliance party at any time during the

term of copyright; however, such

notices are effective only against the

party served and those who have actual

knowledge of the notice and its

contents. NIEs appropriately filed with

the Copyright Office and published

herein serve as constructive notice to all

reliance parties.

II. Administrative Processing

Pursuant to the URAA, the Office is

publishing its fourth four-month list

identifying restored works for notices of

intent to enforce a restored copyright

filed with the Office. 17 U.S.C.

104A(e)(1)(B). The earlier lists were

published on May 1, 1996, August 30,

1996, and December 27, 1996. 61 FR

19372 (May 1, 1996), 61 FR 46134 (Aug.

30, 1996), and 61 FR 68454 (Dec. 27,

1996). We have published only the

names of the owners and the titles listed

in the NIEs because that is all that is

required by law. The funds needed to

include any additional information are

not available. The NIEs listed herein are

those entered into the public records of

the Office between December 6, 1996,

and April 11, 1997. To allow for

processing NIE information, the Office

closes the record for publication

approximately two weeks before

publication. Accordingly, the cutoff date

for publication in the fifth NIE list on

August 22, 1997, will be on or about

August 8. The cutoff date for

publication of the sixth NIE list on

December 19, 1997, will be on or about

December 5. NIEs received in the Office

after this cutoff date and on or before

December 31, 1997, will be published

on the seventh NIE list appearing in the

Federal Register. The Copyright Office

will not publish title and ownership

information from an NIE received in the

Office after expiry of the 24-month

period beginning on the date of

restoration of that particular work, as

reflected by the source country given on

the NIE. See 17 U.S.C. 104A(d)(2)(1994).

III. On-line Availability of NIE Lists

Using the information provided

herein, one may search the Office’s

database to obtain additional

information about a particular NIE. NIEs

are located in what is known as the

Copyright Office History Documents

(COHD) file. This file is available from

computer terminals located in the

Copyright Office itself or from terminals

located in other parts of the Library of

Congress through the Library of

Congress Information System (LOCIS).

Alternative ways to connect through

Internet are (i) the World Wide Web

(WWW), using the Copyright Office

Home Page at: http://www.loc.gov/

copyright; (ii) connect directly to LOCIS

through the telnet address at

locis.loc.gov; or (iii) use the Library of

Congress gopher LC MARVEL at:

marvel.loc.gov port 70. LC MARVEL

and WWW are available 24 hours a day.

LOCIS is available 24 hours a day

Monday through Friday, Eastern Time;

Saturday, until 5 p.m.; and Sunday after


Federal Register / Vol. 62, No. 80 / Friday, April 25, 1997 / Notices


Not all files are available after 9:30 p.m. on

weekdays. On Sundays, all files may not be

available from 5 p.m.–8 p.m.

11 a.m.


Information available online

includes: the title or brief description if

untitled; an English translation of the

title; the alternative titles if any; the

name of the copyright owner or owner

of one or more exclusive rights, the date

of receipt of the NIE in the Copyright

Office; the date of publication in the

Federal Register; and the address,

telephone and telefax number of the

copyright owner. If given on the NIE,

the online information will also include

the author, the type of work, and the

rights covered by the notice. See 37 CFR

201.33(f). For the purpose of researching

the full Office record of NIEs on the

Internet, the Office has made online

searching instructions accessible

through the Copyright Office Home

Page. Researchers can access them

through the Library of Congress Home

Page on the World Wide Web by

selecting the copyright link. Select the

menu item ‘‘Copyright Office Records’’

and/or ‘‘URAA, GATT Amends U.S.

law.’’ Finally, images of the complete

NIEs as filed are on optical disc and

available from the Copyright Office.

The following restored works are

listed alphabetically by copyright

owner; multiple works owned by a

particular copyright owner are listed

alphabetically by title. Works having

more than one copyright proprietor are

listed under the first owner and cross-

referenced to the succeeding owner(s).

A cross-reference to the composite

owner (e.g., Title I owned by ‘‘A B & C’’)

will state, ‘‘SEE A B & C’’ at the listing

for each individual owner, (e.g., for

Owner A, for Owner B and for Owner


IV. Fourth List of Notices of Intent to


Andre, Isabelle Brel. SEE Brel-

Michielsen, Therese, France Brel

Gilson, Chantal Brel & Isabelle Brel


Avalon Films, Pty. Ltd.

Summer city.

Barfield, Arthur Owen, executor of the

C. S. Lewis Estate, C. S. Lewis PTE,

Ltd., Harper Collins Publishers, Ltd.

& Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Broadcast talks (the case for


The Pilgrim’s regress.

The problem of pain.

The screwtape letters.

Bollore Technologies, SA.

Zig Zag cigarette paper packaging no.


Brel, Chantal. SEE Brel-Michielsen,

Therese, France Brel Gilson,

Chantal Brel & Isabelle Brel Andre.

Brel-Michielsen, Therese, France Brel

Gilson, Chantal Brel & Isabelle Brel


La caporal casse-pompon.

Les crocodiles.

La fanette.

Le plat pays.


Brel-Michielsen, Therese, France Brel

Gilson, Chantal Brel, Isabelle Brel

Andre & Francois Rauber.

Chansons sans paroles.

La statue.

Brel-Michielsen, Therese, France Brel

Gilson, Chantal Brel, Isabelle Brel

Andre & G. Wagenheim.

Ce qu’il vous faut.

Brel-Michielsen, Therese, France Brel

Gilson, Chantal Brel, Isabelle Brel

Andre & Gerard Jouannest.

Les biches.


Brel-Michielsen, Therese, France Brel

Gilson, Chantal Brel, Isabelle Brel

Andre & Glen Powell.

Il peut pleuvoir sur les trottoirs des

Grands Boulevard.

Brel-Michielsen, Therese, France Brel

Gilson, Chantal Brel, Isabelle Brel

Andre & Jean Corti.

Les bourgeois.

Brel-Michielsen, Therese, France Brel

Gilson, Chantal Brel, Isabelle Brel

Andre & Steve Kirk.

Il pleut.

Brook Richleau, Ltd.

Black August.

The Black Baroness.

Codeword—golden fleece.

Come into my parlour.


The Devil rides out.

The Eunuch of Stamboul.

The fabulous valley.

Faked passports.

The forbidden territory.

The Golden Spaniard.

Gunmen, gallants and ghosts.

The haunting of Toby Jugg.

The Ka of Gifford Hillary.

The launching of Roger Brook.

The man who killed the king.

The man who missed the war.

Old Rowley.

The prisoner in the mask.

The quest of Julian Day.

The rape of Venice.

Red eagle.

The rising storm.

The scarlet imposter.

The second seal.

The secret war.

The shadow of Tyburn tree.

Sixty days to live.

Star of ill omen.

Strange conflict.

Stranger than fiction.

Such power is dangerous.

The sword of fate.

They found Atlantis.

Three inquisitive people.

Traitor’s gate.

Uncharted seas.

V for vengeance.

Vendetta in Spain.


7 golden men.

7 golden men strike again.




Bebo’s girl.

La cage aux folles I.

La cage aux folles II.

La citta delle donne.

The clowns.

Deserto rosso.

La dolce vita.


Fellini’s Casanova.

Histoire d’O.

Juliet of the spirits.

The leopard.

Mondo cane.

La notte di San Lorenzo.

Orchestra rehearsal.


Rocco and his brothers.

Seduced and abandoned.

The Sicilian Clan.


Les borgnes sont rois.

Le grand amour.

Le haricot.

Heureux anniversaire.

La pince a ongles.


Le soupirant.

Tant qu’on a la sante.


Cardona Chavez, Rene.

Alarido del terror.

Historias espeluznantes.

Casa Ricordi-BMG Ricordi, SPA (former:

G. Ricordi & C, SPA).


Ballada de Mallorca.

Pour le tombeau de Paul Dukas.

Chester Music, Ltd.

Cuarto madrigales amatorios.

Ritual fire dance.

Cinematografica Rodriguez, SA de CV.

Que bravas son las costenas.

Campeones del ring.

Capilla ardiente.

De la peor ralea.


La gallera.

La muerte tambien cabalga.

La recta final.

Santo contra las mujeres vampiro.

Las sicodelicas.


La tierna infancia.

Un toro me llama.


Porte des Lilas.

Columbia Pictures Corporation, Ltd.

A volar joven.

Abajo el telon.


Federal Register / Vol. 62, No. 80 / Friday, April 25, 1997 / Notices

El bolero de Raquel.

El bombero atomico.

Caballero a la medida.

El circo.

Un dia con el diablo.

El gendarme desconocido.

Gran Hotel.

El mago.

Ni sangre ni arena.

El portero.

Romeo y Julieta.

El senor fotografo.

Si yo fuera diputado.

El siete machos.

Soy un profugo.

El supersabio.

Los tres mosqueteros.

Corti, Jean. SEE Brel-Michielsen,

Therese, France Brel Gilson,

Chantal Brel, Isabelle Brel Andre &

Jean Corti.

Creazioni Artistiche Musicali, SRL. SEE


Delta Ventures, Ltd.


Dheran, Nicole.

Piege pour un homme seul.

Duran, Rafael Rosales. SEE Rosales

Duran, Rafael.

Feliu, Artugro A.

EL Baile.


Vivir para amar.

Filmadora Panamerica, SA.

24 hoars de placer.

Al compas del rock and roll.

Amor de los amores.

El asesino invisible.

Los desvergonzados.

Fiebre de juventud.

Los malvados.

Peligro mujeres en accion.

Por ti aprendi a querer.

Santo en el museo de cera.

Santo vs. las mujeres vampiro.

Santo vs. los zombies.

Senda prohibida.

Siete pecados.

SOS conspiracion bikini.

Filmadora Panamericana, SA.

Johnny Chicano.

Viva la risa 1.

Viva la risa 2.

Films Ariane.

La vie de chateau.

Friedrich Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung,

legal successor of Terra-Filmkunst

GmbH (Germany).

Der Mann, der sich verkauft.

Wenn du einmal dein herz


Frontera Films, SA.

Mas alla del deseo.

G. Ricordi & C, SPA. SEE Casa Ricordi-

BMG Ricordi, SPA (former: G.

Ricordi & C, SPA).

GC DAI. SEE UGC DA International


Gilson, France Brel. SEE Brel-

Michielsen, Therese, France Brel

Gilson, Chantal Brel & Isabelle Brel


Greenwich Film Production.

Le passager de la pluie.

Grillet, Alain Robbe-. SEE Robbe-Grillet,


Harcourt Brace & Company.

The art of Donald McGill.

Boys’ weeklies.

Charles Dickens.

A clergyman’s daughter.

Coming up for air.

England, your England.

A hanging.

Homage to Catalonia.

How the poor die.

In defense of P.G. Wodehouse.

Inside the whale.

Keep the aspidistra flying.

Lear, Tolstoy and the Fool.

Looking back on the Spanish War.


Notes on nationalism.

Poetry and the microphone.

Politics and the English language.

Politics vs. literature: an examination

of ‘‘Gulliver’s travels.’’

The prevention of literature.

Raffles and Miss Blandish.

The road to Wigan Pier.

Rudyard Kipling.

Second thoughts on James Burnham.

Shooting an elephant.

W.B. Yeats.

Wells, Hitler and the world state.

Why I write.

Writers and Leviathan.

HarperCollins Publishers, Ltd. SEE

Barfield, Arthur Owen, executor of

the C.S. Lewis Estate of, C.S. Lewis

PTE, Ltd., Harper Collins

Publishers, Ltd. & Simon &

Schuster, Inc.

Initial Groupe.

Le miracule.

Italian Book Corporation.

A tazza ’e cafe.

A vucchella.

Jouannest, Gerard. SEE Brel-Michielsen,

Therese, France Brel Gilson,

Chantal Brel, Isabelle Brel Andre &

Gerard Jouanne.

Kirk, Steve. SEE Brel-Michielsen,

Therese, France Brel Gilson,

Chantal Brel, Isabelle Brel Andre &

Steve Kirk.

Les Films Du Carrosse & Les

Productions Artistes Associes.

L’ enfant sauvage.

La mariee etait en noir.

La Sirene du Mississipi.

Les Films Du Carrosse.

Antoine et Colette.

Baisers voles.

Domicile conjugal.

Hotel du nord.

Mata-hari agent H.21.

Nuits moscovites.

Paris nous appartient.


Tarass boulba.


Les Productions Artistes Associes. SEE

Les Films Du Carrosse & Les

Productions Artistes Associes.

Lewis (C.S.) PTE, Ltd. SEE Barfield,

Arthur Owen, executor of the C.S.

Lewis Estate, C.S. Lewis PTE, Ltd.,

Harper Collins Publishers, Ltd. &

Simon & Schuster, Inc.


Police python 357.

Madeleine Films.

Le grand meaulnes.

Marks (Edward B.) Music Company &

Edward B. Marks.

Lili Marleen.

Marks, Edward B. SEE Marks (Edward

B.) Music Company & Edward B.


Mosfilm Studios.

31 iyunia.

A unas byla tishina.

Adam i Heva.

Adiutant ego prevoshoditelstva.

Admiral Nakhimov.

Admiral ushakov.



Akademik is askanii.

Alie parusa.

Alimanakh korotkometrazhnikh


Alioshkina lubov.

Almazi olia marii.


Andrei Rublev.

Anna Karenina.




Arena smelih.


Attestat zrelosti.



Avtomobil, skripka i sobaka kliaksa.


Babiye tsarstalo.


Ballada o soldate.

Balladao komissare.

Barkhatniy sezon.

Beg inohodtsa.


Begstvo mistera mak-kinly.

Belie nochi.

Belorussky vokzal.

Beloye solntse pustini.


Beregis altomobilya.

Beshenoye zoloto.

Bespokoinoe hoziaystro.

Bessmertniy garnizow.

Besstrashniy ataman.

Bey baraban.

Bez prava na oshibku.

Bez straha i upreka.


Federal Register / Vol. 62, No. 80 / Friday, April 25, 1997 / Notices

Bez trekh minut rovno.


Bezumniy den.

Bitva v puti.

Blizkaya dal.

Bolishaya doroga.

Bolishaya peremena.

Bolishaya ruda.

Bolshaya Peremena.

Bolshoy attraktsion.

Bolshoy kontsert.

Borets i kloun.

Boris godunov.

Boy polse pobedi.

Boy s tenyu.

Bratiya karamazovi.

Bratiya vasiliyevi.

Brilliantovaya ruka.

Byatdesiat na pyatdesiat.

Cemeynde schastiye.



Chelovek bez pasporta.

Chelovek cheloveku.

Chelovek kotorogo ya lublu.

Chelovek kottoriy somnevaetsia.

Chelovek na svoyom meste.

Chelovek neotkuda.

Chelovek rodilsia.

Chelovek v shtatskom.

Cherniy prints.



Chili-vremya borbi, vbemya trevog.

Chiort s portfelem.


Chistie prudi.

Chisto angliyskoye ubiystvo.

Chistoye nebo.

Chrniy biziness.

Chudniy kharakter.

Chudo s kosichkami.


Da zdravstvuyet Mexica!



Daleko na zapade.

Daleko ot Moskvi.

Dayte zhalobnuyu knigu.

Dela serdechniye.

Delo no306.

Delo pestrih.

Deloviye ludi.

Den molodogo cheloveka.

Dersu uzala.

Desni molodosti.

Desnia rodnoy storoni.

Deti Don-Kihota.

Deti vanyushina.


Deviat oney odnogo goda.

Devochka na share.

Devushka bez adresa.

Devushka s gitaroy.

Diadia Vania.

Diadushkin son.


Dikiy med.


Dnevnie zvezdi.

Dni turbinikh.

Do svidaniya malckiki.

Dobro pozhalovat ili postoronnim

vhod vospreschem.

Dobroe utro.

Doctor Vera.

Dodumalsia, pozdravliayu!

Dolgi nashi.

Dolgiy put.

Dom i hozain.

Doroga domoy.

Doroga k moru.


Dorogoy malchik.


Drug moy Kolika.

Dryzia moi.



Dva dnia trevogi.

Dva kapitana.

Dvadtsat let spustiya.

Dvadtsat shest bakinskih komissarov.

Dve zhizni.

Dvenadsat stuliev.

Dvorianskoye gnezdo.

Dvoye v puti.

Dvoye v stepi.


Dzhentelmeni udachi.

Echo dalekikh snegov.

Edinstvennaya doroga.

Egor bulichev i drugie.

Ehali v tramvae Ilf i petro.

Escho raz pro lubov.

Esli khochesk bit schastlivyon.

Esli ti muzhchina.

Estradnaya fantaziya.

Eta veselaya planeta.

Eto silnee menya.

Eto sladkoye slovo-svoboda!

Eto sluchilos v militsii.

Eto v serdse bylo moyom.

Evgeny Urgansky.


Front bez flangov.

Front za liniey fronta.


Gde ti teper maxim.

Ghost s kubani.

Glavniy svidetel.


God kak zhizn.


Goluboy ogoniok.

Goluboy portret.

Gonki bez finisha.

Gori, gori moya zvezda.


Gorod pervoy lubvi.

Goroda i godi.

Gorpd ma zare.

Goryachiy sneg.

Granatoviy braslet.


Grozniky vek.

Gusarkaya ballada.

Guttpaerchiviy malchik.

Gvozdik nuzhni vlublionnim.

Hleb i rozi.

Hochu bit ministrom.

Hod koniom.

Hozayka gostinitsi.

Hozhdenie za tri oria.

Hoziain taigi.

Humuroe utro.

I bil vecher i bilo utro.

I na tikhom okeane.

I vse-taki ya veryu.


Ilya muromets.

Imenem revolutsii.

Inkognito is peterburga.

Inzhener Pronchatov.

Irakly Andronnikov rasskazivaet.

Ironiya sudiby ili s legkim parom!

Ischu moyu sudibu.



Ispitanie vernosti.

Ispitatelniy srok.

Ispolnenie zhelaniy.

Istoriya asi Kliachkinoy kotoraya

lubila da ne vishla.

Iulsky dozho.

Ivan Rybakov.

Ivan vasilyevich menyaet professiyu.

Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorov.

Ivanovo oetstvo.

K chernomu moriu.

Kafe Izotop.

Kak vas teper nazivat.

Kalina krasnaya.


Kamenniy gost.

Kamenniy tsvetok.

Kapitanskaya dochka.

Kapronoviye seti.


Karnavalnaya noch.


Kavaler zolotoi zvedzdi.

Kavkazskaya plennitsa ili novie

priklucheniya shurika.


Kazhdiy den doktora kalinnikovoy.

Kazhdiy vecher v Odinnadsat.

Kazneni na rassvete.




Khozhdenie po mukam (chasti 5–13).

Khozhdenie po mukam (part I sestri).

Kishi i dvaportfelya.

Ko mne mukhtar.

Kogda nastupaet sentyabr.

Kogda rashoditsia tuman.

Kogda zhemlya drozhit.


Koloniya lanfier.

Komandir schastlivoy schuki.

Komitet lgti.


Kompozitor Glinka.

Konets i nachalo.

Konets Lubavinikh.

Konets saturna.

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