Ferdinand Magellan World Explorer Pgs. 142-144

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Ferdinand Magellan World Explorer

  • Pgs. 142-144

Ferdinand Magellan

  • Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521) was a Portuguese explorer who led the first expedition that sailed around the Earth (1519-1522).

  • Magellan also named the Pacific Ocean. The name means a calm, peaceful ocean.

Early Life

  • Magellan was born in Northern Portugal.

  • His parents were members of the nobility.

  • They were wealthy and powerful.

Early Life

  • Early in his career, Magellan sailed to India and to the Far East many times around Africa's Cape of Good Hope.

  • He sailed for his native Portugal, but a dispute with the Portuguese King Manoel II turned him against the Portuguese.

  • Thereafter, he sailed for Spain.

A New Route to Asia

  • Magellan proposed to King Charles V of Spain that a westward voyage around the tip of South America would take them to Asia.

  • The voyage began September 8, 1519.

  • Magellan sailed from Seville, Spain, with five ships, the Trinidad, San Antonio, Concepcion, Victoria, and Santiago.

A Long Journey

  • For months Magellan sailed up rivers into the middle of South America looking for a quick route to the Pacific.

  • Each time he failed to find a water route.

  • In the fall of 1520, three of Magellan’s ships sailed through what is now called the Strait of Magellan, near the tip of South America.

A Difficult Journey

  • After crossing the Strait of Magellan, the ships sailed across the Pacific.

  • As the months passed, their food spoiled.

  • They ate biscuits crawling with worms, and drank yellow water.

  • They ate rats, sawdust, and leather.

A Difficult Journey

  • Many sailors died of hunger.

  • Others died of scury, a sickness caused by not getting enough vitamin C, which is found in fruits and vegetables.

  • Dead sailors were tossed in the ocean.

  • Sharks followed the ships.

Land Spotted

  • In March 1521 the ships reached the Philippine Islands.

  • Magellan and his remaining crew stayed in the Philippines for several weeks.

  • Magellan was killed towards the end of the voyage in the Philippines, during a battle with the natives.

A Proven Theory

  • Three years later in Sept. 1522, only one ship - the Victoria - made it back to Spain, carrying only 18 of the original 270 crew members.

  • What Columbus believed was finally proven true.

  • Europeans could reach Asia by sailing west but first they had to go around the Americas.

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