First American Civilizations a collaborative Unit of Study

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First American Civilizations

  • A Collaborative Unit of Study

  • Connie Benavidez, Media Specialist

  • West Melbourne School for Science

This presentation and all student materials can be found on my website

  • West Melbourne School website: Media, Links


What was it?

  • A Social Studies unit developed in collaboration between the media specialist and a fifth grade teacher.

  • Integrated SS standards, information literacy skills and technology standards


  • Textbook

  • SS Standards

  • Information Literacy Skills

  • Technology Standards

  • FUN!

Thematic Planning

  • Colonial America unit 2005-06

  • Summer planning session

    • What were the skills we wanted to teach?
    • How could we incorporate technology?
    • How could students present the information using technology?

Technology Skills

How did we incorporate technology?

  • Research

    • FINDS – Florida Research Model
    • Web quest
      • Websites


First American Civilizations


  • You must have an introductory slide and 6 informational slides.

  • You may choose any layout.

  • You should have a graphic on each slide.

  • You may choose any transitions or effects.

Slide 1 Introductory Slide

  • Use the first layout

  • Title of the presentation

    • Region
    • Tribe
  • Names of group members and teacher’s name

  • At least one graphic

Slides 2-7 Informational Slides


  • All slides should have at least one graphic

  • How to insert a graphic

    • Insert
    • Picture
    • Clip Art
    • Clips Online
      • Check the box for the graphic you want
      • Download
      • Accept
      • Continue
      • Download Now
      • Open
      • Insert or Copy and paste


  • In slide or slide sorter view, select the slide or slides you want to add a transition to.

  • On the Slide Show menu, click Slide Transition.

  • In the Effect box, click the transition you want, and then select any other options you want.

  • Click Apply or Apply to All

How did we incorporate technology?

  • Presentation

    • PowerPoint
      • Presented information to class

Sample of a Student Group PowerPoint

The Southwest Hopi

  • By: Taylor Snyder, Victoria Siperek, Allen Greathouse, Mark Wilson, Chance Baker, and Ryan Regan. And our teacher…Mr.Cohen.


  • The men wear loin cloth.

  • The women wear ponchos with a long brown skirt.

  • Woman have braids in their hair.

  • Their clothing usually white or brown.


  • The Hopi eat corn, squash, beans, maize, and grain.

  • The Hopi hunted mammoths until they became extinct.

  • The Hopi hunted wild turkey.

  • The Hopi hunted buffalo.


  • Hopi’s lived in pueblos.

  • There were no beds or chairs in the houses.

  • Smoke left the house from a hole in the roof from fire.


  • Hopi’s live in NE Arizona.

  • It was very warm and dry and there were many sand dunes.

  • They had strict rules about water.


  • The Hopi believed they came from the underworld and would go back when they died.

  • They believed they used a blue bird to get out from the underworld.

  • The Hopi believed Kachina dolls caused rain.

Government/Religious Practice

  • They thought the sun was almighty.

  • They showed less interest in the afterlife.

  • They had full-time religious leaders and buildings

How did we incorporate technology?

  • Tours

    • Families
    • Other students
    • PowerPoint
      • Speech
      • Authentic Costume
      • Props
      • Authentic Display

Tours for Families

Tours for School

Questions??? Video

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