Flooding in San Diego County Deserts The Desert…For Many, a Desirable Place to Live

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Flooding in San Diego County Deserts

The Desert…For Many, a Desirable Place to Live

However desirable it may be to live in the desert, there are certain considerations one needs to know about when deciding to build in the desert.

Desert Geology/Climate

The Creation of Alluvial Fans

The Creation of Alluvial Fans

Mapped Alluvial Fans

  • Flood Control has extensively studied the hydrological flows of alluvial fans in the region

  • Has determined with reasonable accuracy: area of affect of 100-yr flows, depth of 100-yr flows

As development occurs on the desert floor, it becomes vulnerable to the processes of alluvial fan creation

This can lead to property damage

What Can Be Done to Minimize Flood Damage?

  • The home can be elevated above the 100-year flood level

  • Orient structure to present minimum obstruction to flow

  • The rest of property should remain free of obstructions to allow free flow of water around home

Future Concerns

  • Increased development can interfere with the efficient transport of water and debris by constricting flows to increasingly smaller spaces between homes

Possible Solutions

Example - Rams Hill

Open Space Drainage

  • Open belts of undeveloped land established along major flood flows

  • Flood flows from properties and roads gradually diverted into open belts

If homes and developments can be designed to accommodate the forces of nature rather than resist them, potential damage to both homes and the desert can be minimized

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