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Paula Fletcher

City Hall. 100 Queen Street W., Suite C44 Toronto ON, M5H 2N2  | 416-392-4060 |    @PaulaFletcherTO    @PaulaFletcherTO    @paulafletcher 

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Compost will be dropped off early —  

be sure to bring your own shovel  

and container.


Celebrating the Year of the Pig 

at the East Toronto Lunar New 

Year Fair at Gerrard Square.

Build Affordable Housing / Keep Housing Affordable

With skyrocketing rents, more and more “renovictions” 

and unaffordable house prices, our city is in the midst of a 

housing crisis. Building new affordable rental housing is key 

and City Council has set aside 11 City-owned sites to build 

almost 4,000 new affordable rental apartments. However 

this will take time due to rezoning and construction, so 

it’s critical to keep tenants in affordable spaces – like the 

Langley rooming house and East York apartment buildings 

where landlords are attempting renovictions. Everyone 

deserves a safe, secure, affordable and  

well-maintained home.

Rally to support the tenants being evicted 

from the Langley Rooming House






For information visit:

Sunday, June 9th at Dieppe Park

Saturday, September 14th at Jack Layton Way

Hands Off Our Subway!

The TTC is a critical part of Toronto’s 

economy. Our subway, buses and 

streetcars are an integrated network 

that take people to work, school, 

and appointments. The TTC is 

overcrowded and underfunded. It 

has the lowest subsidy of all major 

transit systems in Canada. Instead 

of funding it properly the province 

recently announced it would take 

over building new subways. Ford’s 

new ideas for the Relief Line will set 

it back as the current project has 

already undergone an environmental 

assessment, and preliminary design 

and engineering is underway.

Residents who attended the Transit 

Town Hall said this is too risky and 

don’t want the province to “upload” 

our subway system.

Full house at the Transit Town Hall in March 

Supporting #StudentsSayNo 

rallies at Cosburn, Danforth 

and Riverdale against proposed 

drastic cuts to public education




R H McGregor School and Wilkinson Junior P.S.



Paula Fletcher

City Hall. 100 Queen Street W., Suite C44 Toronto ON, M5H 2N2  | 416-392-4060 |    @PaulaFletcherTO    @PaulaFletcherTO    @paulafletcher 

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Watermain Replacement 

Project on Pape

The City is replacing the watermain on 

Pape from Danforth to Gowan. Work 

began in March at the Danforth end 

and will move northwards towards 

Gowan. It is scheduled to be completed 

in September. Mitigating the impacts 

of large construction projects on local 

businesses is very important. City staff 

have met with the Pape Village BIA Board 

to address concerns and find solutions. 

The annual Pape Village Summerfest will 

be taking place on Saturday, June 1st.

Annual Tree 

Lighting at East 

York Civic Centre

Celebrating the 

holiday season 

with the East York 


Pape Village BIA 

Cleanup Day

Saturday, April 27th 

11am to 12pm 

Meet at Bethany 

Baptist Church 

East York Seniors’ 

Christmas Dinner

A big thank you to 

all of the donors and 

volunteers for your 

support of this annual 

community event.

Agnes Macphail Award 2019

This year the annual award was 

presented to East York resident 

Karen Fraser in recognition of her 

extensive volunteer contributions. 


Danforth Avenue Study

The Danforth 

Avenue Planning 

and Complete 

Street Study 

between Coxwell 

and Broadview will 

begin soon. Extra 

funds have been 

secured to strengthen this study and include a Retail 

Vibrancy & Economic Development component. 

Local residents, active transportation advocates and 

businesses will be consulted about improving safety 

for all road users and ensuring that the Danforth 

remains a vibrant and unique street.

Dieppe Park Skating Party

Everyone had a fun time at the annual skating 

party with music by DJ Derek, hot chocolate 

from the Rooster and sunny weather. Great to 

see so many Leafs fans in East York!

 I was honoured that 

former Councillor Janet 

Davis left the East York 

Bulldog in my care.

East York Hockey and Little Stanley Cup

The East York Hockey Association is celebrating 

its 75th year and it is also the 65th year of the 

Little Stanley Cup. 

The league was 

founded in 1944 and 

their first hockey 

games were played 

at Dieppe Park on 

natural outdoor ice. 


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