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Olga Andreyeva

Olga Andreyeva





Freelance Illustrator

Illustration for clients in publishing and game industries. Selected projects include a modern fairy 

tale, a graphic novel for kids, textures for 3D models in Unity, a flash animation for a game pitch.    

Digital Art and Game Design Teacher

Teaching students use Photoshop to create characters, tiles, and various assets for their own video 

games. Helping with coding in Javascript using Phaser HTML5 game engine. Creating promotional 

materials, such as a logo and posters for the company. 

InterContinental New York Barclay     


Designing Barclay the Bee, a mascot for the hotel’s sustainability initiatives. Writing and 

illustrating two eight page comic books about Barclay and the importance of honey bees to New 

York City. Creating an animated holiday card and assets for use in the hotel and on the website. 

Communications Design Department     

Office Assistant 

Designing a variety of materials including posters, brochures, signage and web graphics while 

maintaining the ComD brand. Preparing extensive excel documents for meetings and information 

packets for students. Data entry, reception, ordering supplies, printing. Managing printers in the 

computer lab, helping students with technical problems.

Teaching Experiance

Young Game Makers       

Creating a scrolling shooter in GameMaker.

NYU Poly                             

Animating gifs in Photoshop.                 

Designing HTML5 games with Phaser and Photoshop. 

Selected Projects

Xantara Project       

Personal project —

A running webcomic / web-based game following the story of Elin and Keira as they travel the 

world on a quest to reverse the Crystal Uprising.

Chroma Project      

Team project —

CHROMA is a game that my team and I made for the Global Game Jam 2014. 



Illustration, comics, pre-visualization, graphic design, storyboarding.


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, DreamWeaver, InDesign, After Effects. 


MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Bento, Google Drive.


GameMaker, Unity, Phaser. 



HTML, CSS, Javascript.


Data entry, typing, filing, scanning, reception, printing.


Highly organized and reliable with an attention to detail. Able to work independently 


or in teams. Quick learner with a positive and humble attitude.


Fluent in Russian and English.


Pratt Institute       

Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, Communications Design Major

Graduated with Highest Honors and Oustanding Merit. 

Presidential Merit-Based Scholarship, Dean’s List


Cecilia Almeida       

Assistant Chair of the Communication Design Department  |  718-636-3594

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