Genoa Palazzo della Meridiana The Sundial palace is a palace built by Gerolamo Grimaldi

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Palazzo della Meridiana

  • The Sundial palace is a palace built by Gerolamo Grimaldi.

  • Originally the main side was on the other side.

  • The building became one of the best evidences of the renaissance

  • architecture in Genoa.

Chiesa di S. Filippo Neri

  • Situated on Via Lomellini, San Filippo Neri church represents a moment

  • when religious architecture in Genoa was on the highest level.

  • The church style is called Borrominiano-Guariniana.

Chiesa di S. Pietro in Banchi

  • San Pietro in Banchi Church was built in the second half of the XVI

  • century, above on a basament.

  • The special features are the shops under the Church, which paid for

  • its construction.

Loggia dei Mercanti

  • The construction of the Loggia of

  • Merchants concludes the programme

  • to improve Banchi Square, the old

  • shopping centre of the city.

  • During 1942 a bombing destroyed the

  • building but in 1950 was restored

  • and opened again.

Porto Antico

  • Genoa is a sea city and it has got the most important harbour on Italy,

  • the old harbour.

  • It is the place where Christopher Columbus, the Genoese explorer

  • who discovered America in 1492, was celebrated in 1992.

  • There is the aquarium, which is the

  • biggest in Europe, and an enormous

  • lift, the “Bigo”, from which you can

  • have an amazing view of the city.

Porta del Molo

  • Porta del molo (Pier Gate) has two functions: police control and

  • customs to pay taxis.

  • It was designed by the famous architect Alessi in 1550 and it is a

  • military building.

Piazza De Ferrari

  • De Ferrari Square is the most important square in Genoa, because

  • it’s the heart of the city.

  • Here you can find a big fountain and, all around, magnificent palaces,

  • such as Palazo Ducale, the Exchange Palace, The Museum of Fine

  • Arts and the Opera House Carlo Felice, a very important theatre.

Galleria Mazzini

  • “Mazzini Galery” is situated in the centre of the city.

  • It is a very beautiful gallery with a glass covering.

  • There are glass domes, under which you can see metallic eagles, and

  • beautiful lamps.

  • In this gallery you can often see a book market.

Via XX Settembre

  • 20th September st. is 792 meters long.

  • It is the main street in Genoa and it was built in two parts.

  • The first one has beautiful palaces built in different Italian styles, such

  • as the extraordinary “Palazzo dei

  • Giganti” where you can see eight

  • statues of giants.

  • The second one is characterized

  • by palaces built in the international

  • “liberty” style which has amazing

  • archways.

  • The two parts of the street are

  • divided by a monumental bridge

  • called“Ponte Monumentale”.

Piazza della Vittoria

  • The Vittoria square is one of the main central squares in Genoa, and in

  • the centre of the square there is a monument for the fallen in the First

  • World War.

  • The realization of the square is of the Fascism period. The first of the

  • eight palaces that are around the

  • square was built in 1929 and is in

  • the north west corner of the square.

  • All buildings of the square are

  • connected by a long archway.

Val Bisagno

  • The Bisagno valley is one of the main valleys in Genoa: it takes its

  • name from the stream Bisagno, one the main stream of Genoa, which

  • flows into the Ligurian Sea. In the Bisagno valley there is our school

  • called Majorana. The Bisagno valley is one of the most populated area

  • in Genoa. Also the valley is the connection with the Genoa inland.

Cimitero di Staglieno

  • Staglieno cemetery is one of the most important monumental

  • cemeteries in Europe. It is situated in the Bisagno Valley.

  • There are a lot of Genoese people buried, such as Giuseppe Mazzini.

  • As well as being a cemetery it’s a museum, for its statues.

Madonna del Monte

  • Madonna del Monte is a church situated on a mountain in Val Bisagno.

  • It’s the place where your hostel is.

  • The church is a magnificent example of renaissance art.

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