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George H. W. Bush Best Prepare President


  • Mr. Simoneau & Mr. Reed

  • March 2009

Early Years in the Bush’s Family

  • June 12, 1924, Milton, Mass

  • Lived in Washington, DC. Son of a US Senator, Prescott Bush, R-Connecticut.

  • High School at Phillips Exeter Academy, Milton, MA. Elite private school

  • Family mansion on Walker Point in Kennepunkport, Maine.

Decorated Pilot

  • Enlisted in US Navy on his 18th birthday

  • Youngest pilot ever to earn his wings.

  • Served on the USS San Jacinto

  • 58 combat missions vs Japanese

  • Shot down, rescued by a US submarine

  • Distinguished Flying Cross

Marriage & Family Life

  • Barbara, Jan. ‘45

  • Started his family while at Yale

  • 6 children, George W. the eldest son.

  • Jeb Bush, R. Gov of Florida

College Education at Yale

  • GI Bill of Rights after W II.

  • 3 year graduate of Yale University, Hartford, CT

  • Phi Beta Kappa

  • Cpt, 1B, Baseball Team. College World Series, Omaha, Neb

College World Series

1950’s: Texas Oilman & TX Congressman

  • Invest in oil industry

  • Hits a gusher.

  • Self-made millionaire

  • Moves to Houston, & runs for congress


  • 1st Republican ever to be elected from the Houston, TX district

  • Served 2 terms in the House

  • Ran twice, unsuccessfully, for a US Senate seat from Texas.

Bush serves as a US Ambassador first to the United Nations, NYC latter to China, 1st US Ambassador there

Bush serves as Reagan’s VP for 8 years

  • De-regulation

  • Anti-drug campaign

  • Traveled widely around the world representing the US

Election of 1988

  • Bush & Quayle vs Mike Dukakis (D)

Man of the Year. 1988

  • Two Themes:

  • Continuing the Reagan Era

  • Peace & Prosperity

Bush I Presidency

  • Captures Panama dictator Manual Ortega.

  • US Marines bust Drug cartel

  • Iraq invades Kuwait.

  • Oil prices explode!

The Gulf War, 1991. US vs Iraq 550,000 US Troops, 125,000 Allies

  • Gen. Stormin’ Norman Schwartkopf

  • General Colin Powell

  • Not attack Baghdad

  • Let Huessein continue in power

  • Not occupy Iraq.

  • By Dick Cheney? Sec of Def.

The Persian Gulf War

  • Iraq invades Kuwait

  • Grand Coalition.

  • US 425,000

  • World 118,000

  • 3 weeks of bombing

  • 100-hr invasion

  • Iraq Army is destroyed

Looking back on the Gulf War

  • Heroic return of US troops to DC

  • Troubled US economy

  • Read my lips, no new taxes.

  • Growing deficit.

  • GW signs new tax Bill signed

The 7 Sisters

Election of 1992

  • Incumbent President Bush runs for re-election

  • Dem. Bill Clinton / Al Gore

  • Ross Perot, Independence Party

  • Win by a Plurality

Bush vs Clinton ‘92

Election of 2000

G W H Bush in pictures

The USS George H. W. Bush

Bush in his Retirement

Evaluating the G H W Bush’s Presidency

Bush 1’s Presidential Library

Bush Life in Review

Bush / Clinton Initiative

  • Hurricane Katrina

  • AIDS in Africa

  • Fighting Malaria

Official White House Portrait

  • Bush 1 Remembered?

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