Global Acid Rock Drainage (gard) Best Practices for amd control & Treatment Terrence Chatwin, inap &

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Global Acid Rock Drainage (GARD) Best Practices for AMD Control & Treatment

  • Terrence Chatwin, INAP &

  • Keith Ferguson, Sustainability Engineering


  • March 31, 2009

  • Morgantown, WV

Summary of Presentation

  • What is the GARD Guide

  • The Need for a GARD Guide

  • Mining Industry’s Commitment to Solving ARD Problems

  • The Ultimate Solution – You

  • The GARD Guide – Scope

  • The GARD Guide – Structure

  • Wiki Demonstration

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Roman Portal in Spain with ARD

Iron Mountain, CA


ARD Costs

  • USA - $5 billion to $72 billion

  • Canada - $1.3 to $3.3 billion

  • Australia - $1 billion

Mining’s Commitment to Communities and Stakeholders

  • “While share holder value is our primary driver, every decision the Board makes takes into account the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders; … We have numerous examples that demonstrate our absolute commitment to improving the quality of life of the communities we work with and to minimising harm to the environment.”

  • - Don Argus, Chairman BHP Billiton

First Phase

  • First Phase

    • Beta version prepared by Golder Associates and undergoing review
    • Wiki structure developed for Guide
    • Further expert input and targeted workshops planned for remainder of 2008
  • Second Phase

    • Broad stakeholder review of draft through INAP website (starts February 2009)
  • Third Phase

    • Update, publish and rollout by June 2009
  • Fourth Phase

Mining People

  • “I believe the first key for the path forward for the mining industry is to emphasize the value of developing our people to sustain the mining industry in the future.“

  • - Paul Dowd, Newmont Managing Director (Retired)

YOU Are The Solution

  • Education

  • Experience

  • Tools

  • Capacity

  • Technical & Communication Skills

  • Commitment

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