Good Times & Bad Times

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Good Times & Bad Times

Life! I still do not have the exact concept of what life is exactly and what one values the most in his/her life. But what I do know is that our life is comprised of several ups and downs. Those ups are valued as good times when life continues easily with less complications and the downs are bad times when life becomes harder and more complicated. No matter how wealthy we are or what position we hold, we ought to face both bad and good times one after another. I think happiness better describes a good time. But happiness can not be measured, it is a feeling that gives us the most pleasure. On the other hand, bad times come when one's expectation does not come true.

Personally, my good times involve my friends and parents when I was back home in my own country. I am the only son of my parents and I had nothing to worry about, maybe because I was not bound to any kind of responsibility. I cannot remember a time when I had to stay alone. Whenever I was going through some obstacles, there were people who'd care for me. My good times began from my school life when I lived in the hostel. I can still remember those days when I and my friends would cross the school fence to buy cigarettes. Then we would go to some bushy place, where nobody could see us, to smoke them. I used to love the coldness of the cigarette filter when it got frozen during those winters. The school allowed us to go to our homes during the last weekend of every month. When that time came, we used to realize that the month had passed in the blink of an eye as all of us went to our respective homes. When returning to the hostel, I always had to depart from my parents in the middle of the song that was playing in my fathers car. I always wished that the school would have been a bit farther. Thus, on one side I was happy that I was back with my friends and on the other side, I was sad about departing from my parents. In my country, schooling is completed in three stages. The first stage is primary school which is up to fourth grade, then secondary school till the tenth grade and high school lasted to complete +2 education. In no time primary and secondary school ended and high school began. High school ended in two short years hanging out with friends and visiting distant places as a educational tour. Back home, we celebrated a lot of festivals. Those festivals provided us a chance to meet our relatives. Today, I understand the importance of those festivals that kept us tied with the society and the excitement we used to have during the arrival of those festivals.

I know that such things do not matter to most people but these were the activities I was involved in that gave me pleasure and, no doubt, they were my good times. Today I am far from my country and I am feeling lonely and isolated. I do not have that close friends with whom I can share my sweet memories in the past. Each day I am going through has a similar pattern, it seems like the same routine is going on every day. I think I have not been matured enough to tackle the problems myself that may arise in the near future; I am used to getting support and help from friends and family. I am trying to convince myself that every single person has to go through this situation as he/she goes through the process of becoming independent. After spending three months in this new place, I now understand that everyone is out for himself in this country and that nobody even cares nor tries to interfere in one's personal matter.

At this point, when I compare my lifestyle in these two places, I find a huge gap and realize that the time I spent back home was the golden period of my life. Such a drastic change in my environment, sometimes frustrates me. And now, while I am writing this paper, I realize that the situation I am in is a bad time. Nevertheless, I am not going to lose my hope and I'll try my best to make it better since I am here to shape my future. I am also aware of the fact that good times comes simultaneously after bad times.
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