Х1 They breakfast at 7 o’clock yesterday a have b had c shall have d will have

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Х1 They ___ breakfast at 7 o’clock yesterday.
a) have b) had c) shall have d) will have
2 They _ wash _ car every day.
a) don’t / my b) don’t / his c) don’t / their d) don’t / our
3. _ any men in the hall?
a) Are there b) Are their c) Are they d) Is there
4. The students _ very tired today. Because they _ at a party last night.
a) were / are b) are / was c) are / were d) were / were
5. What _ you _ now?
a) did/do b) are/doing c) is/doing d) will doing
6. The sun ___ out three hours ago. It is still shining.
a) come b) will come c) came d) comed
7 The equipment ___ by 3 o‟clock yesterday.
a) has tested b) had been tested c) tested d) testing
8. Has he ___ flu?
a) have b) does c) has d) got
9 _ name is Apple. She is _ England.
a) his / for b) her / from c) her / come d) his / look
How many children _ they _?
a) have / got b) have / get c) does / got d) has / got
10. ___ she got a white dress?
a) Does b) Has c) Have d) Had
11. If you ___ me your address, I shall write you a letter.
a) give b) will give c) gave d) shall give
12 Listen! Somebody ___ in the next room.
a) sing b) sings c) are singing d) is singing
14. I know he reads every book I _ ever _ of. a) -/hear b) -/heard c) have/heard d) has/heard
17 Who goes sightseeing? a) Nina does. b) We shall. c) We did. d) I did.
18 I _ a cigarette a day, but my teacher _ smoke.
a) don‟t / smokes b) smoke / doesn‟t c) smokes / smokes d) smoke / don‟t
19. Here _ 3 telephones, but _ isn‟t a cooker.
a) are / they b) is / there c) are / there d) are / their
20. A: ___ was Mr. Black born?
B: He was born ___ 1963.
a) When / at b) Where / in c) What / in d) When / in
22. What a man he is! He _ his passport and_ keys ___ his car yesterday.
a) forgot / lose / of b) forget / lost / of c) forgot / lost / of d) forgot / lost / from
23 Canada is ___ than the USA
a)big b) the biggest c) bigger d) more big
24 We usually meet once ___ week
a) a b) the c) an d)-
25 There ___ some soup on the table
a) are b) is c) a d) -
26 Are there ___ hot dogs in the magazine ?
a) are b) is c) some d) any

  1. we saw _____ animal in the zoo

A)large b) more large c) largest d) the largest

  1. his is ____ statue in the museum

a) beautiful b) more beautiful c)the most beautiful d) most beautiful
29. There ____ tea on the table
a)is b)are c)a d)-
30 They ____ breakfast at 7 oclock yesterday
a)have b)had c) shall have d)will have

Test -2
1.London _ got a lot of parks.

A) has B) have C) does D) do
2.Your class is _ than my class.
A) noisy B) noisiest C) noisier D) more noisy
3.Do you like _ ?
A) cook B) cooking C) to cook D) cooked
4. I often _ have a lot of time, so I _ do the shopping myself.
A) don’t / don’t B) doesn’t / does C) didn’t / did D) didn’t / didn’t
5.I _ him three months ago.
A) see B) sees C) saw D) seen
6.We _ in 1965.
A) met B) meets C) meet D) meeting
7. Princess Diana _ in 1997.
A) die B) died C) dies D) dye
8.Today’s the third _ April.
A) in B) on C) of D) at
9.Where _ you now?
A) were B) do C) are D) is
10. What month _ it last month?
A) was B) is C) were D) did
11.Ann usually _ to work, but yesterday she_ .
A) drive / walks B) drives / walked C) drove / walked D) drive / walk
12. It usually _ a lot in winter but last year it _ .
A) rains / snowed B) rains / snows C) rain / snowed D) rain /snow
13. Where _ she live now ?
A) did B) do C) does D) is
14.She _ learn to read until she was
A) didn’t B) doesn’t C) isn’t D) don’t
15.Where _ she live in 1950?
A) does B) is C) did D) do
16.I _ bread this morning.
A) buy B) bought C) sell D) buying
17. He was born _ 1955.
A) on B) at C) of D) in
18. 130 __
A) one hundred and thirty B) one hundred and fifteen C) one hundred and fifty D) one hundred and thirteen
20.Do you like _ English?
A) learn B) learned C) learning D) learnt
21.I get up _ six o’clock _ Tuesdays.
A) at / on B) at / in C) about / at D) around / in
22.She’s _ than her brother.
A) tall B) tallest C) taller D) the tallest
23. She is smaller _ her sister.
A) that B) this C) than D) this
24. I’m the _ in the class.
A) youngest B) most youngest C) young D) younger
25.Have you _ any rice?
A) have B) got C) have got D) had
26.Bill _ got any friends.
A) has no B) hasn’t C) doesn’t D) not
27.If you ___ me your address, I shall write you a letter.
a) give b) will give c) gave d) shall give
28. If a lawyer _____ the documents, we will see .A) read B) shall read C) will read D) reads
29. Monkey ___________ tree at the moment
A) has climp B) is climping C) climp D) climping
30. The equipment ___ by 3 o‟clock yesterday.
a) has tested b) had been tested c) tested d) testing
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