Headwaters Bus Tour Come see where Michigan’s longest river begins! Join us for a Bus Tour of the headwaters region of the Upper Grand River. Stops will include the first dam on the Grand, prairie restoration sites, watershed divides

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Headwaters Bus Tour 

Come see where Michigan’s longest river begins!  

Join us for a Bus Tour of  the headwaters region of  

the Upper Grand River.  Stops will include the first 

dam on the Grand, prairie restoration sites, 

watershed divides, and more!                               

Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather.                   

The tour is free, but donations are accepted.


Space is limited, so RSVP is required by July 5


 to Paul @ 

prentschler@asti-env.com or 810-923-5278.  Visit 

www.uppergrandriver.org for more information. 

Upper Grand River Watershed 

Wed. July 14



2:00-4:30 pm 

Meet at Liberty Fire Hall 

202 E. Liberty Rd.              

in Clarklake 

(Park at Liberty Township 

Hall, 101 W. Liberty Rd.) 
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Upper Grand River Headwaters Tour 


1.  Liberty Dam 

(Liberty Road, east of S. Jackson Road, across from the Liberty Township Fire Hall) 

First dam on the Grand River. 


2.  Grand River Prairie Fen and Oak Savanna and Restoration Project 

(south side of Liberty Road, west of Springbrook Road) 

A short hike guided by Nature Conservancy naturalist, Rodolfo Villegas. Learn about globally rare species 

along the Grand River and efforts to protect and restore them.   


3.  Kalamazoo and Grand River Watershed Divide 

(west on Liberty Rd., south on Round Lake Rd to US 12) 

Round Lake is the beginning of North Branch of the Kalamazoo River. 


4.  Jerome Country Market 

(just west of intersection of Round Lake Rd.and US 12) 

View the display of wildlife taxidermy, purchase from a selection of cheeses, homemade jerky, drinks, etc. 


5.  Bundy Hill 

(travel east on US 12, north side) 

Bundy Hill was originally the highest elevation in the Grand River Watershed at 1,439 feet. The 

commemorative headwaters rock at the Liberty Dam came from here. 


6.  McCourtie Park 

(traveling further east on US 12, north side) 

View this unique park with 1930’s concrete sculptures done in the Mexican folk art tradition. This was the 

home of Portland Cement founder, W.H.L McCourtie.  Stories circulate about past gangster activity and 

current hauntings. Park includes 17 cement bridges over Goose Creek; headwaters of the River Raisin. 


7.  The New Headwaters of the Grand River 

(west on US 12, north on Waldron Road, west on Vicary Road, north on West Shore Drive ) 

View the man-made lakes of South & North Lake LeAnn, and Mirror Lake 


8. and 9.  Grand Lake 

(park at end of West Shore Drive and west on Vicary to north on Patch Rd, and  

private drive off Sutfin Road going east) 

View the “natural beginning” of Grand River, a beautiful, pristine lake with few buildings

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