Hello parents and students of ap human Geography, ap world History, ap european History

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Hello parents and students of AP Human Geography, AP World History, AP European History 

and AP Art History. Did you miss out on this year's trip to Europe? No worries! Spring Break 

2017 will also be amazing! 


We are extending a personal invitation to your son or daughter to travel on the tour Austria

Germany and Switzerland during Spring Break 2017 with other Mountain Vista students. This 

special letter invites your son or daughter to become a part of the Mountain Vista Global Travel 

Tradition. Because your child is enrolled in an AP history course this year, they have a very 

unique opportunity to actually SEE and BE a part of that history. Our travels will provide 

something that the text book or I could never accomplish. This will be the 30


 tour Mountain 

Vista has taken with EF Tours. Ms. Schuster and myself have personally sponsored and 

chaperoned spring break trips abroad for the last twelve years. We took an amazing life changing 

trip to China in 2013 and in 2014 we visited 5 countries in Eastern and Central Europe. In 2015 

we took 35 students to England, France, and Amsterdam. This year’s trip already has 41 students 

going to Spain, France and Italy. 


The trip in 2017 will start out in the Austrian Capital of Vienna where we will visit the palace of 

the Hapsburgs and learn to Viennese waltz dance! From there we wind our way through the 

mountains and forests of Germany to visit Salzburg and Munich. We will visit the Dachau 

concentration camp and then the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. After a brief stop in the tiny 

country of Liechtenstein, we go to the beautiful mountain setting of Switzerland!! Fondue and 

Mount Pilatus will be the highlights. Our trip will end with three amazing days in the 

northwestern Rhineland region of Germany.  


A parent and student informational meeting will be held 

Tuesday, November 17 at 6 p.m. 

in room L508. , Please see Mrs. Schuster or Mr. Patrick for more information.  


You can enroll and learn more about the trip online by going to 





...or with an EF representative by calling EF Customer Service at 



If you have any questions please contact me. 


Best regards, 


Charles Patrick 

Social Studies, Mountain Vista High School 



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