Hero’s Journey in Nonfiction Can we find examples of the Hero’s Journey in nonfiction?

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Hero’s Journey in Nonfiction

  • Can we find examples of the Hero’s Journey in nonfiction?

Perseverance Story

  • We’re going to read “The Race to the South Pole,” a biographical account of Roald Amundsen – the first man to make it to the South Pole. Amundsen’s slow-but-steady pace, combined with his perseverance, ultimately led him to plant his flag at the pole first.

  • Describe a time when you used perseverance to

  • overcome a challenge or to achieve a desired goal.

    • Proofread for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.
    • Use at least 3 appositives.
    • At least 1 page long

Reading Strategies

Set a purpose

  • Get an idea of what this is about

  • Come up with some questions you want to answer

  • Decide your pace

Notice Text Structure

  • Chronological

    • First, next, then, days, time
  • Why?

    • Helps you know what’s important
      • Chronological = I need to know what happened and in what order it happened
    • Helps you decide how to take notes
      • Jot down main events
      • Perhaps make a timeline?

Stop & Process

  • Stop Periodically (you decide when) and ….

    • Clarify
    • Recap
    • Ask a question
    • Answer one of your purpose questions
    • Jot down a note
    • Share your opinion
    • Make connections

Make Connections

  • Text to Text (another story/article)

  • Text to Self (your own life)

  • Text to World (current or past events)

  • This reminds me of ….

  • This is just like…

  • I’ve heard this before in ….

After You Read

  • Recap

    • Fill in the L column

After You Read

  • How is this work of nonfiction representative of the ideal of the Hero’s Journey?

  • What is Roald Amundsen’s Ordinary World?

  • Describe his Call to Adventure

  • Is there evidence to show that Amundsen was reluctant? That he might Refuse the Call? Explain.

  • Did Amundsen have a Mentor? Explain.

  • What is the Threshold Amundsen has to pass through in order to continue on his journey? What makes you think this?

  • Are you surprised that a work of non-fiction can closely follow the fictional structure of the Hero’s Journey? Why or why not?

Personal Writing

  • http://www.lyricalworks.com/herojourney/herojourney.htm

  • What are your dragons? What stage have you reached in your own hero’s journey? Explain your response. (min. 150 words)

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