Holidays and Food Holidays: dprk day, Worker Day

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Holidays and Food

  • Holidays: DPRK Day, Worker Day

  • Korean food in Korean :

    • 1.Mae un tang – Spicy Fish
    • 2. Neng myung – Cold Noodles
    • 3. Nok du chum - Mug Bean Soup


  • Area Comparative slightly smaller than Mississippi.

  • Natural resources is coal, lead, iron, gold.

  • Physical description is North Korea occupies slightly more than half Korean Peninsula and covers some 47,250.

National Anthem and Art



  • North Koreans speak Russian, Chinese and English

  • People in North Korea say “Are you in peace?” or “Annyong haseyo”.


  • North Korea and South Korea are still at war

  • Once they had a war that lasted three years

  • DMZ (De-Militized zone) set up in 1953 separates North and South Korea


  • Families don’t have much time together

    • fathers leave in the morning and come back late at night.
  • Workers eat at work places and on the street.

  • Only a child is allowed to walk while they eat which is not often.


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What I think about North Korea

  • I think that North Korea is a wonderful place and as grate art.


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