How is education system in Uzbekistan organized?

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How is education system in Uzbekistan organized

  1. How is education system in Uzbekistan organized?

In Uzbekistan, secondary education is divided into two stages. The first stage includes nine years of compulsory schooling with the same programs all over Uzbekistan. The second stage covers education and vocational training after nine years. It includes general secondary education and specialized secondary education.

2. Where are situated the biggest state universities?

Situated in Samarkand, Nukus and Tashkent

3.How many years of education are obligatory in Uzbekistan?

In Uzbekistan 11 years of education are compulsory and free, beginning with 4 years at primary school, and followed by 2 phases of secondary education taking 5 and 2 years respectively.

4. When did government spending in Uzbekistan fall?
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