I don’t like this hat either

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A hat. Юшинова 04002105

Once Upon a Time in the Store 
“I don’t like this hat either,” said the lady. She examined every shelf of the store 
scrupulously, but still couldn’t find the perfect one. “Mrs. Smith, the new collection 
has already hit the store. Would you like to try on something new?”, asked the 
salesperson politely. The lady was so chuffed that she asked the assistant to bring all 
the new hats to the fitting room! After two hours of a non-stop fitting, the lady finally 
found a perfect hat. It was a beige felt hat with a floral print and a bunch of pearls all 
over it. Mrs. Smith thanked the salesperson and happily left the shop. But the guy 
wasn’t happy after all. The whole floor was covered with hats!

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