I know that us is a country which provides international students with a lot of opportunities and educational facilities

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I know that US is a country which provides international students with a lot of opportunities and educational facilities. US government is allocating huge amount of money on the improvement of education and I have many friends who are studying in the USA and they are doing their best. When they share their experiences and imprints about this country and the universities with me that urges me to go to this country and study there. And I have witnessed that the most of the top and prestigious universities are in the USA after doing some research about these.
When it comes to why I choose FIU is that this university has grown to become the third-largest university in Florida by enrollment. Also, FIU has 11 colleges and more than 40 centers and facilities, labs and institutes that offer more than 200 programs of study and some of them related to my major. In addition, FIU has huge amount of campus which can provide amazing atmosphere and new experiences, friends with 344-acre in the Miami-Dade county. FIU offers 191 academic programs, 60 baccalaureate programs, 81 master's programs, 3 specialist programs, 34 doctoral programs, 4 professional programs in 23 colleges and schools. Because of these reasons I decided to choose Florida International University and I will never regret.
At present, there so many businesses around the world and I also want to set up my own business in the distant future. I know that I need to study Bachelor of Business Administration at FIU if I really want to create my own business. Business Administration is the administration of commercial enterprise. It includes all aspects of overseeing and supervising the business operations. I firmly believe that after graduating Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at FIU by gaining a lot of business-related knowledge I would be able to establish my own Business and I have been doing thorough research on the Business Administration Faculty at FIU and also, I have met with a number of Alumnae who graduated from there
After graduating from Business Administration at FIU,I am planning take part in one of the prominent companies of the United State of America where I could gain necessary work experiences. Through this period of time, I am also going to learn how to manipulate company successfully. Moreover, I have a great intention to be in part of well-known companies. I will come back to my own country to start my own company which is specialized to help entrepreneurs and business administrators how to organize work minutely and fortuitously. I do believe that I would be able to contribute to my country’s economical well-being.
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