In four previous appearances

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THAILAND, AP - Top-seeded 

Peng Shuai of China has fallen to 

Japan’s Misaki Doi 6-3 2-6 6-2 in 

the second round of the Thailand 

Open. Doi, in their fi rst meeting, 

handed Peng her earliest loss in 

Pattaya on Wednesday. Peng had 

reached at least the quarter-fi nals 

in four previous appearances.

MADRID, AFP - Barcelona took a huge step towards 

their fi fth Copa del Rey fi nal in seven years with a 3-1 

win over Villarreal in the fi rst leg of their semi-fi nal 

yesterday. Lionel Messi opened the scoring from Luis 

Suarez’s cutback four minutes before the break, but 

Villarreal levelled shortly after half-time when Marc-

Andre Ter Stegen failed to keep out Manu Trigueros’s 

drive. Barca were back in front within a minute through 

Andres Iniesta and Gerard Pique’s header.

Shuai falls

Victory for Barcelona 

CANBERRA, AAP - The Brumbies 

will boast the equal tallest player 

in Super Rugby history when 

lock Rory Arnold plays against 

the Queensland Reds in Canberra 

tonight. The Wagga-born behemoth 

will share the Super Rugby record 

with South African Andries Bekker.

Arnold to start




Adi Cakobau completes inter-house competition in Suva 

THE girls from Sawani, Adi Ca-

kobau School, held their inter-

house meet yesterday and the 

times and distances attained had 

the coaches smiling.

Next obstacle for the once 

schools athletics champions will 

be the NNN Zone, but the focus is 

always on the Coca-Cola Games.

ACS which claimed 10 titles in 

a row, lost their grip on the girls’ 

division in 2013 and since then has 

not won the title back.

Lautoka’s Jasper Williams

who became surprise winners 

that year, defended their title suc-

cessfully last year.

Head coach Bereti Laqere said 

the girls had prepared for the in-

ter-house with the mind-set that 

they were champions.

“Yes, the pressure is there but if 

we prepare like we are champions 

then we would perform like cham-

pions,” she said. 

“The school teaches the girls 

to excel in anything they do, be 

it sports or education and that is 

what we believe is the difference.

“The school has a roll of 680 

and the number of students par-

ticipating today (yesterday) is 

around 400. So you can see the 

determination and the pride the 

girls have.”

Laqere added the outcome on 

the fi eld was a team effort where 

both coaches and athletes worked 

hard together to bring in the re-


She said in this year’s Coke 

Games, ACS will be fi elding  as 

many athletes as possible in all 

disciplines in track and fi eld.

Last year ACS fi nished off with 

7 gold, 10 silver and 4 bronze in 

comparison to Jasper’s 10 gold, 6 

silver and 4 bronze.

ACS athletes in action during the school’s inter-house  

meet at the ANZ Stadium yesterday.






RAIWAI Volleyball Asso-

ciation (RVA) has received 

a timely boost in the lead- 

up to the Vanua Challenge 

which will be held at the 

end of this month.

The association received 

support from RC Manubhai 

for the 2014-2015 season.

The company had sup-

ported the association in 

2008 and 2009.

RVA president Jona Nay-

acatini said the support 

from RC Manubhai would 

foster the growth and the 

development of sports in 

the country and also with-

in the community.

“RC Manubhai is a well 

renowned company in the 

country and we hope to 

be the fi rst sporting team 

(predominantly) volley-

ball to tap into their great 


“Their support towards 

our humble efforts is in a 

way a contribution to the 

rehabilitation and develop-

ment of our youths,” Naya-

catini said.

 “In sponsoring our as-

sociation, R C Manubhai

would be backing one of the 

most successful volleyball 

teams in the country dat-

ing back to 1970’s.”

Nayacatini said the sup-

port was timely as the as-

sociation was working to-

wards getting back into 

winning ways.

“The groundwork for the 

successful return to win-

ning ways has already been 

set with the return of six 

national representatives 

to the recent tour of Can-


“We do look forward to 

building a long lasting re-

lation with our sponsors.”



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