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As can be seen, using authentic materials is a relatively easy and convenient way of improving not only your students' general skills, but also their confidence in a real situation. This is only a brief introduction to the ideas involved, but some of these ideas could easily be expanded to form part of a motivating and effective course.
Nowadays it is virtually impossible for our learners to avoid any contact with authentic English texts. They need help to develop key skills to understand and benefit from these sources. As teachers we can do this by taking into consideration the type of texts, the background and characteristics of our students, and the skills and language they need for the purpose.
In conclusion, using authentic language material is a great way to design a truly interactive class
If a foreign language class is limited to the textbook format, it will eventually pan out to be safe, predictable and mundane. By introducing authentic materials into the classroom, students will develop confidence and curiosity regarding the language as well as regarding the culture of the countries in which it is spoken. Eventually, perhaps sooner than you think, your students will be performing their own searches in their free time. The language will be truly merged with their own interests. 
Of course there are many other authentic text examples, reading materials and multimedia content you can try with your learners. You might want to teach online English with podcasts, TV or radio interviews, clips or trailers from movies, and even ads or posters. 
One of the best ways to introduce this type of content is to ask your students to find it! Ask them to find an interesting video, article, poster, advertisement or other piece of content that they would like to explore in class. 
Tell them to send it to you well in advance of the lesson, so you have time to prepare your activities. 
We hope this has sparked some ideas for your next class and has inspired you to try teaching with authentic materials in your own lessons. If you found this advice helpful, you might also like to read The ultimate dos and don’t guide to teaching kids online. Using authentic materials in English language teaching course work has numerous benefits. It allows learners to develop their language skills in a more natural and meaningful way, as they are exposed to real-life language use. Additionally, it provides opportunities for learners to learn about culture and gain knowledge about various topics. Authentic materials also help teachers create engaging and interactive lessons that cater to the diverse needs of learners. However, it is important to select materials that are appropriate for the level and interests of the learners. Furthermore, teachers should be prepared to scaffold learning activities and provide support when necessary. Overall, incorporating authentic materials into English language teaching course work can enhance the quality of teaching and learning, making the language acquisition process more stimulating and effective.

Download 231.92 Kb.

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