Innovation the competitiveness of a territory is determined by the innovative activities carried out by the entire economic, productive and government system

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    • Innovation
    • the competitiveness of a territory is determined by the innovative activities carried out by the entire economic, productive and government system, so that it is necessary to set up territorial innovation systems and to build capacities to manage them
    • Collaboration
    • a good inter-functional network between industry – particularly SMEs – and RTD organizations – particularly universities – accelerate the innovation development
    • Internationalization
    • SMEs have not enough resources and know-how to dedicate to internationalization and new markets search so that specialized support in international marketing and networking is a fundamental factor for innovative business growth
    • Smart specialisation

  • AREA is a member of the CEI Science and Technology Network since 2005

  • Bosnia Herzegovina:

    • Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Science and Technology of Republika Srpska (2009);
    • collaborations in Republika Srpska with the Agency for the development of SMEs, the University of Banja Luka and the Chamber of Commerce;
    • collaboration in the Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina with the Agency for Development of SMEs in Sarajevo
  • Croatia:

    • Memorandum of Understanding with Industrial Park Nova Gradiska (2008),
    • capacity building project “Technology park/BISC Nova Gradiska” (December 2010-June 2012) to support strategic planning and development of a technopark and of a local innovation system;
    • Memoranda of Understanding with the University of Rjeka and with Technology Park STeP Rjeka (2011);
    • collaboration with the Technology Transfer Office of the University of Split

  • Montenegro:

    • service contract for “Business Plan Development for Establishment of the Scientific and Technology Park in Montenegro” with the Ministry of Science;
    • collaboration with the Directorate for Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  • Serbia:

    • collaboration with several Serbian research and SMEs support organisations, participation in many workshops and initiatives with Serbian institutions

  • Opportunities from IPA Adriatic Cross Border Cooperation:

  • AREA is coordinating the project:

    • ADRIACOLD - Diffusion of Cooling and Refreshing Technologies using the Solar Energy Resource in the Adriatic Regions: promoting and spreading the use of alternative energy in the field of cooling on the territories of the Adriatic basin, in order to make them achieve an increasing independence from fossil fuels
  • The partners: Cortea (I), Province of Rimini (I), ENEA - Italian agency for new technologies, energy and the environment (I), Municipality of San Dorligo Della Valle / Dolina (I), GOLEA – Goriska Local Energy Agency (SLO), Jožef Stefan Institute (SLO), Municipality of Piran (SLO), University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (HR), Regional energy agency Kvarner (HR), City of Dubrovnik (HR), The Economics Institute JSC Banja Luka (BiH), Durres Municipality (ALB)

    • Activities to increase the competitiveness of the region through joint targeted action:

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