International Renaissance Foundation • 2007 Annual Report

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 $ 5,945 
All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Council for 
Protecting the Rights and Safety of Patients” (01133, 
Kyiv, Pervomaiskoho St., 9-A, Office 5,  
tel. +38 (044) 235-65-87) 
Project Manager:
 Viktor Serdyuk 
Project Summary:
 June 1-3, 2007 practical seminar in Kyiv 
for winners of the public competition “Patients-Leaders” 
and conference on patient safety in the framework 
of the project “Partnerships, Exchanging Experience 
and Fostering the Creation of the National Movement 
‘Patients for Patients’ Safety” (project partner - Patient 
Safety Foundation, Lodz, Poland). Engaging the general 
public in the active introduction of the idea of patient 
safety on the legislative and practical levels by forming 
networks of patients-leaders. Initiating studies on 
reasons and frequency of medical mistakes. Developing 
arguments for introducing the concept for patient safety 
in order to lobby it before relevanty government bodies. 
 $ 9,995 
Donetsk Oblast Organization “Donetsk Press 
Club” (83017, Donetsk, Ovnatanyana St, 4, Office 908 
b, tel. +38 (062) 345-17-95)
Project Manager:
 Iryna Chernychenko 
Project Summary:
 Two applied seminars in June 
and October 2007 in the city of Donetsk with the 
participation of Czech experts in the framework of 
the project “Democratization of Media in Eastern 
Ukraine: Methodology of Journalist Investigations, 
Internet Journalism” (project partner – People in Need 
NGO, Prague, Czech Republic). Spreading European 
standards and principles of professional journalism 
among students of the Donetsk University journalism 
department and young practicing journalisms from 
Donetsk and Kharkiv. Familiarizing project participants 
with methodology and instruments for journalist 
investigations and professional coverage of information 
in electronic media. 
 $ 7,598 

International Renaissance Foundation • 2007 Annual Report
“International Center for Learning and Research” 
NGO (03057, Kyiv, Eugene Potier St., 20,  
tel. +38 (044) 489-04-19)
Project Manager:
 Volodymyr Omelyanenko 
Project Summary:
 May 25-27, 2007 applied seminar in 
Vinnytsia with the participation of experts in print media 
from Hungary, Romania and Poland. Spreading among 
regional Ukrainian publications the best experiences 
on introducing European standards in the work of 
independent print publications under conditions of 
openness to investment of foreign capital. Mastering the 
latest business principles and entry of foreign investors 
on the regional market while preserving the local 
specifics of publications, national self-identification and 
right to form your own personnel policy and domestic 
standards of journalism quality. 
 $ 9,068 
“Association of Medical Workers” NGO (01133, 
Kyiv, L. Pervomaiskoho St., 9a, Office 5,  
tel. +38 (044) 235-65-87)
Project Manager:
 Oleksandr Volf 
Project Summary:
 May 28-30, 2007 practical conference 
and roundtable in Kyiv and Cherkasy in the framework 
of the project “Transborder Cooperation in Introducing 
Palliative Care in Central and Eastern Europe.” 
Analyzing palliative care standards in Poland. Spreading 
information and best experiences in introducing a 
palliative care system according to European standards. 
 $ 9,775 
Public Association for Support of People with 
Autism “Sonyachne Kolo” (Sunny Circle)  (03148, Kyiv, 
Yakuba Kolasa St., 4-h, Office 91,  
tel. +38 (044) 274-10-83) 
Project Manager:
 Hanna Khvorova 
Project Summary:
 June 15-16, 2007 concluding 
conference in Kyiv on problems of integrating people 
with autism into society with the participation of experts 
from Poland, Russia and Ukraine. Fostering the creation 
in Ukraine of preconditions for integrating people with 
autism into the social environment and educational 
space, expanding the range of communication with 
other people and providing people with autism with 
the opportunity to occupy a worthy place in society. 
Studying foreign experience and adapting effective 
models for integrating people with autism and best 
practices for psychological-pedagogical corrections of 
 $ 5,775 
“Laboratory for Legislative Initiatives” NGO 
(04070, Kyiv, PO Box 20, tel. +38 (044) 531-37-68)
Project Manager:
 Ihor Kohut
Project Summary:
 June 18-20, 2007 methodological 
seminar in Lviv “Regional Monitoring in the Post-
Soviet Space” for participants of national projects of 
public monitoring with the participation of experts from 
Russia, Moldova and Armenia. The project is a joint 
international component of two national programs that 
are implemented by the Carnegie Moscow Center in 
Russia and the Laboratory for Legislative Initiatives in 
Ukraine. Identifying and explaining important courses 
of development of regional political processes and civil 
society development in countries of the post-Soviet 
space in Eastern Europe. Exchanging best practices 
and methods in public monitoring on order to improve 
monitoring methodologies, planning joint regional 
initiatives on comparative monitoring and analyze 
regional processes. 
 $ 9,930 
Regional Public Organization “Donbas” Regional 
Development Agency” (83014, Donetsk, Livoberezhna St.,  
62а, tel. +38 (062) 335-70-57, 345-74-19)
Project Manager:
 Kateryna Levchenko 
Project Summary:
 August 3-8, 2007 seminar in Manhush, 
Donetsk oblast on the development of industrial 
and post-industrial regions, introducing local social 
projects and developing self-organization of territorial 
communities. Spreading the experience of solving 
local problems in Donbas communities by adapting 
successful practices of Polish Silesia. Creating 
conditions for activating the self-organization of 
residents of industrial regions, enhancing the level of 
initiative and proactiveness of people in making positive 
changes in their small fatherland.
 $ 7,570 

International Renaissance Foundation • 2007 Annual Report
“Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation” NGO 
(01034, Kyiv, Volodymyrska St., 42, Office 21,  
tel. +38 (044) 238-68-43)
Project Manager:
 Oleksandr Sushko  
Project Summary:
 June 9, 2007 (Kyiv) presentation of the 
Analytic Report of the international groups of experts 
in the framework of the project “Cooperation of Think 
Tanks for the Sake of European and Euro-Atlantic 
Integration in the Region of Ukraine-Moldova-Romania.” 
Surveying the regional political preconditions for the 
European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Moldova and 
Ukraine and the role of Romania as a new EU member. 
Developing a pattern of recommendations dealing with 
the three countries’ cooperation in the field of European 
and Euro-Atlantic integration in the context of the 
preparation and implementation of reforms to resolve 
the Transdnistrian conflict. 
 $ 2,790 
“Regional Development Agency for the Luhansk 
Oblast” NGO (91000, Luhansk, Pershyi Mikroraion, b.1, 
Office 214-215, tel. +38 (0642) 42-05-50) 
Project Manager:
 Vyacheslav Kozak 
Project Summary:
 September 20-22, 2007 informational 
and practical seminar “Principles of Social Policy 
Development in Ukraine According to EU Standards: the 
Czech Experience” for representatives of executive and 
local self-government bodies and public organizations 
from eastern oblasts of Ukraine. Popularizing in the 
Ukrainian regions the best experience of new EU 
member countries, specifically the Czech Republic, 
in introducing social policy reforms and improving the 
quality of life.  
 $ 7,605 
Lviv City Public Organization “Center of Moral and 
Psychological Support and Mutual Assistance on the 
Principles of Christian Morality “Doroha” (Path) (79021, 
Lviv, Kulparkivska St., 160, tel. +38 (0322) 92-23-95) 
Project Manager:
 Yuriy Brozhyna 
Project Summary:
 Within the framework of the project 
“Cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian Penitentiary 
Services and Public Organizations on Rehabilitation 
and Resocialization of Prisoners” were conducted: 
a roundtable with the participation of leaders in 
the penitentiary field and representatives of public 
organizations in Poland and Ukraine (Kyiv, August 
10, 2007) and four training seminars on dependence 
therapy for prisoners for workers in jails and public 
organizations that work directly with drug addicted 
prisoners (August – September 2007, Kyiv, Chernihiv, 
Lviv and Bila Tserkva). Spreading in Ukraine the best 
Polish experience on rehabilitating and resocializing 
 $ 12,000 
Bila Tserkva City Association of Disabled Children 
and their Parents “Ayurveda”  
(09108, Kyiv Oblast, Bila Tserkva, Skhidna St., 34,  
tel. +38 (263) 96-3-89, 7-26-10) 
Project Manager:
 Volodymyr Kryzhanivsky 
Project Summary:
 August 19-24, 2007 practical seminar 
in Bila Tserkva “Step by Step – to European Models 
of Supporting Children with Special Needs and their 
Families in Ukraine” for Ukrainian and Moldovan 
rehabilitation center specialists with the participation of 
Polish experts. The project was the continuation of the 
Polish-Ukrainian initiative to introduce a modern system 
of rehabilitation measures into the work of specialized 
institutions in order to provide equal opportunities for 
children with special needs. Spreading in Ukraine 
and Moldova the approbated and adapted Polish 
experience in supervised teaching of children with 
special needs, organizing comprehensive assistance to 
children with special needs and their parents, starting at 
an early age, through the introduction of rehabilitation 
systems in “Mother and Child” departments. 
 $ 10,000 

International Renaissance Foundation • 2007 Annual Report
Regional Public Organization “Donbas” Regional 
Development Agency” (83014, Donetsk, Livoberezhna 
St., 62а, tel. +38 (062) 335-70-57, 345-74-19)
Project Manager:
 Kateryna Levchenko 
Project Summary:
 September 16-19, 2007 thematic 
seminar and roundtable in Donetsk in the framework 
of the project “Transforming Local Self-Government – 
Exchange of Experience between the Czech Republic 
and Ukraine” with the participation of representatives 
from the Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, 
Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv oblasts. Analyzing and 
adapting the Czech experience in transforming local 
self-government and engaging the public in lobbying 
the interests of municipalities. Exchanging ideas on 
solving present day problems of transformation and 
development of society, in particular on the local level. 
 $ 9,300 
“Local Self-Government Support Association” 
NGO (91493, Luhansk; Village of Yuvileyne, Tsementna 
St., 3, tel. +38 (0642) 34-60-61, 34-60-56)
Project Manager:
 Nataliya Nekrasova 
Project Summary:
 October 15-17, 2007 seminar and 
training in Luhansk on optimizing cooperation between 
local NGOs and local self-government bodies from the 
standpoint of the European practice of establishing 
dialogue between the public and government. 
Introducing effective models of cooperation between 
the non-government sector and local self-government 
bodies on the local level, spreading the European 
experience of engaging the public in the decision-
making process, increasing the transparency of local 
government actions and open access to information 
in accordance with European norms. Project partners 
-  European Dialogue NGO (Lviv) and the European 
Center for Sustainable Development (Wroclaw, Poland) 
 $ 7,380 
International Committee for the Protection of 
Taxpayers Rights in Central and Eastern Europe and 
Central Asia (01001, Kyiv, Mykhaylivska St., 24/11-V,  
tel. +38 (044) 228-17-92)
Project Manager:
 Larysa Apasova 
Project Summary:
 October 11-12, 2007 practical 
seminar in Melitopol and Internet conferences for 
representatives of NGOs, local community leaders 
and raion deputies about control over the use of local 
budget funds. Exchanging experience in monitoring 
budget expenditures with representatives of the 
Kazakh public, analysis of models of public control 
over the use of local budget costs using the example of 
projects implemented by NGOs in Kazakhstan. Project 
partners – “Forming a Tax Culture” NGO (Kazakhstan), 
Association of Zaporizhzhia Oblast Taxpayers and 
the Regional Foundation for the Support of Business 
Development (Donetsk). 
 $ 8,850 
“Teachers’ Council” NGO (98400, AR Crimea, 
Bakhchysaray, Ostrovskoho St., 43,  
tel. +38 (06554) 47-1-11)
Project Manager:
 Dilyara Seytveliyeva 
Project Summary:
 October 13-20, 2007 study visit for 
national minority community leaders from Georgia, 
including meetings with activists from national 
minority communities in AR Crimea, in particular the 
Meskhetian Turks, and representatives of local Georgian 
media. Familiarizing the Georgian participants with 
the experience of integrating the Crimean Tatars 
after repatriatization and solving problems of ethnic 
communities (self-organization, rights of ethnic 
communities and national minorities, participation in 
political life, influence over decision-making on the 
local and national level, ethnic education, relations in a 
polycultural environment, etc.) Project partner – Young 
Republican Institute (Georgia). 
 $ 6,545 

International Renaissance Foundation • 2007 Annual Report
Public Youth Organization “Student Unions 
Support Committee” (79059, Lviv, Shchurata St, 9/16, 
tel. +38 (097) 443-42-33)
Project Manager:
 Tetyana Yatskiv 
Project Summary:
 December 14-15, 2007 (Lviv) practical 
seminar “International Experience in Student Self-
Government in Formulating and Implementing Youth 
Policy in Administrative-Territorial Units and the State” 
that consisted of two sessions: 1) with the participation 
of journalists and government representatives that 
are responsible for forming and implementing youth 
policy; 2) for representative of student self-government 
and youth NGOs. Analyzing the Polish and German 
experience and legal regulations in Poland and 
Germany of the participation of student self-government 
in the formulation and implementation of youth policy 
in the regions and on the national level; spreading 
best innovative practices for constructive cooperation 
between student self-government and government 
bodies; overcoming the stereotype of student self-
government as a centralized command organization. 
 $ 7,261 
Lviv City Public Organization “Society of Mutual 
Aid “Oselya” (79495, Lviv Oblast, Vynnyky, I. Franka St., 
69, tel. +38 (0322) 96-33-03)
Project Manager:
 Olesya Sanotska 
Project Summary:
 October 29-31, 2007 practical 
conference in Lviv on social integration for social 
workers, representatives of public organizations and 
government bodies that are involved in the social 
sphere. Adapting and introducing in Ukraine the Polish 
method “help to self-help” for helping vulnerable 
segments of the population. Creating preconditions 
for the opening in the Lviv oblast of a school of social 
rehabilitation for those who are homeless or have 
been jobless for a long time based on the example 
of the Kofoed School. Project  partners - Barka 
Foundation (Poland) and Kofoed School (Poznan and 
 $ 11,426 
International Renaissance Foundation
Project Manager:
 Tetyana Kukharenko 
Project Summary:
 October 8-9, 2007 working meeting in 
Kyiv of experts, representatives of public organizations 
and Soros Foundation managers from Kazakhstan 
and Ukraine on monitoring in the energy and budget 
sectors. Exchanging experience in public monitoring in 
the energy and budget sectors. Determining the role of 
NGOs, specifically think tanks, in implementing national 
strategies regarding improving the system of controlling 
the movement of energy resources and related income. 
Testing the idea of international public cooperation in 
monitoring the energy and budget sectors. Discussing 
ways that the national Soros Foundations can support 
public monitoring initiatives on the regional level. Project 
partner – Soros Foundation in Kazakhstan. 
 $ 6,730 
International Renaissance Foundation
Project Manager:
 Tetyana Kukharenko 
Project Summary:
 October 4-5, 2007 research seminar 
in Kyiv “Independent Election Monitoring in the Post-
Soviet Space: Comparison of Ukraine, Russia and other 
Countries in the Region.” Exchanging experience and 
methodology of election monitoring in project countries, 
analyzing modern trends in election processes and 
potential ways for solving voters’ problems, improving 
the effectiveness of election monitoring, especially in 
the regions. Discussing strategic plans for cooperation 
between public organizations that are involved in 
election monitoring in the post-Soviet space. Project 
partners - Carnegie Moscow Center and “Laboratory for 
Legislative Initiatives” NGO (Kyiv). 
 $ 11,430 
Charitable Foundation of the Kyiv City Dniprovsky 
Raion “Kyiv Environmental and Cultural Center” (02218, 
Rayduzhna  St., 31-48, tel. +38 (044) 443-52-62)
Project Manager:
 Volodymyr Boreyko
Project Summary:
 November 5-7, 2007 education seminar 
in Kyiv for representatives of public organizations from 
Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Armenia 
with the aim of spreading organizers’ experience 
in developing and lobbying the Law of Ukraine “On 
protecting animals from cruel treatment” and increasing 
the humanization of society in the participating project 
 $ 8,133 

International Renaissance Foundation • 2007 Annual Report
“Integration and Development” Information and 
Research Center (95006, AR Crimea, Simferopol, 
Khatska St., 13, Office 1, tel. +38 (0652) 505-812)
Project Manager:
 Margarita Aradzhyoni 
Project Summary:
 October 17-19, 2007 international 
conference in Simferopol with the participation of 
public organizations and representatives of education 
departments from polyethnic regions of Ukraine, Eastern 
Ukraine, the Baltics and Georgia. The project was 
implemented in the framework of the comprehensive 
program for preventing local interethnic conflicts via 
joint education activities by the public and government 
in polyethnic communities. Within the project framework, 
experience was spread on the relations between public 
organizations and government in polyethnic regions of 
Ukraine and neighboring countries in Eastern Europe, 
the Baltics and the Caucasus with regard to introducing 
into the education field innovations in ethnic and 
confessional tolerance and mastering skills in early 
prevention of conflict situations. 
 $ 8,320 
“Regional Press Development Institute” NGO 
(04112, Kyiv, Pechersky Uzviz, 3, Office 404,  
tel. +38 (044) 458-34-93)
Project Manager:
 Kateryna Laba 
Project Summary:
 Organizing consultation visits by 
Lithuanian experts in the field of print media to 
Ukrainian regional newspapers in the framework 
of the project “Fostering Democratic Values and 
Freedom of the Press by Better Satisfying the Needs 
of Readers and Improving Editorial Management at 
Regional Ukrainian Newspapers” (November 2007, 
Feodosiya, Kremenchuk and Mykolayiv). Increasing 
the knowledge of workers of regional print media on 
such issues as: analyzing the needs of the readership 
and shaping editorial policy, editorial management, 
developing web resources as a supplement to the print 
version, introducing European standards into the work 
of Ukrainian regional print media. Project partner – 
Lithuanian Journalist Union. 
 $ 4,525 
Lviv NGO “Center for the Study of Local Self-
Government” (79000, Lviv, Kryva Lypa Dr., 6, 3rd Floor, 
tel. +38 (032) 297-19-32)
Project Manager:
 Volodymyr Bryhilevych 
Project Summary:
 January 29, 2008 practical seminar in 
Lviv on public and government cooperation in setting 
tariffs for housing and communal services. Analyzing 
Ukrainian and Polish legal acts and the experience of 
Polish cities (Krakow) in setting tariffs for housing and 
communal services. Studying mechanisms for public 
monitoring of the foundations for tariff structures and the 
experience of public impact on the process of setting 
tariffs on the local level. 
 $ 4,680 
“Regional Press Development Institute” NGO 
(04112, Kyiv, Pechersky Uzviz, 3, Office 404,  
tel. +38 (044) 458-34-93)

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