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What type of repetition is used in the following example? Work - work - work Till the brain begins to swim Work - work - work Till the eyes are heavy and dim.


What is the object of a Text interpretation? The object of Text interpretation is...Text interpretation studies it from the point of view of its idea, structure, personages, plot, the author's outlook.

Literal text

What we here call functional styles are also called... or discorses


What types of inversion is used in the following sentence? Talent Mr. Micawber has, captain Mr. Micawber has not. (Dickens)

J: The object is placed at the beginning of the sentence.

Choose the best answer We distinguish ...........: narration, description, the author's meditations, dialogue, monologue, represented speech, stream of consciousness.


The scientific prose Functional Style also has the following divisions:

the language style of humanitarian sciences, the language style of "exact" sciences, the language style of popular scientific prose

Choose the best answer... presumes the division of the literary work into parts.

When the writer reuses to be present in the story and entrusts his role to an immediate participant or a witness of events, we deal with

hidden modality

Define the type of stylistic device in the following sentence: I read Byron with great pleasure


What kind of association is there in the following metonymy: Never in her life wore she any gold

material and the thing

Textual modality is connected with...

J author's attitude to his personages and the described reality;

The term 'style' is widely used in literature to signify... genre


Choose the correct answer.... is a complex whole, the elements constituting the text are arranged according to a definite system and in a special succession.

The literary text

The culmination is

the highest point of action
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