Located at 819 East 11th Street, Panama City, Florida

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Located at 819 East 11th Street, Panama City, Florida

  • Located at 819 East 11th Street, Panama City, Florida

  • The taxable value is $1,584,113.

  • Total land site is an approximate 5.6 acres that is bound on the south by east 11th street, on the north by 11th court on the east by Mercedes Avenue and on the West by Mc Arthur.

Total leasable Square footage= 44, 920.

  • Total leasable Square footage= 44, 920.

  • This facility is cherished by the community and as a school many students attended classes when it was a 6th grade center, alternative high school and an elementary school. Historically, this site was the site of the segregated black school.



  • (pg 34 of Downtown North CRA Plan)

  • The Plan also intends to focus on the strategic allocation of the area’s existing resources and to ensure that the access to new services and programs are maximized through coordination among City departments, the Bay County School Board. The recommended strategies include exploring opportunities to initiate partnerships with the area’s service providers both from a programmatic perspective and to encourage joint use of facilities. For example, if A. D. Harris Alternative High School is to be closed, the facilities may be used for a business resource center, or workforce , non-profit organizations, faith-based institutions, and a youth training center in partnership with the School Board as a short term strategy. As the area grows and develops, the CRA should examine the opportunities to locate these services in a dedicated facility through land acquisition of underutilized sites to provide the desired services in a centralized facility.

CRA Board purchased property from Bay District school for $1.00

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