Marine board of investigation lieutenant Commander Pedro Mendoza

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U.S. Department of 

Homeland Security 


United States 

Coast Guard 





Lieutenant Commander Pedro Mendoza 

Marine Board of Investigation  

U.S. Coast Guard 




Lieutenant Commander Pedro Mendoza transferred 

to Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington D.C. as 

a marine casualty reviewer in July 2015. 


Lt. Cmdr. Mendoza joined the Coast Guard in 1998. 

Upon graduating from bootcamp, he was stationed 

at USCGC ATTU in San Juan. PR. He advanced to 

Yoeman 3rd Class and was soon transferred to 

Group St. Petersburg where he quickly advanced to 

Yeoman 2nd Class. He then transferred to the 

Maritime Safety & Security Team Miami where he 

quickly advanced to Yeoman 1st Class. He was 

selected to attend Officer Candidate School at the 

end of year 2005. 


As a Marine Safety Professional, Lt. Cmdr.  

Mendoza’s past assignments include Sector 

Houston-Galveston as a Marine Inspector, Marine 

Safety Unit Morgan City as a Marine Investigator

Sector Key West servicing as the Chief

Investigations Division and most recently conducted 

Marine Investigation's Industry Training. 


Lt. Cdmr. Mendoza holds a Bachelor of Science 

Degree in Sports Management from Springfield College, MA. He also holds a Master of Science Degree in 

Quality Systems Management from the National Graduate School of Quality Management. 













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